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1 All to Myself All to Myself Cover Art

I love how this band is still preforming their great music. I hope they'll be around for many years to come

Awesome song! It makes you want to sing as loud as possible till your lungs hurt! (even if your a horrible singer) Listen to this song and sing!

This song's been stuck in my head for months. It's amazingly catchy and I love the guitar in it. And his voice is just amazing

I love this song it's my fave! IT can be very relatable for some people.

2 Celebrity Status Celebrity Status Cover Art

Love this song so so so much! I know that lots of people would prefer their song 'All To Myself, ' but I have no idea why. This song is just so amazing, and really catchy as well. It makes me want to sing my heart out.

Oh come on! This has to be their greatest song of all time! It's catchy, has a good message and great vocals, must I go on? Also, beside you and masterpiece theatres 1-3 should be higher.

Marianas trench is by far the best pop rock band second only to the king himself. I have been listening to them since fix me was released and haven't heard anything better,

I love this song so much, Of course this was a had choice because I love every Marianas Trench song but I find Celebrity Status very catchy, It's an amazing song

3 Stutter Stutter Cover Art

Don't know how you can't love this song, they did a great job on this album and a even greater job on this awesome song, congrats on the fantastic album guys!

This song is great, it has everything, loud parts, retro parts, the harmonies in this are so so so so awesome I can't believe it hasnt been voted for yet, I love their new album and this is by far the best song on the album!

Awesome song should be in top 5 for sure, I am not sure how you can't love this song, great harmonies and great everything else!

I love everything about this song! I don't know how you can't love this song it is amazing! Loud parts, quiet parts retro parts even the video is great I love this song so much! And so do all of my trencher friends!

4 Good to You Good to You Cover Art

This song is just it's own type of beautiful! The music video itself is so moving but combined with Josh's poignant voice, it's hard not to fall in love with him! It was actually the song that introduced me to the band! I've never gone back!

Honestly this song is one of the most beautiful! Especially the directors cut version. It is so relatable to many people and the melody and harmony.. There's no words! I think this song should definitely be #1 on the list.

This song is truly amazing! It's really bittersweet now that Josh and his once love of his life, his dearly departed, aren't really together anymore. This song not only is relatable and genius, but also it has so much emotions in it and always tugs at your heart strings. Love MTrench so much for this beautiful song that means the world to me

Absolutely love this song. It is amazing and should definitely be in the top 5. The lyrics are so powerful and almost made me tear up. Also, I think that Fix Me and Acadia should be on this list too.

5 Cross My Heart Cross My Heart Cover Art

I love this song but I can't listen to it anymore. After my first love left me, I listened to this song all the time. memories flood back to me; I can't listen to the song without crying anymore...but acoustic version is amazing...i suggest you check it out.

The first song I've ever listened to by them and I LOVED it from the first minute. The acoustic version is beyond perfect.

This was the closer at the toronto '15 concert and I can still recall every second of the crowd singing it as loud as humanly possible.

I love this song so much! Just Josh's voice makes it so amazing!

6 Desperate Measures Desperate Measures Cover Art

I am Marianas Trench's biggest fan. I love every song they have ever written sung or hummed to. But if I had to pick, I guess it would have to be Desperate Measures. It is so beautiful and maybe it is just because it describes how I feel at the moment. But it is beautiful, if you ever get the chance, listen to it.

This song is great from the start to finish with the harmonies

This is all around the best MT song

This is my favorite song and music video! I love it so much!

7 Beside You Beside You Cover Art

This is one of the Marianas Trench songs that really touches the soul. Those harmonic chords and background voices add an amazing touch to the song, but also there's just this undercurrent of some powerful emotion that cannot be described in words, but felt in the human heart.

I love Marianas Trench because they're so different from my other bands. They have such amazing vocals and harmonies, and this song really shows it.

Whenever I listen to this song I get really emotional and really happy, I don't know why. I love this song, it's my favorite song by them.

The harmonic chords by the background singers are outstanding. Never been done in any other of their songs!

8 Fallout Fallout Cover Art

Lot's of emotion, and the harmony and layering of the voices is beautiful. Definitely my favorite song of theirs at the moment.

This song is so relatable. It is beautiful and I love the harmony. It is a very strong song and it's perfect for Josh's voice because he is so passionate. I think it should be top 3 on the list!

A variety of instruments, passionately sung lyrics, it's just beautiful, can't be beat.

It expresses so much emotion it's just awesome!

9 Haven't Had Enough Haven't Had Enough Cover Art

How is this not in the top ten, the lyrics are painfully catchy and it's stayed in my head all day! Ridiculously good!

This song is AMAZING! This was my first MT song that I listened to, my friend showed it to me and I loved it from the very first moment. I just couldn't get it out of my head, and this got me to listen to all the rest of them. This is my favorite and I could sing it off the top of my head right now.

When I hear this song I can't get it out of my head for about a whole day, yet I still listen to it again and again.

Love this song and the music video too! Seriously confused as to why it's not in the top 10!

10 Say Anything Say Anything Cover Art

Love this song! Josh Ramsay is such an amazing writer, he's gone through so much in his life, and has powered through so well. His songs are so clever, catchy and easy to relate to. Also, Marianas Trench is great live!

Since I'm too lazy to make an account and add my #1 favourite, this is like one of the best songs... Ever.

Marianas Trench's first single is also one of their best! Say anything has a great beat, and some really cool lyrics

I love the catchy beat behind this song! I love the band in general

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11 Ever After Ever After Cover Art

Can't. Get. Enough. Of. This. Song. It's like 6 minutes long but I wouldn't mind if it was 60 minutes long! I recommend it, definitely! So amazing.

Perfect song! Best song named after an album! Should Be in top ten!

This is my favorite song of theirs, and the album is also my favorite. Both should definitely be #1!

Should be in top ten, this song is so beautiful.

12 Masterpiece Theatre III Masterpiece Theatre III Cover Art

Love this mix and it's a perfect way to sum up the album, revisiting the high points of the other songs. My favorite part is when it ends on the lyrics from say anything (from their previous album) which gives it this connected contained feeling. Tough call between this one, alibis, or by now, but I have to pick this one since it's like a greatest hits mashed up into one and makes you feel like you've just listened to something grand and theatric.

This song is literally perfection, it's a perfect song filled with snippets all of Marianas Trench's other perfect songs and I cannot stop listening to it

Come on people! This is a "collage" of all the best songs by Marianas trench! But I'm guessing many of you are posers who haven't been with mt from the start and only discovered them with cross my heart. Or even... Dare I say it... The ever after album!

Definitely should be higher up

13 End of an Era End of an Era Cover Art

I honestly cried after hearing this amazing work of art

Beautiful and poetic, will make long time fans cry.

Great song with an amazing story!

This is my favourite mt song by far

14 By Now

This is probably the only song by Marianas Trench that I can actually listen to over and over again and not get bored. It's pretty great.

I love this song so much! Deserves more credit than it has now! My favorite song be MT so far! ;D Should be closer to the top of the list!

I just... I don't know I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS SONG. The part where its just like 'YOU SHOULD KNOW ME BY NOW'... crap I just really love it.

I listen to this song every day and it never gets old or annoying. AMAZING SING AND BEST BAND EVER!

15 Shake Tramp Shake Tramp Cover Art

This is the first Marianas trench song I ever heard an I loved it immediately!

I love this song me and my friends sing it out loud and dance to it

This should obviously be first what.

Try a little more, little more, little more... 😈

16 Astoria Astoria Cover Art

Uhm lol literally this song is a Queen-level masterpiece how could it not be higher

17 Here's to the Zeros Here's to the Zeros Cover Art

Honestly, my favorite thing about this song is how they say "alright". It's so catchy!

I discovered Marianas Trench with this song. It's amazing how the critizise some facts but with catchy and friendly lyrics. They're genius. I like the more serious songs but this one is so much fun!

18 Lover Dearest Lover Dearest Cover Art

The lyrics in this song are so personal for josh (lead singer). He wrote it based off of a letter he had to write In rehab addressed to his drug of choice (heroin) and his struggle with it. It's such a beautiful song that has very meaningful lyrics

How am I like the only one who's voted for this song, this song is literally amazing I can't even say how much it means to me come on vote it up! :D

Such a beautiful song, shows the pain in his recovery and the strength that he had to have to pull through and kick ass like he does now ;) x

This song is very powerful; it shows the difficulties of recovering from an addiction in a very beautiful light.

19 B Team B Team Cover Art

By the way this is the first song I've heard of Marianas Trench and it's awesome I totally love it!

It's a very good song. I just heard it a couple days a go, and now it's stuck in my head.

It's such a good I love it with all my

20 Perfect Perfect Cover Art

I am Marianas trench's biggest and I mean biggest fan and all their songs rock but perfect is probably the most beautiful of them all! Gets me every time! BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT! Definitely deserves top TEN! AWESOME SONG! ITS PERFECT! AH!

This song makes me cry, no joke. It's absolutely beautiful, their best song by far.

This is definitely their best song, its perfect

This is the song that made me love Marianas Trench

21 Truth or Dare Truth or Dare Cover Art

! Why is this song all the way down here? It' so amazing. It has such a catchy beat to it and makes me want to sing along!

Better then the song B Team but I can't say that it is better then stutter, still a very amazing song

Been stuck in my head all day. Just discovered one of the best songs.

I love this! I can't believe its all the way down here! Its amazing.

22 This Means War This Means War Cover Art

Me and my best friend both love this song and sing it all the time I definitely recommend

Amazingly catchy song very dance able and fun

Super catchy, can't wait for the music video

great song

23 Skin & Bones Skin & Bones Cover Art

This song is absolutely beautiful from start to finish. I cannot listen to this song with out crying. It's about Josh when he use to be bulimic and have anorexia and how he overcame that. The lyrics are just so perfect, and so is his voice. Easily my favourite song in the whole entire world.

This song, honestly, just makes me feel things that normal music done. This is easily their most heartfelt, meaningful song. There's no other way to describe it. It hits hard, and is bitterly beautiful.

This song makes me cry every time I hear it. Having an eating disorder myself for 7 years this song has a powerful impact on me

Can't believe this isn't higher up.. Such a beautiful song.

24 September September Cover Art
25 Alibis Alibis Cover Art

The lyrics are so raw and real, and come deep within the heart. In my opinion, this is their best song, by a long shot. I find myself listening to it on repeat constantly, along with Say Anything.

Such a beautifully composed piece of music, complete with Ramsay’s raw vocals, one of my favorite songs of all time!

The lyrics are so real. I love the part that goes "I don't know how to word it, I just started to deserve it"

Alibis is by far their best song, followed by Lover Dearest and Say Anything. It has so much meaning.

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