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Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics existing in its shared universe. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in the anthology comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) in the ...read more.


He is not perfect by any means. He has made mistakes and very bad choices... But that is why he deserves to be where he is, at the top of the list. The reason being, is because Spider-Man makes mistakes showing human nature, showing him to be a character you could relate with. But even though he makes mistakes he makes the right choices where it really counts, cementing him in the roster of Super-Heroes and as someone who you can look up to.
There are so many examples of heroes make the right choice also, but the just are not relatable as people. Like Super-Man for example, He is a perfect Super-Hero but also a person who makes very few mistakes, which is not human nature. Spider-Man by no means is the fastest, strongest, and smartest hero of all time, but he is the most relatable of them all, making him the hero that most people want to look up to and compare themselves with, which is, a man who makes wrong choices, goes through the same problems as most people, but does what is ...more

The most relatable, interesting and truly endearing character in Marvel's library of characters. Spider-Man has been through thick and thin and it's always great to see such a normal, everyday character go through such larger than life and tragic moments and being able to pull through and become a better person. Also seeing him balance his personal life is what makes him such a great character, he is the every-man that makes him understandable and easy to connect with.

For me he is the greatest superhero OF ALL TIME. I mean Spidey's costume is the best not to mention his rogues gallery can go toe-to-toe with Batman's. Spidery is funny and makes so many jokes and quips and it enlightens comics, movies, T.V.'s, and shows everywhere. He has the best superpowers, who wouldn't love to be able to crawl up walls and shoot webs and be perhaps the most athletic man on earth.

But that is all a farce onto why we love Spidey so much. Underneath that awesome mask is a scared kid. A boy who has lost so much and will lose so much. He's a regular kid who gets bullied and outcasted in school. He's from a very poor family, has to work overtime, and has girlfriend issues.

It's crazy to think that a superhero can be a kid, but so is thinking social media accounts with 66k followers can also be kids.

But perhaps our greatest love of the character is his origin, the fact that he was gifted with powers and used them selfishly and that in the end cost ...more

Spider-man literally is the best superhero because he has Spider-Sense, Spider-Man has the most villains and defeated them all, Spider-Man also defeated hulk, and he can defeat Bat-Man. Spider-man can defeat Bat-Man and Bat-Man defeated Superman so... Spider-man is a total bad ass in every way. He's gotten the most girls than any superhero ever. He's joined the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and he also tried to join the Justice League but Bat-Man said "no". So yeah Spider-Man is the best superhero with all his costumes to his intelligence. Spider-Man is one of the smartest hero in the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man can also defeat Thanos, THANOS. ( with his Captain Universe suit ). He is the best and always will be the best sorry Ironman but Spider-man can defeat you too with his Iron Spider suit you built for him. lol. - MovieNerd61901

Spider-Man isn't the strongest. The reason why Marvel has crowned him as The Marvel King is because he is iconic, has the best stories, possesses the best Villain Gallery and is still pretty damn tough. His speed rivals that of Captain America's and has been given special treatment by Marvel (he was the one superhero who was on both Iron Man's and Captain America's team in the civil war). That's just my opinion though

He faces problems as all us teenagers do, but he also protects the city at the same time, but we don't. He carries sorrow because of witnessing his uncle's death, but he keeps going, he is the best super hero because of his attitude, he thinks that he NEEDS to protect New York. The citizens hated him, thought he was a villain at the start, but he kept fighting for them, then he earned himself the trust, unlike iron man or captain america or batman. And personally my favourite spider man is Andrew Garfield.

So, we have iron man who has an armored and powerful suit, hulk who is muscular and strong, thor the god of thunder and a powerful hammer and captain america with an indistructuble shield. So, why is spidey #1. Due to his determination and powers that define him. He has appeared in countless media and most of them were great. But, maybe the most important he is a teenager and has achieved so many things in his life and he has the best villains in the entire marvel universe. Think about it. A teenager has the greatest villains in all the marvel universe. He has also defeated villains that even the avengers alone have trouble in defeating. Lets just think that he defeated falcon and bucky something that iron man himself had trouble doing, he defeated ultron a villain that is a real pain in the ass for the avengers.

YEEAAAHH I love spiderman. I'm so happy that he's in the number 1 spot, at first I thought it was gonna be iron man, who is an awesome superhero but probably got his ultra large fame because of the movies. Spiderman was always badass, and he has the coolest villains of all time. Spiderman is just awesome and his powers are awesome, and now there are 2 movie series that are really awesome. He would be able to outsmart and beat ANY superhero he fights. And his symbiote story lines are so cool, I really hope Spiderman will 1 day join the avengers in a movie because Spiderman is just awesome.

The amazing spiderman has superpowers a teenager or a child could want such as super strength, speed, spider senses, web slinging and etc. His costume is even cool or should I say awesome. The sad thing though on The amazing spiderman 2 Gwen Stacy dies. Because spiderman couldn't make it on time. And also his just super awesome my first and favourite Marvel superhero. No one beats spiderman he kicks ass.

"With great power comes great responsibility." Spider-Man is a one of a kind superhero. The most relatable superhero ever shown to mankind. Peter Parker is a teenager who goes through many hard things in his life. The death of his uncle, people seeing him as a weird geek, and only having like two friends. All these hardships yet he helps people and has become your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Iron man fanboy, what make a better superhero not is that you are stronger or are the strongest. Just look at bat man and ask why so many people love him. What make a best hero is how amazing their heart is. Yes, Iron man fight for justice so do Peter Parker, but he is younger more reliable and ready to give his best to save the one he love. Just read AvX #9 or search for best marvel heroes you will know. Or if you only watch the movie, I have nothing to say

Spider has always remained my favorite. Especially since he has to deal with regular human problems, and is most relatable to. He had to deal with the death of both his parents AND his uncle Ben's death. Way more than Batman had to deal with adding to the fact that he's not rich and still remains cheerfully, so choose Spiderman!

SpiderMan is the best hero there is and you people know it! All those people who say batman would easily beat spider man is wrong! Spider mans powers are way to much to handle. He has spider senses so he could doge every single thing that comes to him. Batman could never handle Spiderman. Also spider man is way more skilled at fighting then Batman.

I'm honestly so glad his number one. He deserves to be number one. He is just a normal teenager facing real life problems. His not rich, his also known for making mistakes, and isn't super famous and loved like Iron Man, but still manages to put all his problems aside and help people. His costume is awesome, his hilarious, his up against badass villains, and he gets all the ladies. Seriously, he is the best Marvel character

First hero I ever discovered as a kid, has been my favourite since. Not only is he funny and annoying; he also has the strength to lift 10 tons and crush metal, the speed and agility to dodge a bullet, the ability to climb walls, AND genius level intellect on par with Iron Man. Oh, and let's not forget his amazing self-designed web slingers. He's an awesome and relatable hero.

I've been a fan of spidey since I was a little kid. Even now, approaching 20, I still think Peter is may favorite character of all time. His story of being part-time hero and balancing his regular life is really something. The only sad part is that in most universes, Peter would meet a sad end, but nevertheless a good one. Definitely, in my opinion, the best fictional character ever created by Marvel.

Spiderman is obviously the number 1 super hero, not just because of his powers, but because of what he did with them. Instead of out and thinking his life was over when he got bit and had weird powers, he turned a seemingly negative aspect into something that could help save the world and keep his city (and his girl) safe.

He is the best. His powers are spider sense web slinging crawling on walls super strength and agility. He always gets the job done and makes jokes at the same time. I mean come on who wouldn't wanna jump off a building and at the last second shoot out a web and just start swinging around.

He may look like a wimp if compared to other heroes but he's fast and can evade most attacks.. Laugh out loud

Best superhero ever has awesome powers his an avenger he saves lifes he gets in to a lot of people's hearts and encourages them into being a good person and working hard also great movies and video games he's got way more girls than any other superhero he's fast strong and once even punched the hulk into space and that was really awesome some people may say that he is not strong but he only uses a fraction of his strength in my opinion he's far way more awesome than any superhero ROCK ON SPIDERMAN

Spiderman has been my favorite superhero throughout my life. He is the best and most popular hero of all time. He can take out anyone with his amazing powers, that's why he's called The Amazing Spiderman. Because he's number one.

Seriously, Hulk took out all the X-Men and you seen what Spider-Man did to them in Secret Wars before Prof. X got involved. There's been time where Wolverine himself stepped back and said somebody made him angry and he didn't want to get involved in that mess. That's respect.

I like a lot of things, cake, lizards, Billy Maze, and, wood lots and lots of wood. I also really really really really really really like SPIDERMAN!
Though, I love Batman more.
(catwoman can go to hell, and mary jane)

Obviously most people think this is about the most powerful or strongest superhero. No, Spider-man is number one because people can relate to him. There are a lot of kids that look up to Spiderman because he is just a normal teenager going through normal life problems and using his power for good.

You can't defeat Spider-Man one he has super reflexes two he has super speed three super strength four he's basically a ninja who can swings webs and finally if he wears the black suit it turns him into a super hero god that can beat any body. If you ever see him wearing his black suit run just run