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121 Freddie Estrella

Dominican fighter excellent street fighter studied boxing wrestling karate and tai chi. Seen some of his fights why this man doesn't have a deal is beyond me

122 Rob Van Clief
123 Gerard Gordeau
124 Paul Lyons
125 Talayuki Mikami

2time all Japan karate champion. Tied with Hirokazu Kanazawa, the only man to do that. 9th dan Shotkan karate.

126 Naka Sensei

All Japan karate champion. In the movies:Blackbelt, high kick girl and Karate girl.

127 Kemosuike Enoeda V 1 Comment
128 Phillip Rhee
129 Sergio Cabrales Moreno
130 Pat Morita Pat Morita V 1 Comment
131 Austin St. John

He was on power rangers so he is really awesome

132 Steve Cardenas
133 Jonny Yong Bosch

He is awesome as a voice actor and a martial artist. Oh yeah he is also a frog.

134 Jason Earles Jason Earles Jason Daniel Earles is an American actor, comedian, and martial artist, known for his role as Jackson Stewart in the Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana and his role as Rudy Gillespie in the Disney XD series Kickin' It.

He is on kickin it and he is so awesome and in one episode he did back flips and front flips so he is really amazing and a great martial artist

135 Paul Barnett

6th dan karate and student and agent of some martial artists - bill Wallace, scott adkins to name a few

136 Bob Sykes

Mai magazine editor and top fighter

137 Sifu Kisu
138 John Matrix
139 Robert Conrad

He won 4 pro boxing fights. Could drive nail through board with hand

140 John Keehan

Could slap trough 2 bricks with no spacers

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