Best Marillion Albums

The Top Ten

1 Script for a Jester's Tear
2 Misplaced Childhood


The greatest piece of music ever written. It is like the sound of my soul

From A to Z, a complete album, well worked, body and soul.


3 Fugazi

Marillion at its pinnacle for me. Every song is gripping and every melody and climax just melts me before I rock out


4 Brave
5 Marbles

Contains 3 of the best Marillion songs, and I think we all know what they are.

Not a fish album, but it's just sublime.

Joint best album with Misplaced Childhood. Neverland is literally muscial perfection.

6 Clutching at Straws

THIS, is the best, actually. I mean there is no bad song on that Album. Everything is just perfect. The only song I wouldn't miss is Incommunicado. But caused to their record company, this was pulled off as a single. Matter or fact, this Album is genius. If you listen to it as one piece of art you will literally see every story from every song right infront of your eyes. I don't know anything comparable to this Album! 10***/10 epic piece of music history - Lauda123

7 B'sides Themselves

Grendel, Tux on

8 The Thieving Magpie
9 Seasons End
10 Afraid of Sunlight

The Contenders

11 Holidays In Eden
12 F**k Everyone and Run

Can't believe that this isn't on here yet- possibly third only to Brave & Marbles in the H era albums.

13 Happiness is the Road
14 Anoraknophobia
15 Somewhere Else

Best album

16 Sounds That Can't Be Made
17 Less Is More
18 This Strange Engine

An eclectic album with 3 of the best songs they have made, post fish, Man of a thousand faces, This strange engine and accidental man

Underrated álbum, the title song is one of their best.

19 Radiation
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