Absolute MMA


The Head Instructor Rob Handley is by far the most dedicated Instructor I've seen. Not only is he always on top of his game he's always putting himself out there to learn more so he can give it to his students. Ive never heared him say one negitive thing about anyone. Rob and the rest of his training staff are very profetional on and of the mat and lead by example in the own personel lives. I'm very greatful to have met and worked with them.

Absolute MMA is a gym that prides themseves on the one thing that is the most important: Respect. You will not find a nicer group of people to help you in your journey of self improvement. You can confidently go in to the gym and be able to ask anyone, regardless of their (or your) skill level and get the friendly and caring help that you need. Absolute MMA is absolutely the greatest Martial Arts studio in the state!

Absolute MMA has changed my life for the better forever. Professor Rob Handley and Professor Pedro Sierra care about the students in a way that you will never experience anywhere else. They have the gift of pushing you just beyond what you feel you are capable of. Absolute MMA is a place to learn, to exercise and to grow as a person. I am truly privileged to call Absolute home, I will never be able to thank them enough.

You won't find better, more qualified jiu jitsu instructors anywhere in the state. Grappling and jiu jitsu tourney results confirm this. Add in top notch Muay Thai, judo, self defense, strength and conditioning, and an awesome kids program and you've got a one stop martial arts superstore. Check it out. They're the best.

Great MMA Gym! Very professional & welcoming to me & my family. You can tell that the instructors love what they do & want their students to succeed. I would recommend Absolute MMA to anyone looking to get in shape or learn multiple mixed martial art skills. I have been to many "MMA" gyms in Utah- Absolute MMA is by far the cleanest, respectable top-notch gym in Utah. Thanks Absolute!

I've been training in martial arts for 16 years now, and have been to every major MMA gym in the state. Aboslute MMA is by far the most technically sound and hardcore place on the list. Not to mention the fact that it has a family oriented feel to it. There is a place for everyone from beginner to professional at Absolute!!!

Absolute MMA is a positive, skill based learning environment. You don't have to have any experience to start, you just have to want to learn. They teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo and have an MMA program. The instructors are patient, experienced and love sharing what they know. Train at Absolute MMA.

I've visited this gym for a couple of months with no prior experience, I was a bit nervous going in... I was in for a pleasant surprise. There's no boundaries from teacher to student there. I've found that everyone is seen as an equal which makes for a learning environment that is second to none. Highly recommended.

I originally started training out of a different fight gym here in Utah, but once I tried out Absolute, they became my family. I will never go fight for another gym again besides Absolute. They are amazing there and care so much about helping everyone succeed! I love training at Absolute!

First class instruction in a friendly fun and safe environment. I have been training at Absolute MMA for around three years now and it is my home away from home. No meat heads here leave your ego at the door and come train with us, learn, get in shape and have an awesome time doing it!

The best, most well qualified instructors anywhere. Respectful, clean and hardworking. Trustworthy, intense, honorable. I would send my children or my spouse knowing they would get equal treatment. Reasonable cost for unreasonably great training. I love Absolute MMA!

I've trained many places, but NO place has the family atmosphere and training options that Absolute has. You dont just come and train - you are part of a bigger collective - great instructors, great classes, and great fellows. It is definitely a great overall experience

I love this place! Great workouts, awesome fellow students. The trainers have extensive backgrounds in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, boxing and other martial arts. You will feel welcome, you'll get in shape and learn how to kick some serious butt!

I have been going to Absolute MMA for the last two years and I love it! I have lost over 30 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. I can protect myself and I love the thrill of competition. I owe a lot to the guys at Absolute MMA!

Absolute MMA has the best instructors around. There are very few egos in the gym and none of them belong to the instructors. If you are just starting out or have been practicing Martial Arts for a long time Absolute has something for you.

Absolute MMA is not simply a "gym", it is a family. With top tier instruction and a detailed focus on perfect technique, mixed with an intense workout and a friendly learning environment, Absolute is hands down the best.

I love Absolute MMA. I have my son in their Jiu Jitsu class and love what they teach. Anti-bullying techniques, self-defense, verbal defense before physical defense. I like how they make the kids work to improve technique and follow it up with rolling practice every class. Top notch instruction in a very positive environment. Come try it for your kids.

Absolute is amazing! Both the instructors and students are some of the greatest people I've met! It's such a positive atmosphere, I recommend this gym to everyone! Ask anyone who trains there, hands down, THE BEST!

Very educated and experienced instructors and a very positive environment. I would recommend this gym to any who want to learn how to protect themselves and have a great time getting a workout. I love Absolute MMA.

I love training here. I learn a skill while I get a great workout. The people are nice and no one is puffing out their chest. Great instruction and a great training atmosphere. You have to check this place out.

Top shelf martial arts training. No hocus pocus at Absolute MMA. Real skills for the street or competition. Very positive and motivating instructors make it easy to find the time to train everyday.

Absolute mma is the best gym in utah for sure. The instructors are some of the most sucessful martial artists in utah. They focus on making sure you are the best that you can be, I highly recommend it.

Absolute MMA has the best instructors. When they compete, They win. They consistently dominate competition. The facility is a great friendly environment for learning and working hard.

There's no gym in Utah as qualified to teach martial arts As Absolute MMA. The owner and head coach/Professor has all the credentials needed to train you to be the best you can be.

The instructors at Absolute know their stuff. They have proven that in competition not only through their own accomplishments but the accomplishments of their students.