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Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Run, and even starred in more.


You Peach haters make me sick. Just leave her alone! It's not her fault she gets kidnapped! She's a very sweet kind princess. (She's only dumb in the Mario and Luigi games). People do hate her for pretty awful reasons. "Daisy and Rosalina are prettier! " That's pretty arguable and I've been a jerk about Daisy's glamour. She is pretty but not her dress (in my opinion trying not to be a jerk about her anymore). While I am a Rosalina fan myself, I do like Peach. And then there's Daisy...who I tolerate now. You can't really replace her since she's a classic and the other two aren't (though Rosalina is becoming a main Mario character.) - DCfnaf

Boy, do people sure like to say some random BS about Peach that isn't true, like "Pervert" or "Bossy".
Just think about it: If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have all the fun Mario games. There needs to be a plot, and in order to to have a plot, there needs to be a conflict, and in order to have a conflict, Bowser must kidnap Peach. She's basically the glue that holds the games together. Sure, they can always replace her with another princess, but then it wouldn't be the same now, would it?

People also give her little credit for all the GOOD things she done in the series, such as:
Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario RPG, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario 3D World: Joins you
Super Mario Bros 3: Gives you hints and gives you powerup
Super Mario 64: Put signs throughout the castle to help the players
Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2: Send items like 1-up mushroom via letter
Paper Mario: Sneak around Bowser's castle and tells the player where the star spirits are
Paper Mario: ...more - Hakros323

Of course most of the people trashing her are hater Rosalina fans lol. Honestly their reasons for hating are pretty dumb, I don't trash Rosalina, I really like her but Peach is my favorite. Anyway they tell lies about her and lies about Rosalina to look better than not only Peach but Daisy and some others too. With the way they talk they don't seem like teenagers, probably pre-teens and younger because they sound uneducated, if they even know what that means.

I'm 12 years old and I love peach! Even though I think it's annoying how she gets kidnapped all the time, that's still one of the reason why Mario exist. Without peach there wouldn't be Mario. I remember when I was 10 years old I used to hate peach and Rosalina ( now I love them ) and I used to be a rabid daisy fan ( I'm not really a fan of her anymore but I'm now neutural with her but I prefer the other two ) Anyways sure daisy and rosa is considered a good role model to little girls and peach is considered a bad role model, I still love peach no matter what, hate me all you want daisy and Rosalina fans guess what I prefer peach way over the other two and by the way she's also gives more of a role to the series than daisy and Rosalina combined

Peach has always done her best to get info or stuff like lives to Mario WHILE CAPTURED! Oh yes, she likes being captured /rolls eyes

She's sweet and doesn't deserve the hate she get just cause shes blonde or wears pink. Girly-girls are fine and people need to get over the fact that she's no BAMF because not all characters need to kick @$$ to be a good character. Fighting isn't all there is in life and it's mostly pointless, so it's fine that she isn't like that. Besides, I thought her you know, her so called BODYGUARDS are soppost to protect her?

Emotionless, personality-less, fighters are overrated and dumb! Got it memorized?

There's nothing wrong with Peach those whose saying there is is seeing false things about her or hating her for extremely stupid things like "her pink dress! 11! "

She has a unique design and is really pretty and it's obvious people are just jealous of her complaining that she's "overrated" because I bet no one likes them.

PEACH for the win! Keep hating her peps nothings going to make me dislike this girl!

I don't care what anyone says. She is just so cute and she just brightens my day! There are also times when she is brave and courageous and awesome. Like in RPG she ignored her Toad's pleas not to go help Mario and gang and followed what she believed she should do & she did the same in SPP rushing out to save Mario once they found the note. And it's cool how even though Mimi was so mean to her she still befriended her in the end. So she's pretty cool and does all she can for everyone!

Peach is fine the way she is she doesn't need to be an emotionless, vapid, killing machine! I'm glad they got variety of girls and a glad that she doesn't think she needs violence to solve everything cause that isn't true.

And people complain she needs to do better at protecting her kingdom. Well HELLO shes only a princess shes no queen so how should all that be her problem or job when shes only a princess?

Peach is the best Mario character ever. She should be number one! All her haters suck and so does Rosalina! Peach deserves to be popular because without her, their would be no Mario games. Rosalina's overrated, boring, and her fan boys are creepy. Peach is pretty, sweet, and gets to much hate. She needs a lot more attention then she gets. She also needs her own year! Go ahead, Hate my comment!

Adding on to Hakros323 Peach is extremely outnumbered and underpowered compared to Bowser. She only has dumb mushroom-headed people who have no ability what so ever besides running away. While Bowser has the living dead, flying enemies, living explosives, resourceful (shy) guys and many more unique allies. It's no wonder that she can't always be prepared for him when the odds are never in her favor, and has little she can do being a princess and not a ruler.

Peach just has this unique design. Her hairstyle just looks so majestic and unique. I mean how many other female characters have there hair sticking out out at all? Though it works for her and she looks absolutely beautiful!

People only call her ugly cause they're jealous that she's not as pretty as her!

Come at me haters! Down vote to prove my point!

Thumbs down if you really hate Peach cause she stills "your mans" attention from you.

It's funny how people are fine with Toad being useless and bad at his job, but Peach is a "stupid, ugly, jerk" for being "bad at her job."

I like her design and have grown to love this girly-girl.

She's amazing and unique who know a tush would b used as a weapon & thought it was pretty funny she gave out tea during a fight lol

She should be in that ten instead of Waluigi

Peach is alright defiantly better than trash toad toad can't do nothing and is dumber than rocks but peach is just so cute and sweet and sometimes resourceful and does what she can for her friends

I disagree with you because she is a girl who is kind and even mario loves her and who cares about colors and if anything peach is more popular than rosalina because she got in super smash bros first

Peach is beautiful and her hate is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the hate Rosalina gets.

I am utterly shocked at how low princess peach is! How can you not live her? When she has a chance to take part she's not so much of a damsel, wish there were more playable roles for her :L

Probably my favorite Mario character. I've liked her since childhood and I find Rosalina and Daisy just... Kinda... Over the top? Stereotypical? Okay, a three of them are stereotypes except Rosalina who is just boring.

She's as essential to the Mario series as much as Luigi, Bowser, or even Mario himself. You should be more grateful.

We love Daisy, Pauline & Rosalina much better. I mean, come on. They should appear in more games than Princes Peach & be even more famous than her.

I solely like Princess Peach because of her supremely sexual body.

She may not be the best but the hate she receives is too extreme! She's not the worst ether

This princess ( who cares for the lipstick cause I do not) is actually quite cute.

How the hell can Princess Peach be underrated?!

Love Peach! How can people like Pauline? I mean come on that's crazy! - rainbowdashrules