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21 Shiver Shiver V 2 Comments
22 Through with You Through with You

This song is so real to me. Makes me think a lot about myself in relationships and how hard it must be sometimes to be with me.

So deep and dark. These is how all Maroon 5 songs should look like.

By far the best

23 Stutter Stutter

This song should be 5 instead of 15, everyone needs to vote this song up to the Top 10! I mean seriously this song is awesome with just listening to it one time you'll fall in love with it

My god this song is incredible. Underrated, but so damn beautiful, so catchy, so sincere - it has that rare quality of being something you can feel deeply, and also something you can hear casually. Jeez, this should 100% be top 10 - no, scratch that, top 5! 10/10, Maroon 5!

, this song is about the best song by Maroon 5! I definitely think it should be in the Top 10! It has a really good beat and I just love Adam Levin's voice, strongly recommended song

One of the best non-mainstream Maroon 5 songs of all time! So goood!

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24 Secret Secret

Love Adam's voice in this song, the slow rhythm makes me crazy whenever I listen to this and the guitar has been used beautifully.

Underrated. That's all I want to say, but I have to put in more to have minimum number of words met.

What?! This needs to being the top 15 at least! It's a very good song, trust me, once you listen to it, you'll love it.

Just awesome!

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25 Sad Sad

Are you guys serious? This is by far the most compelling and heart-breaking song in their history. Simple and sweetwuth that grit,

This is definitely a song that is really unappreciated. This is one of Marron 5's best songs period should really be up there.

This song is such a gritty, heart-wrenching song, with just enough passion and heartbreak to tug on those little floating threads of misery. This song is beautiful, and GOD I wish they would write more songs like this.

25! no way this song should be in top 5 at least! Most heart touching song by maroon 5 ❤

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26 Just a Feeling Just a Feeling

This song is too underrated (it doesn't even have it's own music video, and maroon 5 don't sing this in their concerts) But it's the best song for me, with all the emotion placed into this song. Definitely should be in the top 10.

Totally enjoyed this song! My kinda music. And Adam's voice

Now this song, is just beautiful. I'm really surprised that it isn't in the Top 10. The lyrics are incredible and great overall feel. A really great song from Hands All Over.

Why Fans Maroon 5? This is very total GOOD SONG! Come on VOTE VOTE VOTE Up to top 10.

V 9 Comments
27 Nothing Lasts Forever Nothing Lasts Forever

This song should be in top 10. My most favorite besides payphone

My favorite song from them. It gives me the loving memories of our past, it also gives you a lesson you will carry.

After I broke up with my long distance realtionship, this song make me feel so alive. The music, the lyric. I'm feeling alive

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28 Back at Your Door Back at Your Door

The melody to this song is amazing. It's an absolutely beautiful maroon 5 song. Super underrated, try listening to it!

This song is one of Maroon 5's least popular songs, but by far one of the most beautiful.

Sounds amazing! Should be in top ten.

29 Goodnight Goodnight Goodnight Goodnight

Good song, quite well written lyrics, and of course, the tune makes it one of the better Maroon 5 songs... Maybe not the best, but definitely in the top 5.

Very sorrowful song especially if you've seen the music video. You can get the message, "Choose carefully in making relationships"

I'm listening to the song while I write this comment. It is an awesome song.

My childhood favourite song. At least amazing.

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30 Sweetest Goodbye Sweetest Goodbye

This should be on top 10, less pop, but an intense song, vocals and the guitar are awesomely correlated

The way Adam sings this song is so brilliant, it touches you suddenly after all the creepy songs randomly selected by your winamp..

You've to watch their in fryday 13th when they're sing this lovely song. Its make me wanna cry to think it.

31 I Can't Lie I Can't Lie

It has some nice and epic rhythm. It's so jazzy and so feels good especially for a good outlook on a very good day. I wonder why, but Maroon 5 has just did some thing they can't lie

This song is amazing. A really nice song to listen to anytime and sing along to. Great background vocals as well..

Awesome song really love it... The guitar is played so well and adams voice is great!

Makes me happy when I listen to it

32 Story Story

One of the most addictive songs I have heard so far. FANTASTIC

It's definitely good. Try to listen to it.

Amazing listen to this song youll love it so much its so awesome and the best maroon 5 song. IT IS GOD


33 Better That We Break Better That We Break

I'm listening to this now - AND I CANNOT BELIEVE that it's 32nd? I mean, god this song is just heart-wrenchingly, painfully beautiful. This should be top 15th at least. Come on, guys!

Weird connection, the first time I heard this song I was in Ingles, as soon as I heard it I knew it was Maroon 5, Maroon 5 rocks!

This is the best song about letting go the person you love for everyone'e goodness! Here's some inspiring lines from the song:

I'm not fine, I'm in pain
It's harder everyday
Maybe we're better off this way

It represents his pain when he has to breakup with his girlfriend.
In conclusion, best song ever! Its tune is catchy, and the lyrics is relate-able. This song should be on #1!

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34 Not Falling Apart Not Falling Apart

One of the best Maroon 5 song's, I can't believe it's not even on the list here! It's a really good song and Adam for a change sings in a deep voice. The lyrics have a ton of meaning, and it is so good.

I love the chorus. It's really powerful:

"And now I can't walk, I can't talk anymore since you walked out the door. And now I'm stuck, living out that night again, I'm not falling apart".

I love, love, love, love, LOVE it.

Good song for hardcore Maroon 5 fans

Better than other creeps! You guys should listen before judging this! A GREAT SONG to be honest

Good, song if you like a fast chorus but slow melody.

Great song!

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35 The Sun The Sun

Come on people, this song was never really played in the radio but it's maroon 5's best song... Their first 2 albums were incredible and made them better than any pop band at the time, now they're just another pop band - fidelcanojr

Best Maroon 5 solo, james valentine make magic with his guitar in that song, top 10

This is the most majestic song ever, breaking from the usual M5 mediocrity. This should be the best song ever, among Sunday Morning, She Will Be Loved and This Love. The third and the succeeding albums are nowhere. I was a huge fan of them before but since Moves Like Jagger became a hit song I threw up.

Best song on Songs About Jane

V 8 Comments
36 Beautiful Goodbye Beautiful Goodbye

This song should at least be in the top 20. Beautiful song.

Are you guys kidding me? Oh! C'mmon this song deserve to be on top... Best song from M5

Maroon 5 got me by this one! I think it deserves on the top ten list. It is indeed super cool and heart whelming song of them! So great!

TOP 15, GUYS! COME ON - This song is beautiful, and sweet, and just such a butterfly, if you know what I mean.

V 21 Comments
37 Tickets Tickets

I like TicketS. Just thinking that It should be higher

This song is so dang catchy. And not to mention a perfect song to capture an emotion. Should be rated higher.

I love this song. Should be MUCH higher.

Tickets is lit

V 2 Comments
38 My Heart Is Open My Heart Is Open V 1 Comment
39 Hands All Over

Really underrated song... It has a really unique vibe to it that is really upbeat and lively. People are talking about Maroon 5 selling out to pop, but this song is really proof that they still have their own individuality and quirkiness.

Best maroon5 song how is this 34 this should be 1 and is definitely the coolest and strongest song

Great song, off their last album before they completely sold out

40 How How


Some memorable lines:

"I'm asking for your help. I am going through hell. Afraid nothing can save me but the sound of your voice"


"Why does the one you love become the one who makes you want to cry? "


"No I don't understand the meaning of love, I do not mind if I die trying".

This song is seriously so intense, emotional and beautiful! Vote it up, this is a song for the true Maroon 5 fans

This could not be perfect, perfect sound but it for sure got best lyrics ever, you can't place this, should deserve a list itself. Listen to it when you're down for breakup. Cry. Damn cry. It just describes your story and your feelings. Best maroon song Ever.

This song is gorgeous! I really think that it should be at least in top 20. The lyrics is so meaningful (esp when you just had a broken heart. I did think at first the lyrics is so nerve wrecking, but in the end I totally fell into it. Good song indeed

Honestly my favourite song of all time - never gets old. I only wish more people are lucky enough to hear it.

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