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41 Anaconda

This dude can make ANYTHING sound good. He did an acoustic cover of Anaconda -- AND IT WAS PERFECT. Sure the lyrics were still pretty bad (real country a** n-word...LOL), but he made it listenable! How?! - WonkeyDude98

42 Push

This song is so... Amazing. It deserves more credit than it gets. It should definitely be much closer o the top of this list.

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43 Sicker Things

This song is just amazing. I love it so much, but It's not my absolute favorite because I love every Marianas Trench song but this is just. Yeah. Perfection

44 Primetime

By far one of MT's catchiest songs, but it also tells a beautiful story of Josh's struggle through heroin addiction as a teen. Also, I love to listen to their songs from 2002... They sound so young!

45 Far from Here

Definitely one of their most underrated songs! Josh's voice sounds so powerful, and this is definitely my favourite song for guitar by Mtrench

46 Feeling Small
47 Low


48 Burning Up

Catchy. Has kind of an 80's sound

49 Yesterday
50 August Burns Red

This interlude is actually really funny when you think of the title and its history. - WonkeyDude98

51 Hospital Bells
52 Hollywood Renaissance
53 Never Say Die
54 Wildfire
55 While We're Young
56 And Straight On 'til Morning
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