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41 In Absentia

Can't believe I had to add this song. It starts noisy and chaotic and then gradually ascends into something beautiful

42 Clouds/Orchestrina

A ridiculously underrated, underrepresented "demo" (It's basically a finished song)

43 Postulate
44 Vicarious Atonement

This song is as eerie of an opener to an album as you will find. The very song that initially got me interested in The Mars Volta (I was late to the party...and what a party it was). I perhaps have a stronger liking for Cicatriz, L'via (Frusciante fan) and possibly even a few other tracks now, but in the first few weeks of listening to TMV, this is practically the only song that would get a play, Mars Volta or otherwise.

45 Aberinkula
46 Conjugal Burns
47 Halo of Nembutals
48 Luciforms
49 Abortion, The Other White Meat
50 Dyslexicon
51 Vedamalady
52 Eunuch Provocateur
53 Noctourniquet

This song (and this album) have a starkly alternative vibe from previous Volta songs and albums. Noctourniquet in particular is my favorite from this album. The song itself has a smooth ongoing rhythm to it which is paired perfectly with the dark off putting lyrical melodies. Three fourths of the way through the song the rhythm of the verse switches to a reggae groove which is very surprising and a nice contrast since the song is rather dark.

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