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181 Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr is a forgotten character who made his first appearance in Donkey Kong Jr, and his second and last appearance in Donkey Kong Jr Math.

Gone but not forgotten he still makes the occasional cameo

182 Link Link Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

I was about to add him but thankfully someone else did! He counts because he is in Super Mario RPG as an Easter egg and is in Mario Kart 8 as a playable character!

At least link isn't better than Mario

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183 Kug/Kuribo

Kug is not much on Mario games but he is much like a goomba he also appeared in Pikmin as his name is Kuribo

184 Shadow Mario

I think this guy is coolest he is Bowser Jr. he looks like Mario but with waterish version of Mario

This guy is just Bowser Jr. Why is he a separate character? What?

185 Hector the Reflector

Hector appears in yoshi's island des as a boss. He is so hard to defeat! You have to use both screens of the ds. He is invisible on the top but visible on the bottom. You have to throw six eggs at him to defeat him. He is my favorite boss!

186 Goombario

Dis guy is the best paper Mario character why make him so low on the list

187 Chomps

Chain chomps are very good and does a lot of damage in Mario kart games

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188 Pinata

His name is spelled Pianta!

189 Noki
190 Yellow Yoshi
191 Dr. Luigi
192 Fire Mario V 1 Comment
193 Fire Luigi
194 Nurse Toadstool
195 Dixie Kong Dixie Kong
196 Purple Yoshi
197 Big Massif V 2 Comments
198 Stanley the Bugman
199 Nastasia
200 Dark Star

I know this guy is just a plot device- a main antagonist whose reasons for his actions are to simply destroy and wreak havoc. For me, he had great potential both as an antagonist and as a great character. Now, have any of you wondered what this guy's backstory is? What this guy's real motives are? I really wish the Dark Star character would've be given more depth. Not even the fandom wrote stories revolving around him!

But additionally, I think he's cool because:

-He is a sentient, centuries-old relic with the power of darkness.

-He choked the Mario bros just by his mere presence. (If you played the M&L: RPG3, you'll know what I mean)

-He is also rumored to shape-shift. When Peach told Mario, Luigi, and Starlow about the Dark Star, one of the cutscenes showed a giant shadow looming over Peach's Castle (but this could also be considered as just a metaphoric illustration.)

-He is invincible unless you can defeat his satellmites and launch them at him.

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The amount of hate Peach gets is ridiculous.
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