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Captain Steven Grant Rogers, most known as Steve Rogers or Captain America, is a fictional superhero appearing in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He was a World War II veteran and is known as the world's first superhero. The character was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon and more.


Captain America is the embodiment of the hero, not just because he wears red, white, and blue, but because he has the will to overcome anything. He will face insurmountable odds when he knows the chances of death are high. He will always do the right thing even if it means looking death in the face.

"Well, I say America is nothing! Without its ideals-- its commitment to the freedom of all men, America is a piece of trash! A nation is nothing! A flag is a piece of cloth! "

"Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right

This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe. no matter the odds or the consequences.

When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree by the river of truth and tell the whole ...more

Unlike everyone else in the list, you can say that Capt. lacks the abilities and powers but a true hero ain't need no powers to prove himself worthy, it's all about the justice and fairness, Capt. is the true essence of being a real hero and should be an inspiration to everyone, and out of all, he is the most realistic hero in Marvel Universe. Anyone can be Capt. America if you can fight for people who can't for themselves. Plus he always gets the ladies.

Captain America is my favorite superhero of all time he's the whole reason why I like comic books I grow up reading him he has natural charisma he has the all American flag look and is armed with a shield with a star on it and fights for good and I red his comic books all the time and he is the best in the avengers and knows how to lead the avengers and knows how to lead for victory and justice he is the warrior for freedom and justice and he does more action than batman and it's so awesome when he says avengers assemble

He is the best at everything just amazing, caring more about others safety than his own pride, which makes him better than any other without a question. What made me love him so much was his commitment to always doing the right thing and never straying from his values and what he believes in. Even if a task seems impossible he doesn't care he never gives up and gets back up no matter the odds.

I love him so much. I'm a huge fan. He's been here for 75 years. I can't wait until the 100th anniversary of him. I will throw a party for him. I watched a cooking show about people making cakes and the theme was Captain America. Thays how awesome he is. I'm listening to a song about a girl and guy getting married and every time I listen to it I imagine me and Captain America. He's the best. A real hero unlike iron man, a rich guy who's a show off and throws parties. He's the opposite of Captain America. Go Cap I love you

Captain America deserves to be at top. He has saved so many lives and even the world in the 19's. He is the most nobel, trustworthy and loyal person in the avengers. He even worthy enough to lift Thor's hammer. He dedicates his life to his country and even though he is a fictional character, he is a great role model to people around the world.

Not only because he got the looks. But Captain, like others said, is braver than any other heroes. He managed to survive every battle even without the use of technologies. In spite of being a mortal and a bit of lab rat. He's the best avenger ever. Saving the future of the world and even the avengers in the present time. Co'z obviously, the other heroes won't make it til now, if he didn't save the past. So that's for my opinion. Hope you'll stop comparing him to your favorite heroes.

Captain America shouldn't be #1 but he's a strong #2 or #3 spiderman could beat captain america all day everyday. Anyone can hold his shield he's not like thor and his hammer so spiderman could easily grab his shield with a web and throw it away or back at captain. I would say that captain could probably beat stark because stark has zero strength without the suit. - YoYoExoMarine

Cap is and will always the best superhero of them all. A true superhero is the guy who would not think twice before laying down his life for the sake of others. He is the true version of what a perfect human should be. True, honest, Loyal, honourable and above all knows the right from wrong every time.

Steve Rogers doesn't have any superpowers, just sheer strength, an amazing will to help people and a good heart. What's on the inside is what makes a true superhero, not being able to fly or shoot lasers out of your eyes.

This list was going smooth for me until I noticed captain america wasn't number one! The biggest role model in scavengers and when I have kids the first hero I'm going to show them is captain america and when there being little brats I'll show them hulk. And just for kicks and giggles (literally) I'll show them deadpool

Captain america is my favorite superhero of all time and he is the superhero of all comic books he's cool he's brave he's strong and has natural charisma and has the all American flag look carries a shield with a star on it and he is the mighty warrior for freedom and justice and I have 61 of his comic books

I honestly think that my opinion has been well stated by my fellow Captain America voters. Who in Marvel has done as much as him? Steve Rodgers is the greatest hero there has been, most likely there ever will be. - Hollysong

Captain America is the BEST. Ever since the WWII and the present day, its like, he is the best asset of Marvel, In all of stories, he is the Living legend and as Hercules says, Courage against... Captain America...

Captain America served with honor and righteousness at his entire career. When he became an Avenger, he defended the peace and prosperity of the world. I'm talking about Steve Rogers not Bucky or Sam.

I love Captain America because all though he wasn't born a physical superhero, he was had all of the morals of a superhero. He was kind, determined, fair, and stood up to bullies. He is my absolute favorite!

Just recently when everyone was afraid to ask Hulk for help, who stepped up and did it? Cap did. He's not afraid to mix it up with Wolverine nor take sides if he feels it's the right thing to do.

Captain America has saved more lives, probably, but that doesn't make him an interesting character. I like Hulk more because he just does destruction because he's pissed Its awesome, Captain America uses a shield and is one of the most cheesiest boring characters in any type of Media only behind Superman.

Captain America civil war teams Cap falcon ant man hawkeye winter soldier scarlet witch. Iron mans team iron patriot black widow vision spider man black panther. I VOTE FOR CAP

Cap has the advantage of being able to get it on with every super woman because he's been alive so long that he knows all the tricks

For me it was between Captain America, Black Widow, and Spider-Man. I voted for Captain America in the end though. Steve is an interesting character who is loyal to fault. It doesn't hurt that I love him. - Disneylover

Punched thanos in the face. Take that. What I love about him is that he may not be the fastest, strongest amongst avengers, doesn't have power suit but always fearless, selfless. As a true hero should be. Always my favourite.

Captain America is the best! I can't believe he's not even in the top 3. Who likes Spider-Man anyways?

What makes a hero? Its not the superpowers but the self respect, honour, love and to help others. He has no superpowers but he has everything that a hero need.. Respect him..

Yeah cap tops them all think about he survived a plane crash, coma, he fought Thor for a short time (won), and still gets the hulk to listen to him that's just awesome