This song should be top 2. Either in front of or after She Will Be Loved. Either way, I don't understand why Payphone and Moves Like Jagger are in the top 3. They are just pop hits, and don't have much meaning in them, at least not as much as some of Maroon 5's other songs, like This Love, or like Won't Go Home Without You.

This song is great when my friend play it in his phone then I said I like that song can you play it again then I download it on my phone then I always play that song for several times I really like this song maybe "Misery" is in first haha just joking!

Maroon 5 Song Misery Is My Favourite. That Song's Video Is Very Interesting. 5 Members In The Maroon 5. My Favourite Is Adam Levine The Song Maker That Song Moves Like Jagger Is Also The Good Song Of Maroon 5. I Love Maroon 5 And There Members.

This song is really talking about Adam Levine getting his life hurt and broken up with his girlfriend and he must've felt hurt in his music video and its hilarious and weird. VOTE.

This song is so awesome because it uses computer generated sounds, but still makes it sound good. Maroon five is probably my favorite band in all of pop culture, even though they aren't really pop

Misery has a catchy lyrical base with a deep instrumental tie. Its catchy chorus brings together all maroon 5 elements with an amazing bass guitar presence.

Misery is an awesome song. I loved it from the moment I first heard it. Adam's awesome :D Misery is my favorite song. I can't live without M5. :D

It's the Best Maroon 5 Song for me. Because you can play it whenever your sad or happy. Because The play of the song is fast and the title is MISERY :D

Best song of maroon 5 ever.. I heart Adam Levine's awesome voice and the video was superb as well (although I'd rather kick that girl's a$$! )


... EVER! I love this song. I could listen to it all day and it still wouldn't get old! How could any song be better than this one?

My Opinion but this is The Best Maroon 5 Song For sure!

Maroon 5 I really like them and Misery is one of the reasons. - Curti2594

Awesome song...gal you really got me bad..really got me bad.AM GONNA GET YOU BACK, GONNA GET YOU BACK. Awesome

Its their second best song... the first is surely She Will Be Loved. - SmootherCriminal

Story of my life... makes me think of the first guy I told that I loved him

This song is probably the best and the more I play the more I love it.

This song pocks I hope some day it will make the top carts

Awesome music. Great beats. Makes you wanna crack a move!

One of the best maroon 5 songs... A real treat to the ears

Third best song maroon 5 has made it is so incredible.

This song is amazing adam has a great voice

It's my most favorite song! I just love it...

Superb absolutely out of this world!

It is the best song I have ever heard. I liked it from the moment I heard it much better than she will be loved. Maroon5 is the best band ever. Moves like a Jagger is good too.

What this song don't deserve top 10

This song is by far the best song from maroon 5.
It has tells an awesome story and has a really amazing music