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21 World 1-1

I think about this track the same way as I think about Bob-Omb Battlefield: both are maps that are SO well known that they should appear in Mario Kart, but they probably won't

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22 Yoshi's Nose
23 Greater Vancouver Raceway

Mario Kart is NOT the same as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 2010!

24 Mario & Tails Circuit
25 Bowser Raceway

This race could start on a normal raceway. Goombas, koopas, hammer bros and shyguys would be cheering you on. You can't drift too much or you will fall into lava that's on both sides of the track. There is no water or any gliding sections but there is one antigravity section where you have to avoid falling fire balls that leave behind a trail of lava

26 Rainbow Ride

This really is an unique name...

27 Lazy Jumpers
28 Broken Building

A track of a broken building would look nice in Mario Kart. First, you would go up a crane, after which you land on top of the building. You race from the top to the bottom, while avoiding gaps, tools and other stuff. Pinheads could be used as ramps, or gaps to fly over using a glider, and there wouldn't be any ramp or something, so you fly with no boost or anything. Anti-Gravity would fit the track really well, racing on the ceilings. And when you are back at the bottom, you start the second lap!
This was my own idea I got lots more all of them will be posted here one or the other day.

29 DK Town

DK tracks have always been awesome: DK Mountain, DK Summit, DK Jungle, DK Jungle Parkway and DK Pass. This results in 2 Jungle tracks and 3 Mountain tracks. So next would be a Jungle track, right?
It would look a bit like Barrel Town from Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, but not completely. You start in downtown DK Town. After racing a bit through the town and its buildings, which have typical characteristics of an ethnic tribe living in the jungle, you are crossing a broken bridge which makes you drive in a river. The river leads you far far away into the jungle. In the jungle, you can do anti-gravity racing on trees, or using fallen branches as ramps. At the end, another river brings you back to town, the river ending in a lake and the surrounding rocks are ramps. Then in DK Town a bit of rooftop-racing and back to the finish line. It could be 3 or less laps, since it might be a long track.

Your description sounds a bit like Wild Woods from Mario Kart 8 which was one of the best tracks ever but if this would look like that track I would definitely love it!

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30 Toad Stadium
31 Wario Casino
32 Waluigi Colosseum
33 Baby Daycare Center
34 Mushroom University

Imagine a track in a University and driving around campus, and driving inside the library, and maybe in the stadium, and well everything that goes on in college can be included in the track somehow. It would be great and a fun course to drive on.

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