Princess Daisy

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Princess Daisy is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, in which she is the princess of the fictional region of Sarasaland. more.


Daisy is my favorite video game character EVER. She has a tan (at least, she used to), she has brown hair (I think), she is a tomboy, she has a strong competitive drive, and she slapped Bowser. THE KOOPA KING. People say she is the Peach clone. She is not. Just because she is a princess, it doesn't make her a Peach clone. She is nothing like Peach. Rosalina is the peach clona. She has Blonde hair (like Peach), she has the same eyes as Peach, she is tall like Peach (Daisy is shorter than Peach), and honestly, she is way overrated. And people say Rosalina is the tomboy, but she is not. Daisy is.

Daisy has been my main since I played my first Mario Kart (Mario Kart DS). She is AWESOME. And I rarely EVER use the babies, but I have started using Baby Daisy, she is just so adorable, and no, I don't find her annoying.

Rosalina, Peach, Baby Rosalina and Baby Peach are my least favorite Nintendo characters EVER.

I grew up playing Super Mario Land on GameBoy with my mom, So I thought at first it was weird that it's Daisy the princess to be rescued and not Peach. After that, we haven't heard from her in a while until I played Mario Tennis on the N64, and she was alright. But then Mario Kart Double Dash appeared and Daisy became My all time favorite character. Rosalina was a close second though. But I like Daisy more because she looks like a very fun character, and I love her tomboyish personality. And she does seem like the kind of girl who's very energetic and loves to run around and be competitive. She's always my main in the Mario Kart games as well as other games where she's featured. I hope Nintendo can bring her back in a game of her own.

Daisy I said an all around better character than Peach! She has an actual personality that isn't like a stereotypical princess personality as Peach has. She is feisty, independent, and clever, and doesn't rely on other characters to save her/do her work (except in Super Mario Land where she was literally trapped and NEEDED Mario to save her.) Not to mention she is a better ruler over kingdom than Peach. Daisy's Sarasaland has only been invaded once during her reign while Peach's Mushroom Kingdom is almost ALWAYS being invaded. It's like Peach WANTS to be kidnapped and saved by Mario. Maybe Daisy doesn't want people to worry about her and always wants to get herself out of trouble. Maybe Peach just WANTS to be kidnapped to cause Drama, which is why Bowser repeatedly comes back to her because she is an easier target than Daisy, because as shown in Super Mario Land, both Mario and Luigi would be willing to go on a dangerous quest in order to save Daisy. But Daisy is more driven and ...more

She is different and special! Daisy is the most beautiful character ever. Her style of flowers is incredible! Who wouldn't love this little princess? I've always loved her when I was little, and I still do. Give it up for the amazing Daisy!

She's more than just some silly and ditsy girl (Peach) or a perfect Mary-Sue (Rosalina). For one, she's rebellious for not being a perfect and dainty princess like all the others in the Mario and even Zelda franchises. She may dress up like one, but her sassy attatude doesn't match.

Secondly, she is all about competition. She really likes to kick butt in tournaments of sports and Mario Party. People complain that she is not in any main games, but she is at her best in the spinoffs.

Thirdly, she is strong to some extent. Now, I know she got kidanapped once and she doesn't exactly save the day. I'm not going to go into the 'slapping Bowser' incident, but it's clear that Wario, Waluigi, Bowser and all the other enemies don't intimidate her.

She's awesome and actually fights Bowser. On Mario party 3 she punched him to the moon! 'Enough said

I wish I could vote x2-then I would vote for Luigi as well. Anyway, Daisy is more independent than Rosalina and Peach, which are basically alternate palette swaps and a space version of the other. "Mario, do such and such for me! " Daisy is also the only Princess in Mario capable of taking Bowser (see Mario Party 3). She sent him into outer space by punching him in the face!

Daisy has an amazing and unique, fearless personality. She's tough and she is just amazing. She should be in the top 10 instead of Luigi, Mario, Walugi and Wario. Heck, Waluigi doesn't even have that much of a personality, neither does Mario or... Why the heck is Peach in the top 10? Choose the ones with real personalities and uniqueness!

Daisy is independent, has personality, fun, and everything. I don't get why people hate her so much, because shes a peach clone? She's actually not, she doesn't get kidnapped, in fact Bowser is afraid of her, and she has a completely different personality than peach. But Daisy LOOKS similar to Peach. She's designed similar to Peach like Luigi to Mario, but no ones complaining about him being a clone!

Daisy is a very Fun-loving character with her own personality. She is very interesting showing a part of her that is tomboyish and sassy to then having a delicate side (showing her interest in flowers and wearing dresses. ) She demonstrates that a girly-girl doesn't always have to be the stereotypical princess

I love Princess Daisy. She is tomboyish, very beautiful, fearless, capable of taking care of herself, honest, useful, really fun, helpful, strong, really positive, mild-mannered, does not fuss about her looks, has great sportsmanship, is perfect for Mario, never loses, awesome, smart (kind of), easy-going and deserves the top 1 spot.

It's a shame that Daisy isn't in more main Mario games. That's why they think she's just a brown haired Peach and why they think Rosalina is better when, in my opinion she isn't.

No wonder Princess Daisy is so high on the list. Because she's tough, charismatic, underrated and actually nice. Despite her crazy habit of being a gymnast, Princess Daisy can actually dance much like Michael Jackson and handle going to the gym. Sometimes Princess Daisy's status underestimates her easily. I mean, come on!

Princess Daisy's true stats are this.

Speed: 9/10.
Skill: 8/10.
Stamina: 7/10.
Power: 10/10.

Daisy if fun and enjoyable. She is nothing like Peach.

If you don't like daisy and thinks she annoying your worng because she is very better than peach and anyways daisy is awesome and she needs to be in more games

Princess Daisy is obviously the best princess, just above Rosalina! She actually has a good personality and is not as annoying as Peach and is not kidnapped all the time!

"Daisy is not actually as annoying as Peach."

Yeah really. Peach does nothing to protect her people. - DCfnaf

To say that Daisy deserves to appear in main series Mario games other than SML would be an understatement. Daisy's personality is greatly expanded in the sports game. She's tomboyish, strong, independent, smart, and cute. What does this say about her role as a monarch? With personality like that, you would think she would be expanded on.

Come on, Nintendo! Bring Daisy into a main series Mario game! - Thifer20

Princess Daisy is much better than Princess Peach because of her brown hair, face, body, better attitude and what else? Princess Peach is overrated, but Princess Daisy is very underrated. FACE IT! Daisy is better than Peach.

Shes so strong and awesome! Rocks in all my favorite sports! - Cartermd

Daisy is my favorite character, and will always be. She's so unique compared to the other princesses; her tomboyish and hyperactive personality sets her apart any other princess in gaming history.

Daisy is ranked higher than Peach. Interesting.

She actually has personality unlike rosalina. People say she's the copy of peach but really rosalina is! Why do people not understand her? :(

Princess Daisy is always underestimated as a peach clone... shes nothing like her. I think Princess Daisy should be included in more games and have a bigger role.

Princess Daisy is way more beautiful and cute than Princess Peach! I hope Princess Daisy wears a braid and has an orgy at Western Canada with Miles "Tails" Prower and Pac-Man (from Pac-Man World).

Wish we'd get to see more of this character than in the sports/Kart/Party games. A tomboy princess sounds pretty interesting after all, and it wouldn't be too odd for her to go on a adventurer.

Her "Hi I'm Daisy! " from DD just puts me in a better mood. Very cheerful & cute C=