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21 Teflon

The creepy, driving edge to this song paces along until the chorus, where an infectious hook goes round with the floor taken out. You're hopping on stones in a stream as a steady bass thumps beneath. But then when the bridge starts moving, the melody goes soaring, matched by octave-higher crooning, with the chords going around and gradually stepping ever higher, until the anthem reaches a climax in the final chorus. At last. And as if dripping, we fade into an eerie hum.

22 Son Et Lumiere

On page 2 really!? One of their best

23 The Whip Hand
24 Concertina

Their best song should be higher!

Amazing power in guitar and voice.

25 Since We've Been Wrong
26 This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed

This is probably my favorite off of Deloused, albeit being the catchiest too.

Best song of mars volta ever

27 Metatron

Seriously, no one listened to this song?

28 Ouroborous
29 Aegis

The one good song off of noctourniquet

30 The Malkin Jewel
31 Asilos Magdalena

My favourite song, and that is not just because I'm latin American

32 Vermicide
33 Ilyena

Awesome chorus, drums, and vocals. The guitar is funky and the song overall is well constructed, easily my favorite song by them.

No one can open a song like The Mars Volta

34 Agadez

Transitions are amazing. Great song, fast and full of energy.

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35 Soothsayer

I love this song it's amazing

36 Molochwalker

An extremely underrated song, which also happens to be the song that got me into listening to TMV in the first place

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37 Cavalettas

This song is insanely underrated, as a longtime MV fan I'm still finding songs that I can easily become addicted to. It's got a classic chaotic Volta pace, mixed with a lot of nice jazz, and the ending is just phenomenal.

Awesome song

38 Desperate Graves
39 The Bible and the Breathalyzer
40 Zed and Two Naughts

In my opinion, Zed and Two Naughts is possibly the best 'song' they've come up with in the last, oh, five or so years. Not since Cassandra have I heard a more compelling piece. The fact that it's at a wonderfully listenable length of less than six minutes is another treat. Noctourniquet is an amazing album.

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