Top Ten Best Mario Kart Track Ideas

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1 Cloud Circuit

It could have cloud mushrooms that you could bounce on, and I just love the cloud flower. Course Character: Lakitu

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2 Kingdom Of Flames

The track could have those boulders coming down the entire time. There would be a maze section of fire. CC: Bowser Jr.

3 Mountain Trail

It could take place on a mountain trail, hence the name. The track itself could be like Yoshi Valley. Course Character: Donkey Kong

4 Honeybee Hive

It would be like the battle course, just made into a track! CC: Honey Queen (CC stands for Course Character)

5 Frostbite Fields

Another ice course. The ice would'nt be slippery, so it's actually fun. It would have jumps like the ones on DK Jungle. CC: Rosalina

6 Icicle Caverns

I am really a fan of ice themed tracks and I really like this. This course should be on the top spot.P. S My favorite character is Toad.

It would be like Sherbet Land but only in a cave. Those penguins could be everywhere. CC: Toad

7 Yoshi Village

A course around a Yoshi's Island. Its basically a village. It would be at night, with Yoshi's around the side. CC: Yoshi! Who else!?

8 Glider Gulley

A course based around the glider. There would be gliding sections like Maka Wuhu's end. CC: Yoshi

9 Daisy Mountains

We already have Daisy Hills I don't think making a mountains version is useful + it does NOT fit Daisy. Better take Lakitu or DK

10 Mushroom Mountain

A more hardcore verison of Mushroom Gorge with moving Bouncy Mushrooms and lots of bridges with goombass. It'll be set in the sky with thunder clouds everywhere.

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11 Metal Canyon

It would be inside a canyon with cave sections now and then. Boulders would drop down at the end part. CC: Metal Mario

12 Airship Castle

Basically, a course like Airship Fortress. What else to say... Um... Cheese?

13 GCN Dino Dino Mountains Remake

GCN Dino Dino Jungle has been broke by metirods and half of the track is broke. The Blue dinosaur is still there but walks faster. The bridge paths after the dinosaurs feet has more boost panels but broken edges. The cave is flooding but has one less water spout. Then everything else is the same just with broken parts

You are saying that this track can be harder than original

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14 Dino Egg Caverns
15 Good Egg Galaxy
16 Crystal Cavern
17 Acorn Plains Way

A design of the First course in New Super Mario Bros U.

18 Dry Bones Sewer
19 Spaceport R.O.B
20 Ice Cream Raceway

This course is based off a micro game from warioware DIY and is a combination of gamecube's sherbet land and wii u's sweet sweet canyon. You start off with people cheering you on and pit stops by the side and some turns begins an icy section with spiders and shy guys to spin you out there are some underwater and antigravity sections. Next, a cave and an underwater section with spiders to knock you out. Then pipe cannon and a gliding section. Then a few turns, a loop, you glide and back to the start.

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