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41 Hands All Over

Really underrated song... It has a really unique vibe to it that is really upbeat and lively. People are talking about Maroon 5 selling out to pop, but this song is really proof that they still have their own individuality and quirkiness.

Best maroon5 song how is this 34 this should be 1 and is definitely the coolest and strongest song

Great song, off their last album before they completely sold out

42 How


Some memorable lines:

"I'm asking for your help. I am going through hell. Afraid nothing can save me but the sound of your voice"


"Why does the one you love become the one who makes you want to cry? "


"No I don't understand the meaning of love, I do not mind if I die trying".

This song is seriously so intense, emotional and beautiful! Vote it up, this is a song for the true Maroon 5 fans

This could not be perfect, perfect sound but it for sure got best lyrics ever, you can't place this, should deserve a list itself. Listen to it when you're down for breakup. Cry. Damn cry. It just describes your story and your feelings. Best maroon song Ever.

This song is gorgeous! I really think that it should be at least in top 20. The lyrics is so meaningful (esp when you just had a broken heart. I did think at first the lyrics is so nerve wrecking, but in the end I totally fell into it. Good song indeed

Honestly my favourite song of all time - never gets old. I only wish more people are lucky enough to hear it.

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43 The Way I Was

This really should've been left on the original track listing for "It Won't Be Soon Before Long." The music itself is fantastic; I love how the band just jams out at the end, and it's a good song to sing along with. A very, very, very underrated song.

44 Feelings

To those saying the lyrics in the song are beautiful, are we listening to the same song. Even with with a few ideal word changes this wouldn't be a beautiful song, just a fun one. And even though I'm not a huge fan of disco/dance-rock type songs, the instrumental is still pretty catchy. But saying "going so high we mess the sky" and "if you want me take me home and let me use you" is not in any way a good thing. Maroon 5 is arguably the best band of our generation but this song doesn't show it. Such disappointing garbage from one of my favorites.

This is their worst song ever. I can't believe Maroon 5 would record a song with these awful of lyrics and that much autotune in the chorus. So disappointing.

I love this one, it shouldn't be this far from the top ones!


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45 Not Coming Home

Am I really the only one out here who loves this one? It just sounds so powerful and the guitar in it is awesome. - hellome

Too low. Way too low. Amazing guitar and vocals in it. It has a sort of funky sound to it.

What? The guitar on this is just addicting. What are you people doing?

Good guitar song

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46 Runaway

Come on! This song should be on the top 10 list, not 23rd! Vote it up! This song is so catchy and awesome! My favorite part is then Adam says, "I'm taking time to think it I don't think its fair for us to turn around and say goodbye. "

Great Song, extremely enjoyable and fun; probably one of the best Maroon 5 songs of all time!

! This is my favorite Maroon 5 song EVER! The tune is great and come on he is so sexy in the music video! The lyrics are meaningful and deep. VOTE!

Amazing lyrics amazing video and the magical voice of adam levine. This should be in top 20 I just love it.

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47 The Air That I Breathe

I can't believe how this song didn't make the top 10. It's one of their most beautiful songs; it perfectly describes how relationships end because people don't realize how much the other person means to them until it is too late. Take a look a these lyrics, "I figured what it is all about.
It's you that I could never live without.
Your everything,
The air that I breathe.
Stupid not to know it all along,
And everything I ever did was wrong.
Sadly it's too late for sorry. "
These lyrics combined with the song's melancholic tune thoroughly illustrates how people realize too late that they can't live without another person. It really brings out the saying "you don't know what you have until it's gone"

I love this song but awesome and inspiration for my live thank's

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48 If I Ain't Got You

This cover is absolutely amazing. I love listening to it whenever I can!

49 Until You're Over Me

Such a good song, has really good lyrics and I like it. It's kinda sad though too, but still great Maroon 5 stuff


50 Cold

The beat is just legendary

51 No Curtain Call

"No Curtain Call" is extremely epic... It's the type of thing you'd hear in a movie. It's really great. It's definitely one of my favorite Maroon 5 songs because it's so different from their usual stuff. It's really great. I mean, I like listening to songs where they can have multiple meanings like this one, it's so creative and I love listening to it.

Its one of the most unique songs I've ever heard by maroon5.. It's not something I would have expected of them it's REALLY good. It gives adam the opportunity to show how great his voice can sound.

I love Maroon 5 so much...but No Curtain Call is my favorite song by them. It sounds like the group did back in 2002, but still has that touch of modern. If you get what I'm saying.

This is the best song in the world ahh it reminds me of so many memories, the guy who I loved l,my teenage years and everything.what would I do without this song! - pouria_mt

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52 The Man Who Never Lied

Honestly until scrolling through this site is never heard this before. Now that I have, I think it's definitely a top ten song.

"i was the man who never lied... "
Great song the beats are great, come on vote this song people

Amazing song and so catchy it is epic and I'm addicted to it!

I've been looking for this song, and I cannot believe it barely made top 50. DUDE. THIS SONG IS AWESOME.

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53 Losing My Mind

This is my absolute FAVORITE Maroon 5 song. The piano is gorgeous and the sound of Adam Levine's voice is incredible. The lyrics have so much meaning... Beautiful song.

How isn't this song at least in the top 15? The meaning is absolute..

One of my most favorite M5 songs for sure..

54 Don't Wanna Know

Who added this song to the list? Maroon 5 have been going downhill lately and "Don't Wanna Know" is a sign that they have finally lost the plot. It sounds very similar to all the other pop music that is dominating the charts at the moment and is an example of the dreadful repetitive music that people seem to be listening to these days. I am especially disappointed in Kendrick Lamar for his lazy contribution to this song. I had a lot of respect for him after producing some great albums, notably "To Pimp A Butterfly" which is probably the best rap album of our era. All in all, this is a terrible song for Maroon 5 and I hope it isn't a sign of things to come for this band. - Tomthebeast

Seriously? I like the song, but this sounds like the lead single from an Adam Levine solo album more than a Maroon 5 album. Between this, "This Summer's Gonna Hurt" and "Feelings", Maroon 5 have seriously become a mess since signing with Interscope Records. They need to write their own stuff again instead of hiring pop writers.

Love This song.

My favorite. Also, the music video is hilarious. - Trollsfan536

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55 Lost Stars

This song should at least be at top 5. Have you not even listened to it guys? This song is amazing! Smooth song, beautiful lyrics, and good rhythm. And the best part is his wonderful and continuous head voice. guys really?

This song is one of the newer ones from Adam Levine, but it is definitely one of his best. Listen to this song full blast, it's absolutely breathtaking.

This song is perfect! I suggest you to listen to it and also watching "begin Again (2013)" starring Adam Levine.

This should be second behind she will be loved

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56 Last Chance

Top 10 song for sure! How the hell is this 29th. Listen to it and Vote!

Amazing. I already voted for curtain calls but I couldn't pass on without leaving a comment - pouria_mt

This is one of my favorites, it should be in the best 20!

Great song, it catches your attention from beggining to ending. It has a different rhythm that will surprise you!

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57 Wipe Your Eyes

I was crying when I was listening to this song, and I was yelling, "Hey, Adam! I'm crying! I thought you'd wipe my eyes or somethin'! " Kidding aside, OH MY GOD PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS SONG. This is like, the best Maroon 5 song I've ever listened to. Such relatable lyrics, and the melody is sick. Vote up! Wipe Your Eyes for the win. M/

For the Sake Of Jesus Listen it and vote for it! It Should be there in the top 10! Please Listen and Vote 4 This Song! "Hey You, come on Let me Embrace You" So Catchy Lines I LOVE IT

One of the best maroon 5 songs of all time. Outstanding melody with palpable lyrics. Wipe tears from my eyes.

Severely underrated :( definitely one of the best

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58 Infatuation V 2 Comments
59 Ragdoll

Best deluxe song on their album - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

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60 Out of Goodbyes

One of the best country songs out there. Just the first line, it has already won my favor.

Don't you love Lady Antebellum... best song of Maroon 5

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