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1 fire flower

it's easy to shoot out fire instead of jumping on top of the mushroom or turtle

I agree absolutely best Mario item - steelers1979

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2 mega mushroom

I competed new super Mario bros on DS with it's help. it helped me in the last level in world 8.

I like most of the Super Mario power-ups but I totally agree Mega Mushroom is the Bob-omb! When I was playing new Super Mario Brothers on my D. S as soon as I got the Mega Mushroom it was collso stomping time! I just love to be a gaint crushing and smashing the Goombas and Koopas like ants as I destroy the bricks and pipes like in Godzilla!

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3 shell
4 bee mushroom

BEE Mario can FLY! Flying is cool Even though super star is cool, I personally love bee Mario!

5 Racoon Mario

Racoon Mario is fun to use - 170253

6 Metal Cap
7 retry clock
8 ultra nut
9 mushroom
10 invincible star

If this list was favorite not best items I would have said shell.

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11 Fludd
12 super nut
13 one up
14 lucky shoes
15 Bullet Bill
16 Invincibility Leaf
17 Super Acorn

This item is great! You can glide and get a quick Drift of altitude! Best of all, you can hang on to walls! I respect your opinions, but I like the Acorn! SUPER ACORNS FOR THE WIN!

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18 Cat Suit
19 Gold Flower
20 Wing Cap
21 Dummy

Although this is only beta for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, it's cool. Mario throws it when inside Bowser and it EXPLODES! BOOM! It gives Bowser 60 HP!

22 star
23 Penguin Suit

This item is so much better than the ice flower! You can swim, toboggan, and best of all, you can shoot ice balls! PENGUIN FOR THE WIN!

24 Hammer Suit
25 Propeller Mushroom
26 Cape Feather
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