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Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.


Bowser is easily the most well written character in the Mario series. The main games paint him as a powerful foe, but where he really shines is the Mario RPG games where he has the best personality. He is not only shown to be stronger than everyone whose not Mario, able to take them down faster than Mario himself (i.E. Rawk Hawk). He also, albeit inadvertently, helped Mario in cases like Bowser's inside story. He also willingly helps in Mario RPG and Super Paper Mario fleshing him out as much more than a simple villain.

Compared to bowser, maleficent is pathetic, and the phantom blot is as dangerous as an ink pen! Mario never fights this badass on his own power, often ganging up on him, or using something else other than himself. King boo also served under bowser, so that means he respects him. Mario also has to power himself up when bowser gets too badass. In a fair fight, bowser. Can kick anyone's ass hands down. (Gaston, don't even bother).

Bowser is the strongest by far is the main bad guy and the coolest Mario character ever if they didn't make the good guys win all the time Bowser would by far win

Bowser is one of the baddest villain out there! I mean, he's a giant koopa with super strength, can breathe fire, he has a giant shell with spikes on it, a terrifying roar, and not to mention his many allies and minions! Bowser is a BOSS!

In my opinion Bowser is the coolest character in the whole series. It takes a badass to rule an army and a kingdom, while trying to conquer a kingdom and raising a child. On top of that, Bowser has come back from the worst of punishment. Whether it be lava, a collapsing castle, or even a black hole, Bowser always comes back for more.

While he's wasting his time chasing Peach, he's still pretty BA! Treats his minions right, which he has many different kinds instead of one useless kind, all had different ablitles and stuff but happily obey him. He can't die! Not with lava, not with endless pits. But who does? That's right, Mario (and most likely everyone else). And he can breath fire? Oh yea! And his design is so BA. No wonder the useless trash Toads don't want to mess with him.

He's a mutant turtle-dragon that breathes fire. 'enough said

Kamek is a nice person, too!

Bowser is so epic & sure can rival Knuckles the Echidna & his British accent in old games like Super Mario Sunshine & Super Paper Mario ROCKS!

Death Battle: Bowser vs. Knuckles (actually by ScrewAttack).

I like Bowser. L feel bad for him. He is cool and has 8 children. He's the LAVA LORD. I have this theory and when he gets defeated, I feel sad sometimes. My theory is him and Rosalina were dating and have children. But when Bowser spent DAYS working on this boig proposal for her, She thought he hated her. So she left right before Bowser was going to propose. That drove Bowser insane. So much he kidnapped her cousin peach and asks her where Rosalina is. One day he found these cool power stats in space to use for hos galaxy to try to find the princess of the galaxy. But he doesn't realize he destroyed her home. And Mario defeats him all the time. But layer they will get back together. This made me realize what character and perseverance he had. He's my future father in law. My betrothed is Bowser Jr. I would love to have him and Rosalina as parents

I am deeply saddened by the decision to rank Bowser fourth. Clearly he is one of the top characters in the Mario series and he plays a pivotal role in all of the games. Bowser is a perfect character foil of Mario and he finds a way to incorporate feelings of love and hate into the game. Thank you, I will be further voicing my complaints.

Everyone in Super Mario's group hates Bowser forever and ever but I love him as much as can be.

As evil as he is, he's rather likable. He actually cares for his minions, and knows how to lead them in battle. Even though Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi are my top 3, he is my personal #4. He's downright BADASS!

I know why Bowser tries to destroy Mario. It's because he & Mario are both in love with Peach & Mario won her heart. I know this because in the Super Mario Super Show it is just obvious. He even asks her out on a date.

This guy is the very reason these games were made. If there was no villain, there would be no other characters either. Admit it, the only reason you play this game is for the villain.

I didn't vote for him, but Bowser is easily my second favorite. He's an awesome character, and I wish we would get to play as him more often outside of sport and kart games

15th? He needs to be first, why he the only main villian who dose the dirty work, he has to look after kids and can grow huge

Seriously, how can you not love Bowser. He's the crowned ruler of an entire kingdom, super tough and strong, has access to the mushroom Kingdom's most advanced weaponry and magics, can work through space and time at will, is very wealthy and rich, he owns dozens of castles, each with their own unique design each with their own unique desig is very wealthy and rich, he owns dozens of castles, each with their own unique design, and overall remains a devoted and loving father to Bowser Jr.

Bomb from Angry Birds could be a good minion in Bowser's crew. I like this dude that can breathe fire and grow huge.

Bowser is awesome! I mean, you can't defeat him no matter how many times you try and he has a MASSIVE army! He has tons of powers and abilities, like breathing fire, growing in size, going into his spiky shell for protection of attacks(paper jam) and he is overall number one Mario villain!

Why is my 2nd favorite Mario character at number 8? Seriously? Bowser under shy guy, toad, and the horrid Bowser Jr?! Bowser is the rightful ruler of the mushroom kingdom. He cares for his subjects much more than peach, who doesn't even seem to care that the curse of the brick toads was never lifted. And Mario is just a fat, violent, and clueless patsy who abuses animals while inadvertently carrying out Peach's plans to rule the world. Bowser on the other hand, is a kind koopa who was brainwashed by kamek and even still, is nice to Peach, takes care of his "kids", and defends his castle. cut him some slack for being fed up with Mario and for not being smart enough to get rid of his switches. Bowser rules!

Yoshi is in first but not Bowser? Okay, let me get something clear: Yoshi is a cute little dinosaur that gives people piggy-back rides, while Bowser is a father to about eight kids and is currently with Clawdia. Go Bowser!

I used to be scared of him when I was 4 but now that I'm 9 he is actually one of my favorite characters he's so awesome am I right people or what?

I love how we have all of the Smash Bros pictures of every mario character from smash. The pics are great! - DCfnaf

Bowser and Mario should switch roles, so Bowser can have his own starring game! Bowser for the win

Bowser has been pretty weak in core Mario games. King Boo is more powerful in the few games he's in