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61 Pink Boo

Why are Bowser's minions so underrated?!

Why are Bowser's minions so overrated?!

62 Koopalings

Overrated boss characters who are overused. - DCfnaf

63 Antasma

Count Antasma is so Underrated. He deserves to be much more Famous.

Very Scary Nightmare dracula based villain. Nearly beat mario.

Sorry I voted for fawful I didn't see Antasma

My favorite villain besides waluigi

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64 Baby Wario Baby Wario

Why he he so minor?

I love Baby Wario!

Who the heck is baby wario?

He is so ugly

65 Toadsworth Toadsworth

The best toad ever

With Toadsworth the win is near. He is a very funny and exciting character. AHA HE!

Toadsworth is worth it and he is the best Toad. For me he is as cut as other Toads. - TopTener

He literally has the SAME ROLE as Toad, Come on - ToadF1

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66 Spike

One of the greatest enemies ever - NESSquid

67 Piranha Plant
68 Prince Peasley

An awesome prince. Goes out to help & protect his kingdom as well as others. And he's pretty smart too! Plus he has a flying... pillow? Peach got nothing on this guy! Should totally be higher!

Prince Peasley is much better and nicer than Princess Peach.

He stole luigi's parachute.

69 Dark Bowser

I hope he would make more game appearances

Dark Bowser is so epic because his character is just so complex. Dark Bowser was formed when the Dark Star ate Bowser's DNA. So now, Dark Bowser has Bowser's skills, and half of the Dark Star's power. Then, it eats the Dark Star Core (aka Dark Fawful Bug) and gains the rest of the Dark Star's power. Now Daek Bowser is a blue version of Bowser with an awesome Mohawk.

This list is Ruined, it's so bad now. - ToadF1

TOO LOW - MagmaFox

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70 Pink Yoshi

WHAT pink Yoshi moved down 3 places He is so cool So daring So nice looking Please vote up And make pink Yoshi in to the top 5 RIGHT NOW!

He is the fastest guy ever I love pink Yoshi

Pink yoshi is definitely the best yoshi ever he is fast and very cool and he never gives up GO PINK YOSHI!

Not all yoshis are guys everyone that inclueds birdos to

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71 Starlow

She's so cute & deserves to be with Sonic the Hedgehog & Miles "Tails" Prower.

I agree she is perfect with Sonic and Tails. Just know that she used to work with Bowser as top minion

72 Mini Pauline

I wish all these criminally underrated Mario characters were on this list. However, I feel like all the Mini toys that are not Mini Marios are on par with each other/not as great as Mini Mario mainly because they all have the same personality which results to not that much creativity or diversity. We need difference!

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73 Captain Toad Captain Toad Captain Toad is a variation of the major character, Toad in the Super Mario Bros. Franchise. He first appeared as a playable character in Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World and later appeared as a playable character alongside Captain Toadette in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

I like his outfit style compared to the other toads. Captain toad is adventurous an I wish he'd replace toad in other games. He's my favorite toad and I hope he can appear in a Mario Kart Game.

This is literally toad with a different outfit

Captain toad treasure tracker is one of the best games with Kirby Triple Deluxe and Wind Walker. Hope they make an second one on the switch

I like Captain Toad, he's a normal toad but more adventurous! - MagmaFox

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74 Queen Bee

I love the Honey Queen. She is tomboyish, very beautiful, fearless, capable of taking care of herself, honest, useful, really fun, helpful, strong, really positive, mild-mannered, does not fuss about her looks, has great sportsmanship, never loses, awesome, smart, speedy, sporty, easy-going and deserves a much higher ranking.

Pink Gold Peach, on the other hand, is dumb, rude, mean, pervert, bull, technique-lanking, a stalker, unable to defend herself, lazy, torture, evil, bossy, cranky, weak, fussy, greedy, disgusting, and an abomination that is most hated in Mario Kart 8.

Honey Queen should be higher on this list if you like Rosalina.

Queen Bee is hot.

This bee is better than Peach and her clones. Suck it, fanboys.

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75 Princess Shroob

She is the leader of an alien race. Nothing else to say here.

OK let's vote Cackletta's Soul or Princess Shroob? OH! I'm sorry to say that I would do with Cackletta's Soul she is AWESOME! Princess Shroob took over Bowser's Castle in Super Mario Bros heroes of the stars and used the Dark Star to send Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Yoshi away. YOU SUCK PRINCESS SHROOB!

76 Thwomp

Thwomps look like SpongeBob to me as a stone and flatter version in my Opinion

77 Possessor Ghost

I wish I was a possessor! Just take control of whatever you get your hands one... How fun would that be! Anyways, I love these guys and their battles were so fun!

The possessor ghosts should be number 1 because they can possess anything! They are just awesome!

They're my favorite ghosts.

Yeah, they need to return.

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78 Popple Popple

I'll be taking that, see?
Boo! Boo I say!
Are you saying you're acquainted with these two palookas?
Aside from these awesome quotes he makes, his partner rookie (Bowser) was hilarious, so were their bros. attacks. His other partner, birdo, was hysterical, that she loved him, and he was freaked out. He's one of the main reasons superstar saga was good.

Why is Popple so minor in the whole gaming history?!

Cool battle theme

Monkey De Luffy

79 Mr. Blizzard
80 Dr. Mario Dr. Mario

I'm a Dr. Mario and I saving lives!

Why is he a so minor character?

He should switch places with rosalina


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The amount of hate Peach gets is ridiculous.
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