Best Martial Arts Movie Fight Scene

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li. All did great fight scenes. Which are the very best?

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21 Kung-Pow: Enter The Fist: Chosen One Vs. Master Betty
22 Who Am I: Jackie Chan vs The Two Hitmen
23 Unleashed: Final fight scene in apartment complex with Jet Li

Great movie with great fight scenes. In one part of this fight scene, they're fighting in a hallway with barely any room to maneuver. - Freak_Show1

24 Snake in the Monkey's Shadow: Hsia Sa v Koo Ting-Sang

The Snake Style fighter v Monkey Style fighter in the woods. The Snake taking the bark off the tree 'that was cool'.

25 Fist of Fury: Bruce Lee vs Petrov and Mr. Suzuki

The end fight to arguably one of the most influential asian films of all time, if not the most. Chen (played by bruce lee) is finally getting his hands on those responsible for the murder of his master. bruce lee squares off in a bare knuckles brawl, with petrov, a karate master and guest at mr suzuki's dojo. bruce makes short work of him and then faces off against suzuki with nunchauku against his samurai sword. the fight ends off with lee kicking suzuki through a wall with one of the greatest kiyai's(screams) ever in film. this is one of the most well done fight scenes of all time

26 Flashpoint: Donnie Yen vs Colin Chou
27 Kiss of the Dragon: Jet Li vs Room of Black Belts

jet li v.s a room full of armed black belts empty handed. this is truly one of the most intense, realistic fight scenes to be shot in the past 20 years. it is a great disply of martial arts skill and choreography, nothing short of amazing

28 The Raid: Yayan Ruhian vs Iko Uwais & Doni Alamsyah

Fighting anding from Indonesia

29 Way of the Dragon - Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

We often see this fight scene at the top of lists for a reason and one reason only: Bruce Lee v.s Chuck Norris. the climactic showdown between bruce and chuck is a cinematic masterpiece. The fight is a display of true martial arts ability, and like I mentioned earlier... no tricks, no wires, no c. g. I just the greatest martial artist of all time v. s one of the greatest karate champions of the 20th century

30 The Protector: Tony Jaa vs Lateef Crowder

this is a very high display of martial arts ability, you have the capoeria style v.s muai boron. they face off ankle deep in water, sourounded by fire, spinning and jumping, kicking and punching, elbowing and kneeing each other to the death. one of the most colourful and alive martial arts fight scenes in the history of the genre

31 Enter the Dragon: Bruce Lee vs Ohara

This fight is bar far the most intense fight scene ever... in any film genre. You have Lee in about to enter his first fight in the tournament hosted by Han(the traitor of lee's temple and nemesis) mr lee is asked if he is ready and he is. Before him stands ohara(hans body guard). Ohara is the man who forced lkee's sister to kill herself in an attempt to acost her. They enter the ring, ohara tries to intimidate lee by breaking a board and lee comes back with the philisophically true and awesome burn by saying "boards don't hit back". the get into their stances and lee is staring into the eyes of his sisters killer. Lee lashes out a hand trap and lead punch so fast it is hardly visible on camera... this is the greatest expression of justified anger ever in martial arts movie history and the fight is truly epic

32 Legend of the Drunken Master: Jackie Chan vs Ken Lo

this is one of the most intense martial arts fight scenes having you say nothing but thinking" how the hell are they doing that" it is one of the most intricite fight choreographies, and one of the most well shot. this is truly one of chans best

33 Champion Road: Arena

All real action, no wires, no cgi - binki

34 Ip Man 2: Ip Man vs The Twister

This movie is the best between crack sh... T

35 Star Wars: Yoda Versus Count Dooku
36 Never Back Down: Jake vs Ryan
37 Hellboy: Rasputin Uses His Bladed Tonfa Like Weapons
38 The Expendables: Lee Christmas and Yin Yang vs Lawrence "The Brit" Sparks

3 highly skilled martial artist

39 Fearless: Jet Li vs. Shido Nakamura
40 The Musketeer: Final Fight Scene

The trend for The 3 Musketeer films peaked with The Musketeer's climax fight scene with ladders, creativity, and very fast sword fighting. The recent The Three Musketeers has some awesome martial arts, but not dedicated to martial arts like The Musketeer. - Daniel_BMS

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