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81 This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a MotherF****r

I'm in love with this song! But why is it in 55 place? :(

This is their second worst song ever. The lyrics are too vulgar, lazily written and borderline nonsensical. The chorus hardly has anything to do with the verses. Pretty sure V contains my top 5 least favorite songs from them. So disappointing. Even Overexposed was a great album despite its poppiness. V has more good than bad in it but it's still a disappointing release from arguably the best band of our generation.

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82 Tangled

62 what the heck! This song is... Like their best song! Too good and Adam's voice is damn too cool should be at least in top 3

Dang! Why this song on 62. listen to this first

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83 Fortune Teller

This song! This is really awesome! Definitely should be in the top 3! I catch myself singing it all day.

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84 Little of Your Time

It is supposed 2 be on no. 1

I have no idea how this hasn't made the list
extremely catchy song with a great tune!

85 Kiss
86 Ladykiller

This song is awesome! At least top 20!

This song is good enough it's should top 30

87 Kiwi

I love dis song

A good simple song.

Eh I have no dea

Not a big fan - courier28

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