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101 Jason David Frank

He is really great

102 Cynthia Rothrock

She is my favorite from woman

She was known as THE QUEEN OF MARTIAL ARTS in movies, so even though shes not that good compared to other fighters dhe must be on the list

103 Mark Dacascos

He is a true martial artist..both of his parents, Al Dacascos and Malia Bernal, martial arts greats themselves, trained Mark since he could walk. He competed in Europe where he lived at the time and to this day continues to train in a variety of MA styles and disciplines.

104 Linden Ashby
105 Lorenzo Lamas
106 Hirokazu Kanazawa

. Only living 10th dan shotokan master One of the few left to study under the styles creator. Won the inagural all Japan kumite with a broken hand and won the title 2 more times. Well known for his power and precission while performing kata and board breaking feats. Also holds 2nd dan in judo and top rank in tai chi

107 Frank DiFelice
108 Daniel O'Neill

Why is van damme not on the list

109 Raymond Daniels

An amazing points fighter that certainly deserves to be on this list.

110 Li Shu Wen

He should be number 1. He never lost a fight even when he got old. I think that he would be stronger then bruce lee cause he trained not for show. He trained to survive

111 Sapok Biki
112 Takayuki Kubota

Some Kubota has trained many champions and still trains daily ha appeared in Hollywood movies and is a TRUE martial arts master

113 Leo Fong V 1 Comment
114 Daniel Bernhardt
115 Jon Foo

Extremely skillfull. Young. And I believe he is also a wu-shu world champion. I think if given the right roll...he could become the future of martial arts film. He does his own stunts and he is charasmatic. Check him out as JIN KAZAMA in the live action movie TEKKEN

116 Chuck Zito
117 Wally Jay

Most people haven't heard of him. He was the only 9Dan in the world for over 20 years. I'm repulsed to see that Jackie Chan and Jet Li are in the top three. Jean Claude van Damme is a damn gymnist, not a high ranking martial artist! Also, we do not have enough real-life footage to assess Bruce Lee. Some people draw their conclusions from fiction, though Bruce Lee's legacy does seem to hold the most weight.

118 Superkwan
119 Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey

Sorry for my tongue twister my tongue isn't working today but yeah Rhonda Rousey is a great fighter I wouldn't want her fighting me and I am a black belt that was a joke in the middle of the sentence she is a great photo fish can't tonight that I'm not a living under a rock or a mop

If you don't know Ronda, you have been living under a rock.

120 Donn F. Draeger

The late Donn F draeger wasrecognized as one of the worlds leading martial artists. I was not a movie star but he did extensive research in Asia and wrote many books, He is worth considering.

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