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161 Red Magikoopa

Red magikoopa is an awesome wizard-koopa who makes all the Mario games more interesting and fun. Also awesome at Super Mario Sluggers.

How is this a Mario character, this is just a reskin of Magikoopa, or kamek, who already looked pretty cool on his own.

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162 Kritter

Kritter is the runner-up for strongest Mario character. Cool. Kritter is a true brute, and really fit.

Kritter is my new favorite character. I played Mario Super Sluggers and I can't stop choosing him. he is a good and strong athletic, who is also a villain. I wish he could appear in more Mario games. I think he dashing too.

163 Susan B. Koopa

Susan B. Koopa is the awesome cousin of the amazing koopalings, and spends most of her time with the koopalings ( who can blame her) and is just great.

She is a Fantendo character, so she shouldn't even be on this list!

164 Cosmic Rosalina

" I would rather have gold stars," said Mario. " Sorry," said Cosmic Rosalina. " They were out when I went to Target yesterday."

She is a bit prettier than Rosalina herself but I stick to the original

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165 Pink Gold Peach

She is so bossy, perverted & so dishonest! I hate her. At least she's low.

Umm... SOMEONE tell me why this character exists?!?!? - Berger

Metal Mario is so much better.

Who Put this Crappy One-Colour freak on this List? - ToadF1

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166 Dreambert

Dreambert's general reactions to the world around him are hilarious, and I like how his tutorials are actually on things we DIDN'T learn in all of the previous games. - Garythesnail

This guy is underrated... my favorite! Best character ever! Dreamstar forever!

Prince Dreambert: a ripoff of Starlow & Prince Peasley. Great!

Speaking of Mario & Luigi games, I would give Superstar Saga a 74/100, Partners in Time an 85/100, Bowser's Inside Story a 28/100 and Dream Team a 21/100.

There were a of funny moments with him. Heh heh heh...biggidy bowser...heh.

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167 Sun

This guy is tough to dodge, invincible, and he's the SUN! By the way, he is in Mario as an enemy and character, both are evil.

Imagine Knuckles the Echidna actually being voiced by Ray William Johnson (& even having the same voice as Ray William Johnsn himself).

Also, Ian McKellen would be an amazing voice for The Angry Sun.

Imagine a battle royale between Donald Duck, Knuckles the Echidna, the Angry Sun & Pinky the pink ghost as well as Megatron (who rocks)!

The Angry Sun would possibly be the worst person Knuckles has ever met due to the fact that Knuckles hates strong sun.

168 Crazyee Daze V 2 Comments
169 R.O.B

R.O. B is not a Mario character though he is awesome in smash bros - MasyMenos

He's in Mario kart ds.R.O. B also appears in other Nintendo games also but not Pokemon

170 Pac-Man Pac-Man Pac-Man is the protagonist fictional character of the franchise of the same name by Namco, who was first introduced in the Japanese arcade game Pac-Man on May 22, 1980 in Japan, later released in the United States in October the same year.

Pac-Man aka Pac Whiz would sound great being voiced by Chris Brown.

Also, Zebrahead's "His World" is awful in the Sonic franchise but awesome as Pac-Man's theme song.

Imagine Pac-Man having the same singing/speaking voice as Chris Brown. That would be AWESOME! Also, that will happen later.

We will all call Pac-Man Pac-Whiz.

2 reasons why pac-man should not be on the list 1 he is not a Mario character 2he is so weak in super smash brothers


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171 Azalea
172 Ghost

Ghost, Ghost doesn't deserve a paragraph. Ghost deserves a thousand books written about how amazing Ghost is. Ghost is beautiful and when Ghost smiles, it's the prettiest thing I've ever seen. I know I've never really made it clear how much I like Ghost, but I've been afraid Ghost wont feel the same. Sometimes I think Ghost is too beautiful for me. I miss Ghost, even though we're not even together. I thought I'd better let Ghost know how I feel. Its pointless keeping these feelings to myself. Ghost deserves to know that Ghost means the world to someone.

Um... The ghosts are called Boos and they already are on the Top Tens...

173 Mushroom V 3 Comments
174 Gobblegut
175 Skeeter

Skeeters are very minor enemies that skate on the water, I am surprised they are not farther down on the list!

Pay more attention to the minor characters! They are awesome! - TopTener

176 Tap-Tap the Red Nosed Mario

Tap tap is from yoshi island!

It counts the characters from Yoshi games! Like shy guy!

Why in the world would anyone... wait the is not even a Mario character. And some others like Ukiki. This list is just a little too crazy.

177 Chunky Kong Chunky Kong

He reminds me of Luigi

178 Ukiki
179 Mom Piranha
180 Fire Bro

Why is fire bro so low on this list He should be higher than metal Mario because metal Mario is boring stupid and even pink gold peach should place higher than metal Mario. Metal Mario is such a freak And fire bro is super cool awesome and is one of Bowzers STRONG minions and is also very hard to dodge.I hate you if you thought metal Mario is awesome your a lier and please put fire bro higher on this list please put him in the top 3! - ziadabdo3011

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The amount of hate Peach gets is ridiculous.
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