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Cloud Circuit

I think, that this list isn't original. This needs more original ideas, as I've created a Mario kart from scratch, I can share some ideas. Sugar Land: From Wreck it Ralph, with antigravity on chocolate, gobstopers, drive up a candy waterfall, glide to dots, go to bottlecap mountain, ride on gummies, underwater through liquid candy. stuff like that. 2: Koopadome: Start on an epic waterslide that goes downhill, and into a pool frozen with anti-freezer as you avoid goombas in tubes. Continue to a picnic area and anti grav up the stairs and glide to the start. On lap one, the pool is frozen, lap two, it breaks and underwater happens as the goombas fall of the tubes and in the water, and on lap three, it would turn into a wavepool, with trickable waves. If you want some more ideas, I don't have an account but I'd be happy to post un a thread titles Top Ten Ideas for Nitro Tracks in Mario Kart 9. This list wasn't bad, but it could be improved.

It could have cloud mushrooms that you could bounce on, and I just love the cloud flower. Course Character: Lakitu

You could put the clouds like mushrooms and awesome idea

They have a similar course called cloud top cruise

Plessie River

Have you ever thought of a Mario Kart track with Plessie? You could be driving on a river with tons of Plessies swimming around and jumping in the air as obstacles. That would be could, in my opinion

That sounds very cool!

Honeybee Hive

It would be like the battle course, just made into a track! CC: Honey Queen (CC stands for Course Character)

this was a battle course in mario kart 7

Kingdom Of Flames

The track could have those boulders coming down the entire time. There would be a maze section of fire. CC: Bowser Jr.

Yoshi Village

A course around a Yoshi's Island. Its basically a village. It would be at night, with Yoshi's around the side. CC: Yoshi! Who else!?

It could be be like the Ewok village.

Mountain Trail

It could take place on a mountain trail, hence the name. The track itself could be like Yoshi Valley. Course Character: Donkey Kong

Frostbite Fields

Another ice course. The ice would'nt be slippery, so it's actually fun. It would have jumps like the ones on DK Jungle. CC: Rosalina

Icicle Caverns

I am really a fan of ice themed tracks and I really like this. This course should be on the top spot.P. S My favorite character is Toad.

It would be like Sherbet Land but only in a cave. Those penguins could be everywhere. CC: Toad

Mushroom Mountain

A more hardcore verison of Mushroom Gorge with moving Bouncy Mushrooms and lots of bridges with goombass. It'll be set in the sky with thunder clouds everywhere.

Glider Gulley

A course based around the glider. There would be gliding sections like Maka Wuhu's end. CC: Yoshi

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Daisy Mountains

We already have Daisy Hills I don't think making a mountains version is useful + it does NOT fit Daisy. Better take Lakitu or DK

Waluigi Colosseum
Metal Canyon

It would be inside a canyon with cave sections now and then. Boulders would drop down at the end part. CC: Metal Mario

Airship Castle

Basically, a course like Airship Fortress. What else to say... Um... Cheese?

GCN Dino Dino Mountains Remake

GCN Dino Dino Jungle has been broke by metirods and half of the track is broke. The Blue dinosaur is still there but walks faster. The bridge paths after the dinosaurs feet has more boost panels but broken edges. The cave is flooding but has one less water spout. Then everything else is the same just with broken parts

You are saying that this track can be harder than original

This sounds really cool!

Make it happen

Good Egg Galaxy
World 1-1

Yeah OK this could be.

I think about this track the same way as I think about Bob-Omb Battlefield: both are maps that are SO well known that they should appear in Mario Kart, but they probably won't

Dino Egg Caverns

A classic from Yoshis Island.

Toad Stadium

From Paper Mario TTYD! Imagine speeding through rogueport, falling into the sewers for a shortcut, getting on a glider to go to glitzville. I would imagine this would be similar to Mount Wario and such, where each lap is different.

CC : Paper Mario (New)

Crystal Cavern
Dry Bones Sewer
Wario Casino
Mushroom University

Imagine a track in a University and driving around campus, and driving inside the library, and maybe in the stadium, and well everything that goes on in college can be included in the track somehow. It would be great and a fun course to drive on.

A really interesting and cool idea!

Mario Kart-Wash
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