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61 Ernie Reyes

He is a part of the black belt hall of fame

62 Gary Daniels V 1 Comment
63 Musashi Miyomoto

Fought over 60 dukes to the death and never lost. The greatest samurai of all time as well as the greatest warrior of all time.

Cuts everyone else to ribbons! Undefeated in duels to the DEATH! No refs or tap outs here boys laugh out loud

64 Ip Chun V 1 Comment
65 Chris John

Indonesian boxer, world featherweight champion. Undefeated in 51 games. For me, this is the real UNDISPUTED

66 Yi Long V 1 Comment
67 Cyril Raffaelli
68 Jeeja Yanin

The actress of movies such as chocolate, raging phoenix

69 Dwayne The Rock Johnson Dwayne The Rock Johnson Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American and Canadian actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler, signed with WWE.

You are awesome if you smell what the rock is cooking

How is he on here he is not even a martial artist

How is a fake ass wrestler on this list

V 1 Comment
70 Leo Howard Leo Howard Leo Howard is an American actor, model and martial artist. He began his acting career at the age of seven, Howard is known for incorporating his karate skills into his feature film and television roles.

Leo howard is amazing and I think he should Be in at least top 30

He is a great martial artist

Not better than Jose Rodriguez

He is in KICKIN' IT

71 Sho Kosugi

A Japanese actor/martial artist who usually plays a ninja. He and Bruce Lee are my favorites. He's a badass and I love him! I think it's cool that he plays in a few movies with his own sons, Kane and Shane. Go Sho!

72 Stephen Chow

He's not even a martial artist, he is a comedian.

V 1 Comment
73 Huo Yuanjia

Yip man was not ths only grandmaster because Huo Yuanjia was one way before him. Huo was considered a hero in china for defeating foreign opponents...a true hero.

Who ever posted this knows their fighters.. He is no doubt the greatest of all his fight record speaks for itself

74 Rick Young
75 Ehsan Shafiq
76 Wesley Snipes Wesley Snipes

He Is Awesome In All The Blade movies

Wesley snipes is the best n should be graded top five because of his martial arts

What how is he rank higher than manny paquiao

77 Moses Powell

First /second in the West with Victor Moore who fought them all and also blocked Bruce Lee's "speed punches"

V 1 Comment
78 Tony Young V 1 Comment
79 Dolph Lundgren Dolph Lundgren Hans "Dolph" Lundgren is a Swedish actor, director, screenwriter, producer, martial artist, and chemical engineer.

One of the best he should be way higher up than this

80 Orned "Chicken" Gabriel
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