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1 Waluigi Pinball

Waluigi Pinball is my favorite track not only because Waluigi gets some recognition by Nintendo, but it has iconic music, different noises for item loading, and much more!

True. It's easly the most original mario kart track in history. I mean the idea of racing inside a pinball is just outside the box and pure creativity. However these pinballs can screw up your race a lot, and so can the flippers as well, although the latter aren't as annoying. But I'd say it's in my top five at least - darthvadern

It’s definitely the best

"Hate it! Just get dizzy, it's so annoying" SHUT UP!

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2 Airship Fortress

Overall I think this one's the best. Excellent music, great setting and doesn't have a few annoying gimmicks (unlike a certain pinball stage) - darthvadern

Is cool

My favorite track not only in mario kart ds, but of all time. After playing it more recently in mario kart 7, this track never gets old to me. It brings back many great memories of super mario bros 3. The design is also perfect with plenty of tight turns, awesome obstacles and a breathtaking canon ride, as well as very awesome scenery.

This is an awesome track which I often use on VS mode. Just as the previous people said, the music is also very cool. It is one of my favorite tracks. By the way, you could use the cannon to dodge blue shells. In total, this is one of my favorite tracks in Mario Kart DS. - ORIGAMIMASTER1414

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3 Rainbow Road

Eh I don't like it that much honestly. Boring music and atmosphere overall - darthvadern

Psychedelic! I love watching how every like three seconds my screen goes dark because i've just fallen off the track! Best track ever!

a classic track from the old old mario kart that I used to play - Flyingmidget12

I love the looped loops!

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4 Tick-Tock Clock

Very overrated track, only liked because it's from Super Mario 64, I enjoy it though - darthvadern

Tick-Tock Clock is the coolest I got 1:51 as well theres not a better course than this! It's a great idea to use mario 64's stage after the DS version was released it's best and it's no. 1 no matter what

TIck Tock Clock in Mario 64 was a great idea, I am so happy they put this as a Mario Kart track

I'm do pro at this, I beat daisy on that staff record... by 3 SECONDS... Time: 1:51 seconds... beat that - SmoothCriminal

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5 Delfino Square

Such a reference to Super Mario Sunshine and a great one! - darthvadern

I think this stage is so perfect!

Delfino square from sunshine!

Love the scenery, and it's very easy, quick, and if you
Bump into the random boxes an item might fall out!

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6 Bowser's Castle

Pretty good stuff, although it's certainly one of the worse Bowser Caste tracks - darthvadern

Bowsers Castle is definitely the best track because it has every thing a mario kart racer would dream of. It has windy roads, thomps that will squish you, moving platforms that if you miss you fall in lava, and of course SHORTCUTS!

a really cool track with lots of shortcuts - decorulez97

Bowser Castle is the best track because other people can fall in the lava and get squashed by thwomps, and their staff is hard to beat.

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7 Luigi's Mansion

This is a close third in my opinion. I love the athmosphere and music, and it's such a joy to play! I think the remake is better though - darthvadern

This track may be short, but it is a lot of fun. You don't spend too much time in the mansion, but the walking trees amazed me when I first played it. This track would be #4 on my list after #1 Waluigi Pinball, #2 Tick Tock Clock, and #3 Airship Fortress.

Fun course! Watch out for the walking trees! Easily the most memorable course!

8 Cheep Cheep Beach

Very underrated as well. There's tons of variety in the beach landscape. There's boardwalk, the beach and the forest, a lot of beach tracks only have the beach but this one has all three - darthvadern

No colour cloudy sky

I don't know why DK Pass is ahead of this track. DK Pass is very boring and I hate it. This race, Cheep Cheep Beach, isn't the best. But it is better than SNES Koopa Beach. The water provides you with a lot of shortcuts.

This track is always being picked on MK8 online 😑😑😑😑 - LimePepsi25

9 Wario Stadium

So fun, you get to jump off of things and dodge things while getting mad speed. Very underrated

Although the music doesn't fit, it's a challenging track - darthvadern

This is my second favorite course on ds but choco mountain n64 was not on the list

What can I say? This track was absolutely amazing. The jumps, the boosts, the theme, the style- and best of all, the music. Made even better on MKW's custom tracks, and I hope they bring it back as a retro in MK8 (Unless it's already in MK7. Haven't played it yet)

10 Sky Garden

One of the best retros in the game - darthvadern

My favorite track in the franchise sky garden 4 life

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11 Baby Park

Forgettable retro track - darthvadern

My god, they completely ruined the spirit of this track in this remake.
Firstly, you don't complete 7 laps. You only have to do 5. Why?
Also, where's the chaos?
And because of hardware limitations, the background doesn't look that interesting.
The Mario Kart 8 remake is way better than this piece of rubbish.

Mario kart ds wasn't right

I love this track. Its the shordist thrack.

12 DK Pass

Pretty underrated snow track - darthvadern

Easily one of the best! The feeling you get whenn making that massive jump oof the cliff side is amazing! Also it got remade before most of these other tracks, that proves that Nintendo believes it's better. And one more thing, this is the only track in Mario kart history that has a secret mystery box that only gives you single mushrooms triple mushrooms or stars! It deserves higher than 9th

Waluigi pinball is very overrated, it sucks! This track is the best on Ds and third best all time. The music is amazing

This stinks. - greenshyguy

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13 Figure-8 Circuit

So unoriginal it's original honestly - darthvadern

Boring but if you like it, I respect your opinion. - Tyler730

14 Peach Gardens

One of the most underrated tracks in the game - darthvadern

15 Mario Circuit

This game's mario circuit is good - darthvadern

No! Mario Circuit 1 from SNES Mario Kart was!

This is the first track ever made in mario kart history!

16 Yoshi Circuit

Why is this the last retro track in the game? I overall find it underwhelming - darthvadern

17 Choco Mountain

Great retro track! - darthvadern

Best retro track in MKDS!

The only phenomenonal retro tracks in my opinion. - Tyler730

My cousins favorite track

18 GBA Sky Garden

Already on the list - darthvadern

19 Shroom Ridge

This one gives me Norway vibes - darthvadern

This is my favorite course in the game and my second favorite course in Mario kart history my favorite is toads factory from Mario kart wii

I didn't really care for this one... way too long for a track with very little cars in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Not a fan of shroom ridge at all

20 Yoshi Falls

Simple but calm and nice track - darthvadern

Worst nitro track in the entire game. WHY DID THEY BRING IT BACK IN Mario KART WII?!

I just voted to say it is boring.

Lazy, Boring and Pathetic

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21 Mushroom Bridge

Very underwhelming but I enjoy it I guess - darthvadern

Music is interesting, I would have liked colour in the sky though

22 Banshee Boardwalk

Spookiest track in the game, also it's retro - darthvadern

They've made this track better,it has a feel to it that can't be replenished in any other track.

23 Frappe Snowland

Very underrated retro track - darthvadern

24 Desert Hills

Kinda overhated. Sure it's a bit bland but the music is quite good - darthvadern

Rubbish course! Should be swapped with something hard like Luigi's Mansion. So lame. I don't know why they bought it back in Mario kart wii

Least Favorite Course EVUR! - greenshyguy

The desert is cool,i knew it was brought back in the wii.But nothing changed

25 Coconut Mall Coconut Mall

Didn't even exist at the time - darthvadern

There's no coconut mall on mario kart ''DS'' what dude - AnimeSucksAzz969x

26 Bowser Castle 2

Terrible, one of the worst in the game - darthvadern

27 Choco Island 2

This is an underrated track - LimePepsi25

Worst retro track in the game - darthvadern

28 Peach Circuit

Terrible retro - darthvadern

29 Moo Moo Farm

Just another bland and boring loop - darthvadern

30 Luigi Circuit

The GCN one? Well that one is quite awesome - darthvadern

31 Donut Plains 1

Very vibrant and colourful track although it lacks an interesting athmosphere - darthvadern

32 Koopa Beach 2

Best SNES track in the game - darthvadern

33 GBA Luigi Circuit

It was decent - darthvadern

34 SNES Mario Circuit 1

Eh, I'm neutral to it even though it's last - darthvadern

The original SNES version of this track was way BETTER! - IHaveSynthEyeZ9000

The original S.N.E.S. version of this track was WAY BETTER! - IHaveSynthEyeZ9000

The SNES version of this track was WAY better! - IHaveSynthEyeZ9000

I don't exactly know. It was my favorite on the SNES but on the DS version, my opinion changed. - IHaveSynthEyeZ9000

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