Mario Kart Wii


This game has the:
Best Desert Track: Dry Dry Ruins
Best Snow Track: DK Summit
Most Unique and Fun track with a not-so-unique and fun name: Maple Treeway
First Wario Track not having to do with stadiums or colosseums:Wario's Goldmine
Unique Ideas for Tracks: bouncing mushrooms, Coconut Mall, a factory, volcano with portions falling off as you progress, Koopa Cape.
Mario Kart Wii also has the best Bowser's Castle. I'm not telling you or arguing. All of what I said was my opinion (obviously). I didn't mention other types of tracks as categories. Some of you might think that it has the best Rainbow Road and the best highway track, but not me.

This is probably the best Mario Kart I have ever played. This is even better than double dash! It has a great selection of new and old tracks, and has the best character roster! The music from this game is probably great too! This is also a very nostalgic game, as I used to play it as a kid always. The online communication features were very revolutionary for a Mario Kart game. The only thing I dislike about this game is some items: The? Block, which is just a copy/paste of a banana. Also, the thundercloud, possibly the worst item I have ever witnessed. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Wii WiFi has shut down, and not even Mario Kart Wii still has the online features?

The parts I think are the best from this game above all of the other Mario kart games is the advanced physics (wheelies, inside drift, low tricks, multiple types of tricks, an abundance of shortcuts on every track) and CTGP, a fan-made feature that adds 218 extra tracks to the game, most of which are excellent, some even above nintendo level, and allows you to play these tracks online. There is also a item setting called Item Rain, which is very very fun playing against other people, as it is very chaotic (with items raining from the sky). I feel like the newer mario kart games (8, 8 deluxe) lack in advanced strategy. The tracks in mario kart 8 all limit fun shortcuts, and the kart and bike physics are not as fun to use as mario kart wii's inside drift.

I have played every game except for Super Mario Kart, and double dash. In my opinion this game was one of the most fun in the series to me, and is my personal favorite. I personally do not mind the controls, and I think that the controls add to the over all experience of the game. Which is why I vote for this game over the others in the series.

Mario Kart Wii is virtually perfect, featuring excellent racing, a brilliant selection of characters, wonderful karts, beautifully designed courses, great battle modes and fantastic graphics and music. A classic of video gaming.

Just put that stupid steering wheel peripheral away and replace it with a Gamecube controller and this Mario Kart is awesome! Seriously, though, the steering wheel just made it harder to drive. - Mcgillacuddy

This game gets very frustrating at times (when you're about to win the race but a blue shell hits you, then a red shell, then a lightning strike, then a pow block, then someone knocks you off a cliff) but it is still fun! - marble

In my opinion, this was the best game is the franchise. Great character roster, good selection of stages and a lot of replay value if you plan on unlocking all the characters and karts. - dbret12

I think this game definitely has the best new tracks (the retro track selections I was a bit disappointed in). Maple Treeway, DK Summit, Mushroom Gorge, Bowser's Castle, Coconut Mall, Grumble Volcano. I like those tracks probably more than any other Mario Kart track in all of Mario Kart history.

What makes this game great? Easy.

1. Creative tracks: Rainbow Road is challenging and amazing, Maple Treeway is beautiful, Coconut Mall is really creative, Moonview Highway is hard and great music, Daisy Circuit has great a great landscape and music etc.

2. Best Mario Kart roster: 26 characters, all the most important characters are here, two Miis allow to play as your own character, Baby Daisy and Dry Bowser are here but honestly I don't mind it (they have sense unlike Baby Rosalina).

3. More hard and challenging: Easy games gets boring after a while.

4. An improved online: A REAL online, the Mario Kart DS one was too experinental.

5. Bikes: for the first time, we have more than karts!

6. Realistic gameplay: this also teach you how to drive.

The best Mario Mart game (along with DD and Deluxe... can't choose). - DaisyandRosalina

I had a lot of fun playing this game and unlocking the characters. This game will always hold a special place in my heart, which may or may not be a popular opinion.

I've got a lot of nostalgia for this game and it's way better than Mario Kart 8! The mechanics seem more down to Earth in this game and Mario Kart 8 just feels gimmicky and modern.

This is the best Mario Kart game ever. They have the best characters selection, the best karts, awesome soundtrack, awesome tracks and awesome Battle Mode.

Without a doubt the best Mario Kart of all time. Everything works, the incredible steering mechanism, the courses, the characters, and the karts.

A lot of people hated wifi but I actually enjoyed it. Mostly good stages. Few bad ones. Good items except thunder cloud liked bikes and tricks

Best character is donkey Kong. Best bike or kart is Mach bike and wario bike. Best course is donkey Kong mountain

How is Double Dash ahead of this? This game is amazing. Also has much better controls and tracks. Also has better characters.

Good mario kart game, but the graphics are crap. I am not saying its crap, or that I judge by graphics, it could just be better.

8 is great and all but this was my first one and I will always remember those friendships that were ruined by this game.

Is and always will be the best, with the most gorgeous graphics and the most fun and challenging courses.

Mario Kart Wii was incredibly controlled and precise with the addition of the inside-drifting bikes (not sure if I like that or not). Its models looked kind of "plastic" and overly shiny. Not saying it's a bad game (it has a big modding community, which I like)!

This is definitely the most fun for me because it has a lot of the best tracks and never gets too boring - Ajkloth

Mario kart wii has great tracks and kart and tons of unlockables

Mario Kart Wii has the best graphics including the badass Bowser Castle. End of story.

This game is the reason bikes on Mario kart exist