"Holy Wood" Album Review

Alpha101 Marilyn Manson. Whether you love or hate him, no one can deny that this man has an insane amount of talent, and is one of the most influential figures in rock history. To be honest, I'm fairly new with this album. I've heard a few tracks off of it, so a few days ago I decided to listen to the full album. I'm glad that I did.

"Godeatgod" does a pretty good job of opening the album. I love the comparison of JFK to Jesus Christ, which was brilliant. The lyrics are very well written, and the song, while it sounds creepy, is beautiful.

"The Love Song" is another exemplary song! I've always disliked people who had obsessions with guns, and this song perfectly says what I think. "Do you love your guns? Do you love your government? F**k yeah!"

"The Fight Song" was one of my first songs that I ever heard by Manson. The music video is absolute genius! The lyrics also carry a punch, and while the song received lots of controversy, it's still one of my favorites.

"Disposable Teens" also carries a powerful message. Manson was blamed for the Columbine shooting, which made perfect sense, because why would you blame the killers? It's obviously not their fault they were evil, it must be the songs they listen to, right? The message is that you should not ignore teenagers, because you never know what they're capable of. I also love the lyrics, "You said you wanted evolution, the ape was one big hit!"

"Target Audience" is another beautiful song, and probably one of the best on the album. People constantly blame Manson for the evil in the world, even though it's not his fault at all. This song, I can tell, is very personal to him. This is one of the best songs that I've heard in the past few years.

"President Dead" is a pretty good song, but that's all that it is. Pretty good. There's nothing really special about it, but it was a decent track. It is skippable, though.

"In the Shadow of the Valley of Death" is the best song on the entire album. From the opening screams that make you feel as uncomfortable as possible, to the dark, but beautiful lyrics, this song is a masterpiece! "Death is policemen. Death is the priest. Death is the stereo. Death is a TV. Death is the Tarot. Death is an angel, and death is our God killing us all!"

"Cruci-fiction in Space" is another great track. Again, I love the comparisons of our late president to Christ, as it is true in a way. Soon as he was assassinated, he became a god to many. But the song is not just about this. it is also about how humans wreak war on each other, and we are worse than apes. "This is evolution. The monkey, the man, and the gun!"

"A Place in the Dirt" is nothing special. It feels out of place on the album, and it was simply a poor track.

"The Nobodies" has a fantastic opening, and they lyrics really speak to me, and probably lots of other people. It's one of the best from the album, and one of his best songs to date.

"The Death Song" is another enjoyable song. The chorus is catchy and has a hard-hitting impact, and I was really impressed with this one.

"Lamb of God" has an opening that will stay with me forever. It talks about different martyrs throughout history, such as Kennedy and Lennon. It's hauntingly beautiful, and deserves to be heard by all.

"Born Again" is probably the worst Manson song that I've heard. There's no enjoyment to be found in this song, whatsoever. Very poor song,

"Burning Flag" is another track not worth mentioning.

"Coma Black" is the second best on the album, and possibly one of his best songs ever. The chorus has some of the most beautiful lyrics that I've ever heard, and it's very dark, but in a good way. "This was never my world. You took the angel away. I'd kill myself to make everybody pay!" This is one of his most personal songs, and it was definitely a pleasant surprise whenever I first heard it.

"Valentine's Day" is another below-average song. There's nothing exceptional about it.

"The Fall of Adam" is terrible. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

"King Kill 33" made me change my mind about a statement that I made earlier. This, is the worst song that I've ever heard by him.

"Count to Six and Die" did an okay job at closing the album. It was much better than most of the songs above, but there's nothing that really grabbed me about this song.

This album had some major problems. The first twelve songs were great, but after that, everything changed for the worse. The last seven songs, excluding "Coma Black," were all absolutely horrible! I never thought that I would prefer listening to pop for hours than to listen to the last seven songs on the album on repeat. The album had a fantastic start, but just a terrible ending. It definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. The album should have been a lot shorter. Still, I do have to give credit where credit is due. Most of the songs were great, and that's why it receives the score blow.

7.8/10 - Good Album