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101 Devil Dinosaur Devil Dinosaur

He is a dinosaur what's not to love

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102 Songbird Songbird V 1 Comment
103 Penance

A Dark character, made the thunderbolts look good

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104 Dagger V 3 Comments
105 Power Man

Power Man is Luke Cage, and he is way up on the list. Who?

I think he meant Victor Alvarez.

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106 Tigra Tigra V 2 Comments
107 The Dogwelder

Wow. How did this obscure villain make the list? This guy is equally as corny as the dude that shoots lasers and boxing gloves from his crotch.

This guy literally goes around welding dogs to peoples faces!

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108 Polaris Polaris

One of my favorites. Marvel really needs to do more with this character. She has a lot of potential.

I think polaris is under rated she has the same powers as Magneto.

She is great and she is able to use mantic force

109 Justice

Crappy outfit and crappy powers. He's bland and generic.

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110 The Living Tribunal

He can control space, and is known as the 2nd best Marvel character after One Above All. He should be 1st. :-)

111 Galactus Galactus Galactus is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Formerly a mortal man, Galactus is a cosmic entity who originally consumed planets to sustain his life force, and serves a functional role in the upkeep of the primary Marvel continuity.

Galactus is basically a giant purple guy with a big appetite. He is also not a HERO. HE IS A VILLAIN!

Oh my god he is not a hero he's a villain

He eats planets get your facts right

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112 Banshee

Banshee can screem so loud my ears will brake do not try to get him

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113 Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is a villain, Jean Grey is the hero

Destroyed a planet in one page... Need I say more?

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114 Phil Coulson Phil Coulson

Coulson is very... brave in SHIELD

115 Cosmo the Spacedog V 1 Comment
116 Viper Viper Viper is the name of three fictional characters, supervillains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics .
117 Sabertooth

Sabretooth is brothers with Wolverine. And he is badass in Lego Marvel I I bought him after I defeated level. He is just an amazing super villain and it would suck without him

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118 Gatotkaca V 2 Comments
119 Black Bolt Black Bolt

Its just his voice it has been said that a shout could destroy a whole planet!

One whisper from this guy and cities would crumble to the ground. I do not understand why he is last

How is this guy last?! He could beat most commonly liked superheroes like Spider-Man! His costume is awesome! And he is a brilliant, skilled fighter in the Marvel Game Future Fight. Also did I meantion he could destroy a planet with a single shriek?

Black Bolt is a beast. How this guy came in last is absolutely beyond me. He could end almost everybody on this list without lifting a finger. Putting characters like Kitty Pride and Jubilee ahead of The Silent King is laughable. The guy can obliterate entire planets with his voice. He can go toe to toe with The Incredible Hulk. There's a reason he was asked to be a member of The Illuminati. He definitely deserves a slot in the top ten.


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120 Sentry

Rated as the most powerful earth born super hero. So powerful he has beaten those known to be gods.

He's like superman but in marvel vote for this guy he should be like number 16

He's like super man but marvel he deserves to be in the top ten

Vote 4 deadpool

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