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Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo.


Yoshi is the best because when he dies he re-hatches is self so that mean that Yoshi can not die he can also fly different ways he can flutter-jump to give him a boost he can also grow angle wings to fly and he can grow angle wings and blow out fire a lot of people think he is a girl or boy he is a boy because in the game Mario boys do not have eye-lashes so you can tell he is a boy and Amy Rose is not cute she is just some ugly hedgehog Yoshi can also shape-shift to many different things Yoshi can also eat people and not all the time he makes enemy's to become and egg when he eats them he can keep them in is belly Yoshi is also A REALLY GOOD FIGHTER AND HE IS WAY CUTER THEN KIRBY THE FURRY COCONUT THAT GREW PANCAKES FOR LEGS AND NO ONE CARES ABOUT AMY ROSE and just to tell you guys if you have any questions about Yoshi please let me know because I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOSHI. I am done

Yoshi gets an 11/20 ("Mediocre to Okay") score.

Luigi gets a 13/20 ("Okay") socre.

Mario gets a 19/20 ("Amazing to Masterpiece") score.

Rosalina gets a 20/20 ("Masterpiece") score.

Toad gets a 12/20 ("Okay") score.

Bowser gets a 16/20 ("Great") score.

Waluigi gets an 11/20 ("Mediocre to Okay") score.

Bowser Jr. gets a 15/20 ("Good to Great") score.

Princess Daisy gets a 12/20 ("Okay") score.

Shy Guy gets a 20/20 ("Masterpiece") score.

Wario gets a 19/20 ("Amazing to Masterpiece") score.

Boo gets a 19/20 ("Amazing to Masterpiece") score.

Donkey Kong gets an 18/20 ("Amazing") score.

Dry Bones gets a 19/20 ("Amazing to Masterpiece") score.

Koopa Troopa gets an 18/20 ("Amazing") score.

Baby Yoshi gets a 13/20 ("Okay to Good") score.

Princess Peach gets a 2/20 ("Unbearable") score.

King Boo gets a 20/20 ("Masterpiece") score.

Fawful gets a 19/20 ("Amazing to ...more

Yoshi is so cute. He gives rides to Mario and Luigi, Even when they were babies, infact, Yoshi actually saved them as babies which prevented Bowser from taking over the Kingdom. He's awesome to play as in the majority of Mario Sports Titles and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Yoshi is my favourite video game character ever!

Without Yoshi there wouldn't be most of the adults (Yoshi's Island) and plus he is just a beast taking on Giant Baby Bowser while babysitting the most annoying thing on the planet. With a charming attitude and the will to aid Mario on any quest imaginable, Yoshi deserves the #1 spot!

Yoshi is SO ADORABLE and makes cute noises, he should be the hero instead of boring old useless Mario- And he is great in Mario karts- I play as him every single time! He should have his very own game where you only play as him! I am so glad he is at number 1, he is AWESOME (His baby version is quite cute too, but can't do as much as him

I LOVE Yoshi! Ever since I started playing Mario on NES I fell in love with Yoshi instantly. He is so cute and I always picked him as my character in the Mario Kart games. I absolutely love him

Yoshi is a very cute character...

In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, he was very persistent and helpful to Baby Mario and made a touching story.

Yoshi is a great rival to Batman.

Yoshi is cute and friendly. He even helped the baby bros when they were lost in Yoshi's island. He even helps them when they are rescuing peach. He even joined smash bros brawl. HE ALSO CALLS LUIGI HIS MAMA!

Yoshi should be #1. He's a cheerful character that can DESTROY his opponents in smash and is a very lucky kart driver, who in my opinion, avoids almost every obstacle in the game. I mean come on, how could you not love a green cute little dinosaur who can eat objects and turn them into eggs and who saves babies from certain death?

Yoshi is my favorite Mario character. Not because he is cute. He saved Mario and Luigi when they were babies. In my opinion, Middleweights are perfect for me because is has the right amount of speed and handling. If it wasn't for him, the Mario bros we all know and love wouldn't be here. Yoshi is friendly and caring. He loves to play w/ his friends. I don't like his fanbase though. Most of his fans love him just because he's adorable. Fanbase isn't even a reason to hate a character.

Yoshi is my favorite Mario character of all time
Screw those Yoshi haters 'cause they just think more about war games. - Liam31idents

Yoshi is adorable, Yoshi is happy, he sacrifices his life so Mario can make a jump, they are great athletes, they come in many colors, he is strong, need I say more? And oh yeah, HE IS MY OBSESSION c:

If you don't like Yoshi, I don't know what's wrong with you. He's amazing! He even has his own games (Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's New Island, etc. )! He's super cute, and let's admit that we all feel a little guilty when we abandon him and let him take the damage to save ourself.

Yoshi is a beloved sidekick to Mario because he is adorable and he is fun to use. come on, he can swallow enemies in one bite, shoot eggs, and flutter jump!

Yoshi, one of the most cutest characters. For being a secondary character, he is a BOSS! He is really useful in main, and party games. Ever since Super Mario World, Yoshi has touched people's hearts, while being kick-butt at the same time!

Yoshi is super cute, tough, and the most agile character in Mario. Seriously, he can do pretty much anything and is super likeable!

Oh my god, everybody loves Yoshi only because he's cute?! Is that why everyone loves him, because he's cute?! He saved his people and the Mario brothers from the evil Bowser, and Kamek! Yoshi and friends did it! With no Yoshi, there would be no mario bros. Yoshi also has a girlfriend.

When I wa little, Yoshi was my favorite because I thought he was cute! But now in my adult years, he is my favorite because he has unique abilities that make him different from the others, and overall he is one of the coolest.

Yoshi is awesome! In Super Mario Galaxy he was only playable in some levels :(. Still I love him and you should too

Yoshi is the best and cutest character and strongest Yoshi is awesome Yoshi is cool Yoshi is fast and mario and Luigi are my favorite characters Mario and Luigi and Yoshi

Yoshi is awesome I love Yoshi is the fastest he's cute and strong he is the best I wish I had a Yoshi for a pet and he does by himself I want to ride Yoshi

Yoshi is 88% male, has big eyes, is 23% female (Yoshi & Rosalina are both very tomboyish), stayed young at 81 years of age (birthday was 11/23/1932) & stout. Yoshi is 5'4 (161 cm) & 156 lbs! Also, she is Silver the Hedgehog's rival & girlfriend!

Is yoshi really 88% male + 23%Female? This makes up to 101% and I think yoshi is the most common character used whenever a he's popular - Arrowstorm

Yoshi is awesome, he is my fave Mario character as well as one bad ass dino who shouldn't be taken lightly.

Oh yes Yoshi is so awesome because he has the heart of a true hero as he does in Super Mario Bros Z and Super Mario Bros Heroes of the Stars. Love you Yoshi!

Cute, eats everything. And my favorite character.