Top 10 Best Mario Kart 7 Tracks

My Favorite Courses from the new game Mario Kart 7! Love this game best 3DS game ever it brings us gliding it brings us newer kart customization. It got a 9.0 on I.G.N. if any of you guys don't know what I'm talking about I.G.N. is a video game website you can also look at TV Shows and movies it gives you cheats and screenshots and video's and walkthrough. Anyway back on topic enjoy my list!

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1 Rainbow Road

The first rainbow road that is divided by sections rather than laps. It's huge. It makes for godly eye candy with the classic multicolored road, and you also get to race on a moon, the rings of... Saturn I presume, and a giant rotating funnel- topped off with a whole barrage of star cannons and potato shaped asteroids. The music also gives me a sense of pride- like all of the races in my previous experiences of Mario Kart racing have all added up to the final breathing moment I am in- Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 7.

Rainbow Road is a childhood favorite. The first time I heard the music I was crying tears of nostalgia. It was in the very first Mario Kart and Nintendo brought it back. The other courses are good too, but Rainbow Road is amazing. I have 4 out of the 7 games and Rainbow Road is the best in all of them.

This is probably the best Rainbow Road I have ever played. I lover how you go around planets and go on the moon. I also like the part where you go through that big tunnel! The music has part of N64 Rainbow Road's music in it.

Best Rainbow Road EVER! - Tyler730

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2 Music Park

I love this course this is the first course to have music when you are driving it has all those music notes you can glide on top of this course made this game really good - rockrockmountain

The balance of music in this track is perfect from the sliding down the piano to the bouncing on the drums. A great course with great music

The turns are very fun and they even play notes. I also like the cuteness of the giant music notes with the faces. They make a kind of evil grin when they stomp down which is funny.

A great track created by Nintendo! The music makes the track way more fun! They even brought it back for Mario Kart8!

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3 Airship Fortress DS

YAY! Super Mario bros 3, my favorite Mario game ever. Brilliant tribute to that game's airship levels and the tracks design is fantastic. One of my favorite tracks of all time next to waluigi pinball. And its even more epic in Mario kart 7!

The better version of the course from when Mario Kart DS came out you have to watch out for Bullet Bills when the course begins - rockrockmountain

They are banzai bills the bigger counterpart to bullet bills

Why are you including Retro Tracks? :/ - thunderstar1124

This track is one of my 2 favorites from Mario kart ds the other being tick tock clock. also, at 100cc when the front-running beat adds ends it makes the soundtrack sound a lot better.

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4 Rock Rock Mountain

I tried out Mario kart 7 for a bit and I got rock rock mountain and it's awesome. It takes full advantage of gliding and my favorite part is that you use those boost panels to get to the top while dodging boulders coming down. Amazing.

Read the username it has a lot of glides and fun to do it has serious tricks you can do on the orange boosts This the best course ever to me - rockrockmountain

You have to play in first person mode to avoid the pesky rocks in this track.

I ' Love This Track to Death, The amount of Gliding is Amazing - ChiefMudkip

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5 Maple Treeway

One of the most awesome courses ever I love the setting the way it is designed with all the trees and the down glide it is so fun this is one of the best courses in this game and still is in Mario Kart Wii - rockrockmountain

This track is pure aids. Contender for worst track in MK7

Maple treeway #5 whaat that is offensive. stuff rainbow road this track is the boss. for about 3 weeks I played this track (only maple treeway) on the Wii about 8 hrs a day now maple treeway in Mariokart 7 at first I thought I was halucinating but it said maple treeway now it is even better with the gliding and only 8 racers the shortcut is even better

Wii’s is better.

6 Coconut Mall Wii

It would make perfect sense to put this track in Mario Kart 7 because that HUGE jump at the end would be perfect for gliding.

Welcome to the Mall! This course returns from the Wii, to kill. This course is a winner!

This track is a lot of fun. I love the amount of paths you can take in this track. I also really like the music.

The only thing I hate about this track is those damn cars. Otherwise, it's great.

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7 Piranha Plant Slide

This is a fun track. My favorite Nitro Course. The music is great, the visuals are cool, the layout and design are awesome, and it's really fun to play on.

How is this not in the top 10 list I loved underground levels it has great music it is challenging and is just very enjoyable

This should be number 1 not including the retro tracks. - cartoonnami

This track can be described with only one word: FUN.

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8 Maka Wuhu

It is a really great course I love it when you have to glide such a long way and the shortcuts when driving and it's when you are so high up. - rockrockmountain

The shortcuts make this track different from the others You always have to think about what route you're gonna take before you take it.

I can't bear the gliding section at the end. I bearly ever come first

It is sooo fun! I know the glitch in it!

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9 Waluigi Pinball DS

I don't understand why they bring an awesome stage back but leave the character out of the game. Waluigi's stage is here but he was replaced by stupid characters like honey queen and metal Mario

This has got to be the best ds retro track because you are driving in a pinball machine and the sounds are arcade like! Amazing!

The only course in the game you can never get tired of. Amazing! Watch out for the paddles and pinball! - MarioKART643DS

This is my favorite track ever!

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10 Shy Guy Bazaar

People look at this as being hard and long, its not. I like the surprises in the barrels like stars

Shy guy doesn't really get dignity

Shy guys are so cute Murphy 6

An excellent track for a great character. - CartreW

The Contenders

11 Koopa Cape

One of the best courses from Mario Kart Wii it is really cool when you go all underwater but I really hate when they made the glide so short the least they could have done was put in a second glide - rockrockmountain

Best wii track and to this day it is 1 of my favorites

Who CARES if they took down the lasers? The track is GOD DAMN AWESOME! -!

Seriously THIS is ELEVEN!?!? It is number 1 :d

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12 Neo Bowser City

This track has the best song in the game. It's so cool and I love bowser. Vote for this or bowser will throw you into his lava!

It's cool and all, being in the city and being so detailed, but that one rail-less turn before you do that long turn to the end where you jump off with the glider is so hard!

I think the only reason people don't enjoy this more is because the turns and such are difficult to nail, but when you've had as much practice as me at time trialing on the course, it just makes it that much more fun. Not to mention the great background soundtrack accompaniment...I'm so happy it returned in Mario Kart 8!

Great level. Why did it have to be remade as DLC? Its hard to get. Koopa city will be forever recognised as not being a castle

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13 Luigi's Mansion DS

I love this course here's why:
The music sounds like something that would be on a king boo course
It's pretty easy to win when your on CPU but wifi could be hard
It's a straight through track yes it goes right round
It's basically a better Luigi circuit version

But still this is pretty awesome
It's definitely one of the best
Newer tracks of 2013
But There A Still a pretty few more
Better than this track like:
Music Park, Rock Rock Mountain, Maka Wuhu,
Rainbow Road, Shy Guy Bazaar and Daisy Hills

It's still awesome though I'd put it around
7 or 8
Anyhow, if you are online on MK7 sometimes
Vote for this, it's better than you think!

And where is Rosalina's Ice World
That is cool 2! - RockStarr

The music! The design! The EVERYTHING! Never overlook such a neat and detailed designed track! It really has a true Luigi's Mansion feel to it.

14 Daisy Crusier GCN

Daisy cruiser is so fun, and was the very first race I played on MK7. Not just the best MK7, but the best in all Mario kart's!

Better than the original

Better than Peach Beach.

10 / 10 no questions.

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15 Rosalina's Ice World

Hated this track at first now one of my favorites you will gate this if you have bad handling

I really like the challenge on the first 2 corners especially online because I do so much BETTER than everyone

What?! Put this at #3 - greenshyguy

16 Rainbow Road SNES

This course involves skill and is a very quick to play on. I personally like it because I nearly broke the World Record on this course. Still trying right now!

This is the best Rainbow Road. Its music really takes you somewhere the other Rainbow Roads didn't. Also the simple design makes it all the more lovable.

I keep on falling off when I drift

This should be number 1!

Why No.15? That's because SNES rainbow road is too hard,
i'm guessing.

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17 Bowser's Castle

The most recent installment of the classic course from the Mario Kart Series it has great shortcuts awesome times to Glide really really good - rockrockmountain

18 Wario Shipyard

This course moves quickly as you go. In Grand Prix, there is a chance to get mushrooms/stars out of barrels.

19 Daisy Hills

So simple yet incredible! There may be goats in the way sometimes, but on this course there is a killer shortcut that can turn you from 5th to 1st in a matter of seconds. Truly awesome!

It's simple, but it has plenty of awesome shortcuts that involve the gliding feature... and must I mention the music?

Such a beautiful stage, complete with bizarre, yet enchanting music.

This would make a great retro track

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20 Wuhu Loop

It fits the Mii character theme.

It from wii sports resort

Harder then Maka Wuhu.

21 Mushroom Gorge

Only at #23? Bouncy Mushrooms, awesome shortcut and Risky Cave. It's a awesome feature to the game. King of the mushrooms! Even N64 Luigi Raceway was on top of this and that track is rubbish.

Love that blue mushroom.

Fun bouncy mushrooms

22 DK Jungle

This track has a jungle at the start then bounce on a giant flower then dk's hut and tiki goons then a wooden bridge then dense jungle with mud and frogs then 3 trick ramps then the golden temple with the giant gold babana then screaming pillars then a tiny split track then the jungle all in 1 lap it is a 3 lap race it is by far the best race and at the start there is 1 dk barrel it only releases bananas then 2 in the dense jhngle that release bananas and rarely stars 1-3 stars per race it has more than rainbow road and the 2 wuhu loops combined in 1 lap

Why is this so low? It kicks in some fun and it's based off of DK Country returns!

I just brought DK Country Returns! It is awesome! I love this course!

This one is great why is it so low? - Ajkloth

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23 Kalamari Desert N64

Loved it on N64 love it now.

Mario kart 64 was my second game (first was super Mario bros on supe rmario allstars! ) so this track is very nostalgic I was so happy to see it this is my favforite desert track! Just as good as the original in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

24 Cheep Cheep Lagooon

The first course to mainly revolve underwater it is one of the most remembered courses already because it is the first one you see that has water. Watch out for those crabs tough! - rockrockmountain

I love going under water in this course - Ajkloth

25 GCN Baby Park

This wasn't on the game, but good track.

26 N64 Frappe Snow Land

This was in MKDS - Tyler730

27 Mario Circuit
28 Snes Rainbow Road
29 Toad Circuit

Killer awesome! First course in this incredible game! I learned how to hanglide here! It's awesome!

30 Koopa Troopa Beach N64

This course is a winner. Why is this so low?

I would give the N64 version 10/10 stars & the 3DS version 3/10 stars.

31 GCN Dino Dino Jungle

Why is this so low? I've dreamt of a Mario kart track like thus and it came true. It seems Ike you are in. The past.

Rubbish it is amazing Eddie

Why so low? It kicks a $$

That dino's head near the end.. - Qryzx

32 N64 Koopa Beach

Welcome to the beach! This course returns from the N64 with a lot of variety. This is a true winner!

The original Mario Kart 64 version of Koopa Beach gets 10/10 stars.

The Mario Kart 7 version gets 4/10 stars.

33 Luigi Raceway

My first Mario kart track ever. very nostalgic! - HeavyDonkeyKong

34 SNES Mario Circuit 2
35 Cheep Cheep Lagoon
36 GBA Bowser Castle 1
37 Figure 8 Circuit

This one is on here because people played the nodded version of this game.

Figure 8 Circuit is on the DS, and never had a remake, so technically this is invalid. - Qryzx

MKDS track. - Tyler730

38 DS Waluigi Pinball

I love the graphics of Waluigi Pinball because it's just a big pinball course, I also like the ride as well.

39 Wario's Galleon

Wario someone opened a shipyard! This track can sometimes be challenging and should of been in Mario Kart 8.

Wario's galleon has a neat concept such as ride up a half sunken wario ship should be higher!

Is Wario's Galleon Wario's Shipyard? Someone get me BACK ON TRACK. I'm confused. - GreenViolet8236

This track is Wario's Shipyard but in another country? - Qryzx

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40 DS DK Pass

I kinda hate those snowballs, but some shortcuts

41 Wii Maple Treeway

The music is awesome. It's like autumn-music, isn't it? - GreenViolet8236

Why is this track doing here

42 Wii Mushroom Gorge
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