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Luigi is a fictional character featured in video games and related media released by Nintendo. Created by prominent game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Luigi is portrayed as the slightly younger but taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo's mascot Mario, and appears in many games throughout the Mario more.


Luigi has got to be the upmost greatest character in all the mario games in my opinion he has not only saved mario in my favorite game of all time (Luigi's mansion) but he has more character then mario and peach combined! There should be more games where Luigi is the main character not mario just luigi! So this is all I have to say "i'm-a Luigi! Number one! " Luigi is the best and will always be number one! Viva Luigi!

Luigi is the best because if it wasn't for him Mario would still been held captive by Bowser and later on Mario was kidnapped twice by king boo and Luigi saved him and he never gets credit and Mario does but if Luigi did not save Mario, Mario would still be trapped by king boo and Luigi is the only Mario character with personality and Mario does not have personality so that is why Luigi is better he is the true hero.

I like this guy because he is taller but younger then his red bro as well, just like me! He is way funnier then mario because he gets scared easily and he can do anything mario can do and more! Have you played luigi's mansion?! Even though he is a wuss he still goes into a haunted house to save his big bro. Go luigi! Oh and green is far better than red

Luigi I think carries more emotion and an ability to express emotion better than Mario. I also think he is more relatable than Mario. Think about it: would describe yourself like Mario, a heroic leader that will jump into any situation no matter the cost or are you more like Luigi, a bumbling clumsy scaredy cat that just wants his brother to except him.

One of the reasons Luigi is better than Mario is because he has more of a built-up personality than Mario (who has none actually). Plus I think everyone likes Luigi's higher jump stats, but the low traction wasn't fun on ice levels. Personally, Luigi is my second favorite character (behind Yoshi) and my favorite human in the series.

Luigi has got to be my all-time favourite. Although he may be timid, he is still the one I always root for. Sometimes I don't understand why people like Mario more! Luigi has imperfections, and is more relatable to me than Mario. Luigi, being younger than Mario, always tries his best to help Mario, even if it means fighting an army of goombas, and facing if against Bowser himself. What Luigi lacks in power, he makes up for in loyalty for his older brother.

Luigi is best similar to Amy Rose (whom he is cool & sexy enough to rival) & is good, but Rosalina & Princess Daisy are much better.

Luigi is quite the amazing character. Some may say he is too similar to Mario, but he is one of those characters who actually feels a lot of emotions during his adventures. He also isn't as courageous as his brother, but works out anything as long as he tries his hardest, whilst most think of a plan almost instantly.

Well he actually when you think about it he can hurt you he's able to run on water, he jumps higher, and he is able to destroy you just by staring at you in Mario kart 8. He has all of Mario's skills he even had to save him in several games so luigi should number one go luigi.

Luigi is awesome. Why is he always in Mario's shadow? I mean, look at the ending of new super Mario brothers! If luigi jumped on the button, do you think that peach would kiss luigi? Nope. Mario, that guy is just TOO over rated in the games. Thank GOD for Luigi U! :, D

The only character who saw Shy Guy's real face. That happens when you win a tournament as Shy Guy in the GCN/Wii game Mario Power Tennis. Luigi has a fear of ghosts and has a personality! Luigi is one of the best Mario characters, besides Yoshi, my favorite!

I'm just wondering why Yoshi is at the top, when he's just a pet dinosaur-lizard...thing. Luigi is an actual character, and that's what makes him the best. He has fears, he has things that he likes, he has his own unique abilities, and plus Dark Moon was awesome.

I love both brothers, but Luigi's got more character. While he can be a bit of a coward, and is usually in his brother's shadow, he definitely does show his heroic and courageous side when the opportunity rises.

I'm so annoyed Luigi fans blame Mario for what he doesn't do. Like with the hot air balloon, nether he nor peach touch (let alone looked) at the door. But 'Mario shut the door on Luigi'?

Even though Luigi is always in his brothers shadow, he is still loyal to his brother. Luigi always has his brothers back when Bowser kidnaps peach. He even saved his brother in the Luigi's mansion series. Now that is a cool brother!

Hi! It is me! I am stuck I don't know who is better. Luigi's is so cute and reminds me of my sister but Mario is Princess Peach's boyfriend and reminds me of myself! What do you think? IT probably will be Luigi for me!

I personally like Luigi much better than Mario because he is more helpful than Mario (with his higher jumps) and he has much more personality which I like better. They should make more games with Luigi as the main character.

He is coolest character.He like my favourite character Daisy

Luigi, he cares so much about his brother, cries tears of joy when seeing he is okay in Luigi's mansion. He begs to be included, looking up to his brother like a god! And for what? To be treated like a pile of! @$#, Mario always puts Luigi down after he accomplishes anything. But Luigi keeps going, and that's why he should be #1.

Stop lying! Game Theory is wrong! Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Ending! - DCfnaf

Luigi is best because he jumps higher and runs faster than Mario. He fights ghosts, boos, and King boos. Saving Mario just makes Luigi number one. IT LUIGI TIME.

Luigi is the one, he is in Mario's shadow in every game but he is a leader in the mushroom kingdom. He will always face his fears. HE EVEN GOT HIS OWN YEAR! 2013 was the year of the Luigi. I celebrated that. WEEGEE!

Why not Luigi number 1? He has the best personality and is physically better by being faster and jumping higher than fat, lazy Mario. Why is Luigi not the main character in any game? There is only like 6 games like that. Luigi #1!

Honestly, I've always kind of despised Mario. He's the annoying, jealous, always-has-to-be-the-best older brother, while Luigi has gone out of his way to save Mario's butt on several occasions, regardless of how much of a douche he's been to him.

Yes! Go Luigi besides Tails Luigi is my favorite side kick plus he can jump high than Mario and is green. Ya green is my favorite color, so cool, also papyrus is a sidekick, right to sans, right!

I love luigi SO MUCH! You don't even know how much I like luigi. 4 the top characters it is a tough decision between him and yoshi but Luigi will always be my beast ever since super Mario kart