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21 B Team

By the way this is the first song I've heard of Marianas Trench and it's awesome I totally love it!

It's a very good song. I just heard it a couple days a go, and now it's stuck in my head.

22 Truth or Dare

! Why is this song all the way down here? It' so amazing. It has such a catchy beat to it and makes me want to sing along!

Better then the song B Team but I can't say that it is better then stutter, still a very amazing song

Been stuck in my head all day. Just discovered one of the best songs.

I love this! I can't believe its all the way down here! Its amazing.

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23 Toy Soldiers

So creepy. I've always been a fan of the more horrific themes and this song employs it in such a catchy way.

So catchy! I don't know why this isn't higher, I thought it was sweet in a creepy way!

Much Good. Such Catchy. Wow

24 This Means War

Me and my best friend both love this song and sing it all the time I definitely recommend

Amazingly catchy song very dance able and fun

Super catchy, can't wait for the music video

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25 September
26 No Place Like Home

There really haven't been any songs added to this list in a long time... Not many people know Marianas Trench, but the ones that do definitely know Ever After. This final song on the album is superb

Such a perfect ending to a great album

27 Vertigo
28 One Love

Love their new song One Love...I have so many Marianas Trench favourites, but this one is "IT" for me xo

29 Masterpiece Theater I


30 Skin & Bones

This song is absolutely beautiful from start to finish. I cannot listen to this song with out crying. It's about Josh when he use to be bulimic and have anorexia and how he overcame that. The lyrics are just so perfect, and so is his voice. Easily my favourite song in the whole entire world.

This song, honestly, just makes me feel things that normal music done. This is easily their most heartfelt, meaningful song. There's no other way to describe it. It hits hard, and is bitterly beautiful.

Can't believe this isn't higher up.. Such a beautiful song.

31 Dearly Departed

Don't know why its all the way down here... its one of their bests because josh's vocals are perfect and its just heavenly

Dearly Departed is such a beautiful song and it really is heavenly

32 Porcelain

How the heck is this not number one! It is so beautiful honestly, it makes me cry almost every time. The lyrics are poetic, the vocals are amazing... Just I can't even explain how this song is so great. Vote it up guys! '

33 Who Do You Love?

The cinematic approach to this song has made it go down as my favorite song by this band, because it is purely amazing. The harmonies are great like always, yet they seem to stand out as the best harmonizing this band has ever executed. The intro is similar to Carry On Wayward Son, but the song quickly establishes it's own identity as soon as the first verse starts. The percussion and piano work together in fantastic ways, and the xylophone adds atmosphere to the track that makes it feel like it should be on a soundtrack for a great fantasy movie (which was the goal of the album). Out of every Marianas Trench song, I recommend this one to anyone looking for creative and innovative pop-rock material.

This is the best! Those harmonies are phenomenal and the instrumentation on this song works perfectly with the mood. Highly recommended song by me.

34 So Soon
35 Shut Up and Kiss Me V 1 Comment
36 Masterpiece Theater II
37 Decided to Break It

I can't believe this song isn't further up on the list! The catchy, upbeat music gets me moving every time, and the chorus is beyond catchy! Not to mention the fact that lead singer Josh Ramsay and guitarist Matt Webb alternate lines throughout the sing which is a nice change. I just love Matt's voice!

38 Pop 101

This song is brilliant! I've played it so many times that I think I'm ready to make a pop song.

39 Forget Me Not

This is a heartbreaking but beautiful tribute to Josh's mother.

40 Anaconda

This dude can make ANYTHING sound good. He did an acoustic cover of Anaconda -- AND IT WAS PERFECT. Sure the lyrics were still pretty bad (real country a** n-word...LOL), but he made it listenable! How?! - WonkeyDude98

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