Best Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks


The Top Ten

1 GCN Yoshi Curicut

Yoshi Circuit is awesome! It looks like a real track!

They shouldn't have put it in the ds version

2 Sacred Fogcoast
3 Six King Labyrinth

I love this track but I am surprised Incendia Castle isn' up here.

4 Sunset Ridge

Mushroom Gorge+Rock Rock Mountain=Sunset Ridge

Sunset ridge is awesome vote for it please

5 GCN Mushoom Bridge
6 Delfino Island

But what are custom tracks?

Custom tracks are tracks from other consoles from Mario Kart games.

7 Volcanic Skyway Versions 3 & 4
8 Lunar Spaceway

How is this not better than bigbox. Is this a joke?

9 Codename: BIGBOX


10 Halogen Highway

The Newcomers

? Dragonite's Island

Probably one of the best and easy to play custom tracks out there.

The Contenders

11 Disco Fever

Best custom track

12 GBA Bowser Castle 1
13 Whomp's Fortress
14 District 64

It's supposed to be District 65.

15 River of Dreams
16 Heart of China

I know the guy that made this course

17 DS Waluigi Pinball

Love it want to see it in Mario kart 9

18 SNES Choco Island 2
19 SM64 Castle Grounds
20 Punch City 2

Moonview Highway.

21 Jungle Island
22 Desert Strip
23 Aquadrome Stage
24 Castle of Darkness

It's my favorite, very fun to play, and it looks cool, and it's polished, and there are shortcuts and alternate routes, it's got everything.

25 Melting Magma Melee

It's very fun, complicated, crazy, and fun at the same time, and there's a cool shortcut at the end. Second Favorite after Castle of Darkness.

26 GCN Daisy Gardens

NOT Daisy garden, but Daisy gardens.

27 Rush City Run
28 Seaside Resort
29 Wetland Woods
30 Super Sky Courtyard
31 GBA Riverside Park
32 Sparkly Road
33 GCN Wario Colosseum

It's my favorite from Double Dash and was so lovingly recreated

34 Candy Mountains
35 Nightmare to Dream World

Get all the feels here.

36 Undiscovered Offlimit
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