Top Ten Best Mario Characters

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181 O'Chunks
182 Flavio V 1 Comment
183 Baby Blue Yoshi
184 Cat Peach Cat Peach
185 Kandy Kong
186 Pink Toad
187 Paper Luigi
188 Paper Yoshi
189 Paper Toad
190 Paper Baby Yoshi
191 Mini Yoshi (Paper Mario)
192 Red Toad
193 Fire Blue Toad
194 Yarn Yoshi

adorable - YOSHIA2121

195 Pokey
196 Monty Mole

In my opinion Rocky Wrenches are better!

197 Kamella

Bowser Jr.'s Grandmother. Anyone who related to Bowser Jr. Is amazing!

198 Red Magikoopa

Red magikoopa is an awesome wizard-koopa who makes all the Mario games more interesting and fun. Also awesome at Super Mario Sluggers.

How is this a Mario character, this is just a reskin of Magikoopa, or kamek, who already looked pretty cool on his own.

V 1 Comment
199 Susan B. Koopa

Susan B. Koopa is the awesome cousin of the amazing koopalings, and spends most of her time with the koopalings ( who can blame her) and is just great.

She is a Fantendo character, so she shouldn't even be on this list!

200 Sun

This guy is tough to dodge, invincible, and he's the SUN! By the way, he is in Mario as an enemy and character, both are evil.

Imagine Knuckles the Echidna actually being voiced by Ray William Johnson (& even having the same voice as Ray William Johnsn himself).

Also, Ian McKellen would be an amazing voice for The Angry Sun.

Imagine a battle royale between Donald Duck, Knuckles the Echidna, the Angry Sun & Pinky the pink ghost as well as Megatron (who rocks)!

The Angry Sun would possibly be the worst person Knuckles has ever met due to the fact that Knuckles hates strong sun.

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The amount of hate Peach gets is ridiculous.
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