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41 Bowser's Castle Wii U V 1 Comment
42 Toad's Factory Wii

Awesome course!

Toad's factory is definitely a track worth playing.

From the stompers to the items, it's perfect in anyway and everyway.

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43 Dry Dry Ruins WII
44 Mushroom Bridge GCN

In this course you have the choice to drive on the road or take a bunch of shortcuts. I remember there greatest shortcut ever in this course in which you need 3 mushrooms, and aim. This is a very nice course!

45 Mount Wario 8 Wii

This should be higher up. Beautiful, amazing, and unique.

Nintendo really outdid themselves with this track. It passes DK Mountain as my favorite Mario Kart track of all time.

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46 Banshee Boardwalk N64

This needs to be WAY higher!

My favourite in Mario kart 64 - Number18

47 Luigi Circuit DS

This should have been either Luigi Circuit GCN or GBA. Take that down!

48 Waluigi Stadium GCN

I never played the Mario Kart Double dash version, but I played the Mario Kart Wii version. This course has good music and is lots of fun because you can do tricks on the whole track.

49 DK's Jungle Parkway N64

A fast paced course with skill needed, ideas, and mushrooms help a lot too. Hard to get first, but not too hard.

Oh come on! All N64 tracks are the best!

Just because it's N64 doesn't make it awesome. It's bland. - greenshyguy

50 Electrodrome Wii U

I love this course! It's like I'm inside a speaker and it's really colorful.

The best music in Mario kart history

My Favorite Track, Should be in Top 10 - ChiefMudkip

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51 Rosalina's Ice World 3DS

Rosalina's Ice World is not the best Mario Kart 7 track, but it is really cool. And also, this is the first Mario Kart Track that Rosalina owns! Hopefully gets Rosalina her own track in Mario Kart 8. Please, Nintendo.

This track is terrible. I hate most ice and underwater levels, put them together for this track. Tough turns and freezing water, it's just not a fun track.

A hard course, where one turn is near impossible!

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52 Bowser Castle 3DS

I thought this Bowser Castle was going to be easy, but how wrong I was. This is maybe one of the hardest Bowser Castle's of all time.

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53 Choco Mountain N64
54 Thwomp Ruins Wii U

One of the most underrated tracks in Mariokart history! Epic music, beautiful setting, and ends the mushroom cup perfectly!

55 Shy Guy Bazaar 3DS
56 Rainbow Road GBA

Bouncy edges, boost pads, and the mega shortcut make it a superb track.

57 DK Summit Wii

This is the best Mario Kart track of all time in my opinion. It is one of the most designed, if not THE MOST designed track in Mario Kart Wii. At the beginning, you shoot out of a cannon and then you can perform stunts on halfpipes allowing you to skip turns if done correctly, and then you can trick off bumps and you have an S-curve which you can do shortcuts on to skip the curves. Then you use the halfpipes to avoid thick snow or Shy Guys. Then you finish the lap and get that whole experience two more times.

A very unique track in my opinion. Here are my favorites from each game.
Super Mario Kart: Rainbow Road
Mario Kart 64: Bowser's Castle
Mario Kart Super Circuit: Sky Garden
Mario Kart Double Dash: DK Mountain
Mario Kart DS: Waluigi Pinball
Mario Kart Wii: DK Summit/Snowboard Cross
Mario Kart 7: Rainbow Road
Mario Kart Wii has my favorite track, but my favorite game, however, is Double Dash.

It is very fun dodging the shy guys when coming down the mountain. Lots of fun.

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58 Rainbow Road DS

The ONLY Mario Kart track with a LOOP! Even MK8 never had a loop. My 3rd favorite Rainbow Road.

59 Mario Circuit 3 SNES
60 Wario's Gold Mine Wii

My favorite mario kart wii track and my 10 favorite track of all time.

Wario's Gold Mine should be way higher

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