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Almost everyone has heard of the chaotic, racing game series known as Mario Kart. From the 6 titles, there are more than 100 courses to play and choose from Mario Circuit 1, the course that started it all, or Daisy Cruiser, where the ship turns side-to-side while items and furniture follow. This list includes some of the best courses in Mario Kart history from Super Mario Kart on the SNES to Mario Kart Wii. Feel free to vote! If you add a course please put the name and system (SNES,N64,GBA,GCN,DS,WII).

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1 Waluigi Pinball DS

I like the concept of the track: racing in a pinball machine. But they could have made things better, I suppose. If they would let it look like Bowser's Pinball Machine from Mario Party DS, I would like it a bit more. After all, it is an awesome track, and it was even more awesome in Mario Kart 7.

Waluigi pinball is a masterpiece and will always be. Unlike everyone else I actually like Waluigi. He finally gets the spotlight he deserves. Everyone says that he has no personality and doesn't belong because he doesn't have a game of his own. But it's Nintendo's fault that he doesn't.

Absolutely killer! Mario, Luigi, and Wario are the most loved, but Waluigi does have this course! The pinball will knock you out and layout is incredible. In the 3DS version there is the cannon where you get shot out of, you get to hanglide a little bit. This course is incredible!

The Only Reason I Like Waluigi.

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2 DK Mountain GCN

This is hands down the best track in mario kart history. The presentation and design of the track is excellent with you getting fired out a cannon to a volcano going down the twists and turns of the mountain and jungle below. The rope bridge at the end is cool too. I spent hours playing this track enjoying its perfection.

It definitely was the best retro track in Mario Kart WII. Maybe it even was the best track of all! Maybe not, OK, but it is so awesome! DK tracks have always been awesome: DK Jungle Parkway, DK Summit, DK Pass, DK Jungle, and the best of all was this one: DK Mountain. Wonder what the next DK track is gonna look like?

The first time I played this the cannon made it my favorite. I'm so glad they put it in Mario kart wii!

Number #3? No, that's way too far if you ask me, it's pretty great but overrated - darthvadern

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3 Maple Treeway WII

Make sure you beat the Mushroom and Flower cups to unlock this one! Driving across a tree branch, over the leaves and inside the tree trunk is just insane! But watch out for the Wigglers because if you hit them your race will be more than stuffed up. Try to take the shortcut to the right at the start (left in Mirror), and you'll do well. It always gets me in first.

Maple Treeway is the most vibrant, colorful and fun to race on track in Mario kart. It has always stood out to me as a nice relaxing track at first glance, but as relaxing it looks the fast paced action matches up to it.

Maple treeway is awesome with the net, branches and shortcuts!

Maple Treeway is one heck of a calm track! The music and "jack-off" bridge are the best - darthvadern

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4 Yoshi Valley N64

The course is great. It's crazy! It's funny! It's amazing! Anyway, this course has heaps of paths and believe it or not, the computer can't tell who's in first! Just watch out for the giant spinning egg!

A pretty fun course. Branching paths are really cool, and even the N64 couldn't tell who was in first! It was super crazy! But there aren't really any mini-battles on the road cause' of so many paths. I don't wish every track were like this, but I'm glad there is one!

This is a great fun course. The question marks for places leave me wondering how I'm doing! More thrilling than the others!

Super fun! I consider this to be the best Mario Kart course

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5 Coconut Mall Wii

Now, This is my type of frantic (the type that doesn't get popularity off of being an oval with seven laps and how items work). Piantas, Water fountains, Escalators, Mii Cars, little shops, etc. Make this track such fun! Honestly, I think it deserves more than just a rank 15 in someone's list every time, And I think Sunshine Airport referenced off of it slightly due to the type of concept it is (of course, is also based on Mario Sunshine), And sadly ranks lower than it (woah calm down I have nothing against Sunshine Airport, In fact it's my 2nd favorite track of all-time, And take a WILD guess of 1st). - Qryzx

Here we go to the mall. In this course you are driving through the mall, and once you exit, there are Mii's trying to hit you before the finish line. This course is a must play!

This is a nice course. The escalators can really help in the driving. This course is the Daisy Cruiser of the Wii. Truly remarkable!

It's the perfect track

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6 Koopa Cape Wii

Koopa Cape rocks! It has so much creativity and detail. It is so much fun to race on!

Music is pure nostalgia for anyone who grew up with Mario Kart Wii. The Course is creative. I wish it was brought back of 8 instead of 7 though.

Should this track be at #1 on not? Why? - spongebob2

Hands down the most beautiful track of MArio Kart Wii and the second best in the game (Warioo's Gold Mine is slightly better), but this was overall more gorgeous! - darthvadern

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7 Airship Fortress DS

Super Mario bros 3. I always loved the airship levels and I just loved the idea of having a track completely based on these levels. As soon as you start the track, you're already in the action with bullet bills charging at you right off the bat, weaving past rocky wrenches, dodging fire torches and a breathtaking canon ride. Not to mention a tower which is a brilliant area for powersliding. Best track in ds, best track in mk7 and best track ever.

You get shot into cannons. You avoid bullets. Nothing could be better. Nothing except having to go down a tower for more than 5 seconds. The most boring part for sure. It's still the best bullet-shooting, airship level there is in Mario Kart!

Airship Fortress is a cool track based on the airship stages of SMB3. Bullet Bills, Rocky Wrenches & Fire Pillars can hurt you. This track is Amazing!

Better than Waluigi Pinball - darthvadern

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8 Bowser's Castle N64

This course is like an adventure, I JUST LOVE IT, the music fits perfect and the yards is beautiful.

Best bowser castle of all - Sonic-Knuckles

Hands down the best Bowser's Castle - darthvadern


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9 Rainbow Road GCN

1. It was Mario Kart Double Dash!
2. You go through rainbow pipes which was my FAVE part of the track
3. This track is just AWESOME, I mean, It has rainbow curly roads, which is perfect for something like Rainbow Road!

This course is, well, phenomenal! You go into rainbow pipes and the course is perfect Rainbow Road length (3:30:000). Not much to say, but, phenomenal! One of the best courses in Mario Kart!

I just realized something, this website is FILLED with retro gamers. - recaller

My favourite Rainbow Road, yes I love the 3DS one almost equally but the soundtrack just made this one better - darthvadern

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10 Wario Colosseum GCN

They absolutely NEED to put this as a retro track in the next Mario Kart game. Same goes for the Bowser's Castle from that game.

The course with twists and turns is the ultimate Mario Kart course. Everything is great about it and the tricks are endless. The course is so tantalizingly long there's only 2 laps!

Never played it, but it sounds great. I am desperate to get double dash

The best track from Double Dash - darthvadern

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11 Rainbow Road 3DS

This rainbow road was absolutely amazing! It had the best music in the series, first of all. Then, lets just say this rainbow road is an adventure. You can drive on planets, rings, you can glide, there's a section where you dodge asteroids! You also ride in a spinning tube of fun! And at the end, an awesome vertical section!

The first Rainbow Road where you can fall off, on the second lap and live. Includes hang-gliding and in my opinion could be better than the Wii's Rainbow Road. I am a great Mario Kart player, and I can NEVER get better than fifth. You need to get lucky in this course and get the best item in the game to live... The Lucky 7!

Absolute best track in the series. Not only is it sectioned, but it features racing on Saturn, the moon, and a spinning tube. It also features star rings and vertical driving at the end. This track takes advantage of Mario Kart 7's gliding, and I love that. Not to mention the music. Best Mario Kart track and music of all-time.

Clearly the best. Not too easy, but not too hard. Great music. - benpiano800

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12 Mushroom Gorge Wii

I don't see why people don't like the course sometimes! It's a GORGE! And the only way to cross is bouncing across! However the course is challenging, and shouldn't be in the mushroom cup. Huh that's ironic mushroom gorge in the mushroom cup.

I think I know why this is in the mushroom cup, listen to the name now, Mushroom Gorge, the word mushroom, that's it, Mushroom Gorge belongs to the mushroom cup because of the name.

Who cannot hate Mushroom Gorge, it's challenging, the level was a great idea for bouncy mushrooms and also it's only in the Mushroom Cup! Cool...

Yes, this one's so creative, and it's the one Wii track Mario Kart 7 didn't ruin either - darthvadern

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13 Rainbow Road WII

The course that makes people turn off their game consoles. Believe it or not, I always use it for challenging Wi-Fi racers. Going through Launch stars and seeing Star Bits, this course is based off Super Mario Galaxy. And that's one of the best games I've ever played. This course couldn't be programmed better.

RAINBOWS! I mean, *cough*, yeah. I loved Super Mario Galaxy and was thrilled when I went on this course. First of all, the time trail ghost is Rosalina, who I love. All the floating star bits and stuff make me think of that awesome game...

This track has to be one of the best rainbow roads! The music is very unique, as well as the whole scary thought that your going to fall off the edge, which is very constant, packs chills and thrills!

So many Galaxy references stand this course out from the other Rainbow Roads.

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14 Mount Wario Wii U

This course has so much going on in it, cruising on the mountain, driving through a dam, "skiing", and more! This is my second favorite course in Mario Kart 8.

I especially love this rally race with different kinds of obstacles and land areas, most fitting the adventure chase of Super Mario franchise games

Amazing Course. Had to search for it as I was too lazy to check to see where it was at, which is disappointing. Best Track in my opinion in Mario Kart - CheesyNachos

Excellent Wii U track overall! - darthvadern

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15 Baby Park GCN

Ye sure it's just a big circle but it has 6 LAPS also it's harder to dodge the items that get left out so it's worth getting all the crap items. Not my favorite stage but it's intense and that's what racing games are all about

Hey, yes you! Have you ever wanted to play a battle track (a cramped one at that) in race mode?
Well, you're in luck. This track got it's popularity from items. For a short amount of time, I despised this track and had it as my least favorite track (145th).

I thought 'This should've been called Baby Krap', but I realized this track wasn't all bad. As it is fairly unique to be honest.
This track is a 4/10 for me (In the 'Okay-Tier'). - Qryzx

From simple track to item minefield in 3 seconds. This was one of the reasons I learned to love Princess Daisy. Her (And Peach's) heart special was really nice to get on this course. Once stole a Bowser shell.

You mean this forgettable track? Just one loop with seven laps and it's impossible to win yet, at least Figure 8-Circuit is good for snaking, this has none except too much chaos - darthvadern

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16 Rainbow Road SNES

Very nice music. IN super Mario kart, Mario kart: super circut (win special cup with 100 coins from the 4 races. ), and Mario kart 7(best music)

This is one of the easiest Rainbow Roads but is also the coolest. The feel of the course is great.

In Mario kart 7 one of my favorite retro tacks

Eh, overrated - darthvadern

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17 Music Park 3DS

Of course a music park has to be awesome. The instruments galore, the cute music notes, and although it got a remake. It didn't really need it! It's good enough already!

Amazing track! Creativity is not lacking here. Great design and obstacles. Love the bouncing musical notes.

Awesome course! I love music, I love Mario Kart, what do you get? Music Park! One of my favorite courses of all time! (Melody Motorway is a remake of Music Park)

Although I think Alpine Pass is overall a better track, this is a close second! It's so creative! - darthvadern

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18 Neo Bowser City 3DS

This track felt like you were a true street racer. The Rain effects were amazing and there were some sharp turns so this course was pretty hard. But it is a very fun track indeed.

This course has the most banking in ALL Mario Kart courses. Watch out for cars and oil spots. This is a dangerous course for any skill level!

Awesome course and I don't know why but I am attracted to how it is designed a very great track and should be 1

The music, enough said, however other than that it's the weakest of the 3DS Star Cup - darthvadern

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19 Rainbow Road N64

The music is as gorgeous as the course itself. It's probably the easiest Rainbow Road course seeing than it has guard rails, but it's fun. Something makes me come back to it.

I hate N64 Rainbow Road. Worst Rainbow Road.

Um, it's 6 minutes long, no obstacles other than occasional chain chomps, you can't fall off, and only loved for nostalgia and music. - Qryzx

This track is very beautiful at its time and you even get to see all of the characters faces all over the sky. Although its pretty though, but hey, thanks nintendo for bringing such joy

More like the worst one - darthvadern

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20 Big Blue Wii U

This track completely nails it out of the park! Big Blue defines everything a perfect Mario Kart track should have: awesome music, fantastic design, beautiful visuals, and a ton of variety all over the place. It's my personal favourite Mario Kart track of all time.

This is the best Mario Kart Track of all time. So Fun! I LOVE IT!

Big Blue is my favorite track it has everything.

Prety awesomne track - darthvadern

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21 Mushroom City GCN

Not as good as its bridge counterpart but greater for exploring! - darthvadern

I think this course should be higher on the list. - TheGreenLists

I think this is the most exciting intense track in any mario kart, except baby park, but unlike BP this one gets it from the track itself. Also the city looks very cool at night. - airbb

I very often like city courses, but this one? NO, I HATE THIS COURSE.

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22 Bowser's Castle Wii

Easily the best Bowser castle track around

The most chaotic Bowser's Castle hands down, followed by the Wii U, and then the 3DS - darthvadern

Best Bowser's Castle ever.

All you have to do to beat your friends every time you play Mariokart is get good at this course then only play this course! Only a true PranksterGangster (like me) can beat this course with ease!

23 Grumble Volcano Wii

What could be more terrifying than driving near volcanoes that are shooting fireballs everywhere while the track falls apart?

This course is so hard. I play it all the time with my older brother.

The first non-Bowser's Castle lava track! - darthvadern

24 Kalimari Desert N64

A fun course to play on with friends! The train going by gives some challenge. A fun thing to do sometimes is race the train!

This is one of the best Mario kart track ever and it's only because of the train that go's around the track

This track is pretty lame on my opinion, the train doesn't fit, it is also ugly. The only thing good is the music - greenshyguy

Boring, but the train saves it - darthvadern

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25 Tick-Tock Clock DS

Highly overrated, not creative as it's taken from Super Mario 64, unlike Waluigi Pinball which was a brand new idea - darthvadern

Okay guys, this course should be in the top 10 not 34. - Randomteenager

This circuit based of the sm64 level is awesome, you get to race on gears and metals just like the super Mario 64 level

So nostalgic. When I was like 7-8 this track would make me think of Tik-Tok by Kesha lol

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26 Luigi Mansion DS

Luigi Mansion is a course you can never get sick of! Watch out for the walking trees and the spooky ghosts. This course also has a lot of drifting, and in the 3ds shortcuts. This is a killer course that anything can happen on at the end.

Welcome to the Mansion! This course has a lot of banking on turns, mud, and a bunch of ghosts and walking trees. Great in the DS and 3DS Mario Karts.

Ghost Mansion (Pac-Man World Rally) is 3 times better! Stronger graphics, a lack of annoying characters, much more speed, etc...

One of my all-time favourite tracks due to nostalgia for the most part - darthvadern

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27 Sunshine Airport Wii U

This is my all-time favorite course in Mario Kart 8! Probably ever! Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite Mario game! It brings back a lot of memories playing this course, and it's just cool! This needs to be on the top 10!

This is my favorite course in Mario Kart 8! You are literally driving in an airport representing Super Mario Sunshine! I have so many memories with this course!

One of the best from Mario Kart 8 - darthvadern

I love this track. It feels like the creator took every opportunity to use the setting to make a unique track and they did. It's a fun expirience racing on this course.

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28 Mario Circuit 1 SNES

The course that started it all! Without this course Mario Kart might not be the way it is today. This course is a course that is perhaps the most underrated of Mario Kart!

Just because it's the first course in the first game doesn't automatically make it good. Take it off the list. - lamourieparkinson

Just because it started it all doesn't make it good! - darthvadern

This is #26.? - greenshyguy

29 Toad's Harbor Wii U

One of the best from Mario Kart 8 - darthvadern

30 Peach Gardens DS

This course is overrated, I mean Challenging? You probably just suck because that should be in the flower cup. And it is incredibly BORING, It lacks creativity. This is the 5th WORST course in all of Mario Kart

You're only saying that because it's a Peach course. And no one likes Peach (and even less people like her metal counterpart). - lamourieparkinson

Peach Gardens is maybe the best Mario Kart course on the DS, and maybe all time. Their are so many Chain Chomps and other enemies creating difficulty at times. The turns are great for drifting, and one second you could be in first and the next you are in last. Truly a winner of a course!

All time favorite. Every turn was an exciting gambit of competitively carving the tightest corners. The strategy in Peach gardens was always the separator of the kart boyz and kart men/ kart girls and moms.

Underrated - darthvadern

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31 Dino Dino Jungle GCN

Better than DK Mountain - darthvadern

32 Mute City Wii U

I find it overrated in some ways, even though Big Blue gets all the attention - darthvadern

33 Rock Rock Mountain 3DS

Super fun! I love gliding, and mountain courses are really fun! The track is a little too short, but a great track overall

Rocks falling everywhere! The hangliding in this course is the some of the best on the 3ds. You never get tried of this course.

This is a great course! This is the big reason why I got Mario Kart 7. The sharp turns needed to do well in this course is nice, and going up the mountain is hard with all the rocks, but it is still hard. This course has the best use of the hangliders in Mario Kart 7, and deserves to be high on this list!

This is definitely my favourite track from Mario Kart 7 - darthvadern

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34 Toad's Factory Wii

Awesome course!

Toad's factory is definitely a track worth playing.

From the stompers to the items, it's perfect in anyway and everyway.

Why has this not returned yet? - Tyler730

Such a unique idea for a track! - darthvadern

I like the music!

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35 Bowser's Castle GCN

The calmest Bowser's Castle - darthvadern

heck yea

36 Delfino Square DS

This course for the DS is a blast of fun. The course has lots of shortcuts and it's good for starters. You can use a mushroom to shoot past the grass to the bridge and catch up or shroom through the dirt road. The Isle Delfino course is definitely a winner!

I love this course. It's based on Super Mario Sunshine, one of the best Mario Games ever! My favorite part of this course is the near-ending with the bridge!

The word delfino reminds me of sunshine, my second favorite Mario game

Second fave from DS - darthvadern

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37 Bowser Castle 3 GBA

I've played all Mario kart games besides DS, and this is my favorite. It being a Gameboy Advance game really makes it hard to beat. But I like the retro track on wii more. But they have more to expand with wii. But anyways, it's my favorite and it should be higher. - RocketDog5555

This is the only excellent of the flat Bowser Castle stagse (outside of the GBA BC4 as well I guess) - darthvadern

38 Electrodrome Wii U

I love this course! It's like I'm inside a speaker and it's really colorful.

The best music in Mario kart history

It's gone from overrated to overhated when it was great all the time - darthvadern

My Favorite Track, Should be in Top 10 - ChiefMudkip

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39 DK Jungle 3DS

The first course in the special cup may be the best in the game. There are frogs, and a bunch of other wild enemies. The most complete course in this game. Absolutely Perfect!

Quite awesomne track - darthvadern

40 Mount Wario 8 Wii

This should be higher up. Beautiful, amazing, and unique.

Why is this item on the list 3+ times? - darthvadern

Nintendo really outdid themselves with this track. It passes DK Mountain as my favorite Mario Kart track of all time.


41 Royal Raceway N64

I want to go on that huge ramp so badly!

Overrated honestly, outside of Peach's Castle there isn't a lot here - darthvadern

And it's one of the best to launch off. - recaller

42 Daisy Cruiser GCN

One of the best courses in Mario Kart is on Double Dash!, which is the game Daisy Cruiser is in. Furniture (and items) move along with the ship's movements so if Mario and co. aren't careful they could smash into a table! But that's just one reason it is a great, fun course!

Best course on double dash. It is easy and fun to play, and I love the shortcut by going inside the storage area on the ship. It is also fun to play with friends because it is not too hard.

Shortcut? HA! Going through the storage area is actually SLOWER. - lamourieparkinson

One of the best tracks Mario kart has ever seen-on MK7 it was even better


The 3DS version is better but the GCN one is excellent too - darthvadern

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43 Bowser's Castle Wii U

The track is a bit too overwhelming with the HD graphics but the music is AWESOME! - darthvadern

44 Wario's Gold Mine Wii

My favorite mario kart wii track and my 10 favorite track of all time.

Wario's Gold Mine should be way higher

This one's my favourite of all time - darthvadern

This track is glop. - greenshyguy

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45 Peach Beach GCN

A good generic track - darthvadern

46 Mount Wario

Probably the second best Wario track, I mean Wario gets all the excellent tracks! - darthvadern

This is number 20 on the list. It's already on.

How the hell does Mount wario not come in any higher?

Get this off the list. It's on here twice. - lamourieparkinson

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47 Cloudtop Cruise Wii U

It's is so crazy first you are on a beanstalk and then you get struck by lightning! Great soundtrack too.

I think the track is fine, but I HATE the music.

"but I HATE the music."

It's Gusty Garden Galaxy. If you don't like it, you seriously need to consider getting an exorcism. - lamourieparkinson

This track..., it's the best of the Special Cup but it's not saying much considering the Special Cup in Mario Kart 8 was very dissapointing - darthvadern

Best MK8 course in looks, how fun it is to play, and music

48 DK's Jungle Parkway N64

A fast paced course with skill needed, ideas, and mushrooms help a lot too. Hard to get first, but not too hard.

Oh come on! All N64 tracks are the best!

Just because it's N64 doesn't make it awesome. It's bland. - greenshyguy

Overhated in my opinion, I love the enviroment and jungle feel - darthvadern

49 Dry Dry Ruins WII

Certainly an interesting desert track - darthvadern

The ONLY above average desert level. - lamourieparkinson

50 Mushroom Bridge GCN

In this course you have the choice to drive on the road or take a bunch of shortcuts. I remember there greatest shortcut ever in this course in which you need 3 mushrooms, and aim. This is a very nice course!

That bridge... - darthvadern

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