Sunday Morning


This poll is biased because all of the votes are from new Maroon 5 fans who don't know anything about this amazing band SUNDAY MORNING is one of Maroon 5's greatest songs it deserves to be on the top 3 unlike Moves Like Jagger which is a great song but isn't a classic Maroon 5 song
1. She Will Be Loved
2. This Love
3. Sunday Morning

I have been listening to their songs over since I was little. It seems that every time they come out with a new song it ends up on the radio. BUT THIS SONG DEFINITELY MADE THEM MY FAVORITE BAND. I love all their catchy ones like This love and Makes me wonder too, but this one will always remain one of my favorites of all time

This song has such great vocals, beat, and lyrics. Sunday Morning just has a vibe that makes me happy. It shows what love can do and how people are longing for great times w/ lovers. Adam also hits great notes that are perfect with the beat.
P.S. to all the people saying that I miss the old Maroon 5, this song and also Moves Like Jagger (With Christina Agulara) & Payphone (With Wiz Khalifa) are boss songs. They both showcase talent of Maroon 5!

This song is amazing, it helped me through a relationship. It showed me that times get tough, but that I need to remember the good in the relationship and not the bad. It focuses on the little things of the relationship: fighting over covers, waking up next to the one you love, it's their best song.

My favorite song of all time. There is no other song in the world that will always put me in a better mood. Whether I'm down or already feeling great this song makes me love life. A great song to blast on the highway with the windows down! Seriously, my favorite song ever

Excuse me, how is this song only #8? The lyrics and melody are so catchy, and it has this jazzy blues feeling to it. This is a CLASSIC Maroon 5 song, and yet I see that Payphone is #2? Don't get me wrong I love Payphone too but Sunday Morning deserves an even higher ranking.

Amazing song! I love the tune of this song and quality and richness of adams voice. One of the best songs by maroon 5. Tops all other songs I have heard. It was released a long time ago and is still popular. Should definitely be in the top 3. Best hit by maroon 5.

They should make more songs that are like this one, it's a very relaxing song, it's a good rainy day song.. It has something in it that makes me sad and happy at the same time I don't know why, and the lyrics are just good.

So peaceful and fun to listen to. It totally makes you feel better (especially is the morning)! Its also a great song to dance to! Just a really nice beautifully written song. Please vote!

Feel good song. Whenever I'm in the car I have to listen to it. It makes you feel so much better about your life. My favorite song ever. Seriously it's the best. Is my rating good enough now?

This song is by far Maroon 5's best. The atmosphere and mood of the song are so uplifting. If you are stressed out, the major key of the song and its relaxing lyrics will soothe you.

This should be at the top of the list! Best song by far, just gives you a wonderful feeling. Maybe it's the nostalgia but I still feel great when I listen to this song.

This song is perfect. The way the instruments blend in with the lyrics I can't even explain. If you haven't heard it go listen to it right now.

This song is one of my all time favourite Maroon 5 song EVER! I think it should be in the top 3, 'cause it's that GREAT!

A perfect representation of what maroon 5. Good drums and piano, and I nice jazzy sound. This is definitely my favorite song by them

Perfect song that I could listen to over and over and over without getting sick of it. Definitely one of my favorite Maroon 5 songs.

This song is amazing its is just the best song this song has to be the best maroon 5 is so awesome adam levine's voice is just So good.

If this song isn't already #1, there isn't any argument I can make that will persuade people that THIS SONG deserves the crown.

I very very very like sunday morning song.
and I like style voice of Adam Levine.

Maroon 5 is the my favourite band - themuzen666

This song is by far the best song written by them. There is so much meaning and passion written into it. Truly the #1!

Honestly cannot pick a favorite - Maroon 5/ Adam Levine is amazing. However, this song brings back fond memories

Perfectly describes the long distance relationship me and my husband had before we were married

Can't believe this song isn't on the list my goodness! One of my all time maroon 5 favorites! TO THE TOP!

Such a smooth and easy-going song of romance, one of those situations that you never want to leave.

I love the entire Songs About Jane album and I definitely think this is the best song on it.