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41 Marko Orlovic

Psycho fighter, throws punches in bunches, master of the spinning back kick. Heard he can fall asleep standing up using ultimate balance control

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42 Vidyut Jamwal

Bruce Lee of India

He is master in many arts and even a fearless stuntman.

Smart hero nothing like him

He is the best

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43 Masahiko Kimura
44 Dan Inosanto

One of the most committed and knowledgable martial artists of all time.definitely should be in top 5.

Dan should be in the top 10, not only was he Bruce Lee's student, he even taught Bruce certain things, he has also coriagraphed lots of martial arts films such as Out for justice etc. He is also a master at Filipino escrima, so for this reason I think he should be in the top 10

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45 Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, better known by his stage name 'Akshay Kumar', is a Canadian actor, producer and martial artist who has appeared in over a hundred Hindi films.

Whoever thinks that Indians are week, they are fools. Indians can also knock the Chinese warriors with one punch if they want. I believe that Akshay Kumar can do that easily.

Any child in India want to be fighter akshay kumar is his admiration

Akshay kumar best martial artist in India

He is is the best

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46 Jim Kelly Jim Kelly

A great underrated martial artist

The best hands down

Jim kelly is a world champion and a amazing fighter Afroes for life

47 Masutatsu Oyama

Of course the best martial artist of all time is probably some shaolin monk we've never heard of before, but I think that of all those we do know of, Oyama is closest to their level of fighting. He was a martial arts legend who had a strong work ethic and who defeated many of his opponents in a matter of a few seconds. Not only did he defeat humans, but bulls as well. I believe Mas Oyama should at least be one of the top three

I'm shocked he isn't more recognised he pompously challenged other styles to prove he was the best and always won.

Oyama should definitely be top ten I can't believe it he is a proven fighter he challged other masters and dojos to prove his style of karate and prove he was best and always won. I agree bruce number 1 but look up oyama he is s legend. Its not about how many styles you know its about how good you are and have you proved yourself. Oh an belts mean nothing.

Oyama had over 200 fights... All ended in the first round... All by knock out

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48 Frank Dux

The respect of your peers speak volumes

He was the first Westerner to win the kumite and he still holds at least four world records. Jean-Claude Van Damme is good but the real Fran Dux is better.

Very underestimated or I should say unheard of by most except in bloodsport an most don't relize or believe its true definitely on all time list an legend

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49 Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar Brock Edward Lesnar is an American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler, professional American football player, and mixed martial artist who is currently signed to WWE.

The beast incarnate is amazing he beat John Cena Undertaker dwayne the rock Johnson and Kurt angle as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin

Man you kill I just can't believe you took down The Undertaker that was amazing due at wrestlemania

He is the best he could have a fight with Bruce lee and Brock wouldn't die

Brock Lesnar has won most wrestling titles and won two mma titles

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50 Bren Foster

I you best man hop one day get me you

51 Iko Uwais

How is he not higher? Probably because he's only been in foreign films and people don't know who he is. Watch one scene from any of his movies and see why he should at least be in the top five.

Iko should be top 10... He is one of the greatest action stars of all time

This martial from Indonesian

Should be in top ten for sure!

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53 Jeff Speakman
54 Aaron Gassor

You're best Flexible Martial Artist.I think you should be in top 10 martial artist..list. By zaid affan

55 Benny Urquidez

This man is a LEGEND! He should be in the first 10. He is undefeated world champion. Won all his professional fights with record of 63-0-1. He is the best opponent to Jackie Chan in his movies like "meals on wheels".
Benny The Jet Urquidez!

This guy's one of the best fighters ever born the fact that he's not in your top 5 shows that there's ignorance among people that are in the industry Steven Segal how about the fact that Steven Seagal got his ass kicked from gene LeBell wears jeans name in this I respect Steven Seagal is an actor but as a fighter is only minimal compared to real great people if you're going to make a post it says this you should get the right information this isn't T.V. this is the real world of fight

Real Sensei

Please, why praise actors when the real fighters deserve the recognition. Bruce Lee, Seagul, Jackie Chan, please remove them from this list since there is no official documentation of them actually crediting them to victories. Only Van Damme + Chuck Norris are the two actors that had set records prior to their acting career.

56 Andy Norman

Andy Norman is a beast and is the creator of the most effective reality based street defense the world has ever seen. He should be in the top 10 for what he has given to the world.

This guys a genius with a true handle on the predator/ prey situation on today's streets, very humble guy but an awesome martial artist

Bruce Lee should be number 1 you can't get around that. Rickson Gracie should be number 2, undefeated of course. Helio ad Carlos Gracie should tie for 3. Rolls and Royce should tie for 4. Andy Norman should take 5.

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57 Jose Rodriguez

I have the luck of spending time with him, five days a week (specifically) and he is not only a great fighter but a great person, his Technic is flawless, he has been able to master his art so much he became a killing machine, but his calm temper keeps him set until trouble arises, I truly believe he is THE best in this list. Once he almost killed a dude by punching him with a delicate but precise kick, that got all of his in-human force into a small area being almost lethal. In conclusion Jose Rodriguez is the best martial artist that this world has ever seen, better than Bruce Lee, Yip Man and Chuck Norris all together.

What nobody has mentioned about Jose Rodriguez, is that his part time job is modeling for big brands, he is the whole package (There is a rumor that Rodriguez is being targeted as the face of Victoria's Secret Men's underwear)

He's a beast, he beats anyone who dares to challenge him, he's not the kind of person you would like to mess with in a fight

"There are no words that can explain the greatness of Jose Rodriguez" Quentin Tarantino

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58 Rashid Naseem V 1 Comment
59 Ray Park

Check out his moves in GI Joe as snake eyes

60 Lyoto Machida
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