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Iron Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, as well as its associated media. The character was created by writer and editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby. He made his first appearance more.


Okay, I read all of the comments on all the heroes. And I can just say that this is my opinion. What I love about Iron Man is that he has the personality that I absolutely love; he's witty 24/7, can comeback with a roast every time someone downs him, and can still joke when there's a knife in his throat. And his character development is absolutely MARVELous. From the self-obsessed, arrogant CEO of a weapon industry to an actually loving human being who will save the world at all costs. He still has his flaws of being blinded by his ego sometimes, but I love that as well. I know most of the comments are about how strong and how powerful Iron Man is, and that he's a whole lot better than all the rest of the heroes, but I just want to say that Tony Stark is just my favorite character. It isn't because he has a cool suit, or that he's a billionaire, or that he's the leader of the Avenger. It's because he's him.

The billionaire Tony Stark who is intelligent and attractive is the leader of The Avengers. He builds a suit of armor that makes him Iron Man. He is the best superhero I have ever seen because he himself makes a suit of armor and not like others that gain powers luckily or by chance. I like his fighting style and his tactics. I didn't like his scene in Captain America civil war where he battles Captain America and Bucky Barnes. I'm glad to see him back in his future films.

I m surprised 2 see ironman at 2!
He is the best... List should be lIke 1. Ironman 2. Wolverine 3. Hulk...

Iron Man am voting as the more promising a future than most the other super heroes. There are much in number of version suits of armor Iron Man wears. The suit can also be upgraded, or handle different melee or range weapons. Technology is the forefront for this super hero and it is important to note there can be much in well and diverse that can be done with Iron Man. Good job Avengers! - iliescu

If you think about it, Iron Man is the only one without an actual superpower. He just has his intellect and became a billionaire. He made his own suit of power, unlike Captain America who was injected a serum that another scientist made. Also, he is the one who does the most work in both the Avengers movies. He destroyed the Chitauri Command Ship while also saving New York City from a nuclear blast and saved the world from extinction in Age of Ultron. He is the best superhero of all time.

Iron Man is sort of cool I mean he doesn't really have the best back story, all those soldiers needed to do was watch him while he worked, or just shot a couple rockets at his suit while he was escaping. Tony Stark is a cool Scientist, but making him number two as a super hero, I don't know he isn't really as cool as hulk or even Captain America.

Iron man is one of the most likeable superheroes. He struggles with being a hero, even being an alcoholic for a long time, but kicks the habit so he can save the people who need him. Even when he screws up like in civil war, he realizes his fault and fixes it.

A lot of people say that his suit is the only thing that makes him a super hero, but he built weapons for most of his life. His suit helps keep him alive, and his smartness has made the suit and a ton of other weapons for S.H.E.I.L.D. If it wasn't for Iron Man they wouldn't have had the weapons they had... If you say Iron Man isn't a hero and is just a nerd with a bunch of guns then build a suit and try to save the world you'll see how easy it is...

When creating Iron Man, Stan Lee decided to make a character that nobody would like, and make him likeable. And somehow, it worked! Tony Stark is a cool, genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist with all the best lines. Without Iron Man (2008) we wouldn't have the MCU, and his character arc is the most developed out of all the superheroes. He's also pretty awesome just as is. Spider-Man is totally useless without Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Get schooled, web-kid!

Iron man is the best because he MADE his powers. Spider man got bitten by accident, wolverine was just born a freak, hulk mucked up and became big and green & captain america just got injected with something made by a smart guy like Tony Stark!

Iron man has one of the coolest armor ever - OneWayStreet

Tony stark a billionare who created such a splendid machine called THE IRON MAN the machine is made of pure iron and he has lots of weapons packed in it he had a close fight with Thor who is a god iron fought with might and mane and while the war created by Loki was going on he put the missile back into the portal and saved the day he is a true warrior

Can heroes get any better than this. He smart, funny, and a good person. Sometimes he makes mistakes but in the end he always comes through. I believe if he had too he could defeat any marvel villain with enough prep and knowledge of his enemy.

He can fly, shoot out lasers made of arc reactor energy, is a genius and a billionaire. He is an inventor, ha has a super intelligent computer source thing called JARVIS and he could easily make some dumb web slingers if he could be bothered.

Iron man is just a human who used his brains to become a fighting machine unlike a lot of the other superheroes who were genetically modified. Don't get me wrong spider man is awesome as well but my vote will always be with Iron man.

He's funny. He's not serious all the time, parties, and is pretty much a genius. So yes, I believe Iron Man is the best Marvel superhero. Though I do like most of the others (excluding the one that are only from the comics because I haven't read any of the comics.

He is the best and he should be ranked first. He is the smartest Marvel character except for Thor's father. He built a high tech robot heart in a cave with scraps. Not even the best scientists in the world could build a replica.

I can agree with you that iron man may seem the best and toughest. However what is cool about spiderman is that he is very fast and he can make use of his webs to swing around the city. He can also web villains and kill them. That's why spiderman is very cool and better than him.

Don't ask me why, but my two favorite heroes are the billionaires with no powers, Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Wayne (Batman). I just love the one thing in common between these two, their true power is really their mind. In Tony's case, he uses his mind to build some bad-ass suits that can take on any other Avenger. He's my favorite Marvel hero, 2nd favorite behind Batman if we include DC.

Iron Man is best. Cool, billionaire playbook with awesome brain and who made himself a superhero. Captain America. Pfft. Boring as and powers were given to him by someone else. Plus Iron Man's father actually helped a lot with Captain America so the Stark's are responsible for Caps powers. Point is Iron Man is legit. (Great use of ACDC as well).

Come on now iron man would own Spider-Man and he has heaps of different types of armour like the hulk buster etc and take off the suit what is he a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.


He's MY FAVOURITE Marvel hero. He is sometimes a little funny and just cool anyway. And his machines are too damn good. Man, I just love him. His position is absolutely justified. And how did spider man get first?

Ironman is the he can find a way to beat almost anyone

He can fly and he could probably destroy a city with the weapons in his armor. He is the most powerful superhero. Spiderman was made a suit by Tony Stark, called the Iron Spider.