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Wolverine is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly associated with the X-Men. His powers and abilities include a healing factor and his signature adamantium claws and adamantium skeleton.


After I became a major fan of Hugh Jackman's irreplaceable Wolverine, I began reading his comics and watching animated series of this character. Now Wolverine is my number one favourite Marvel superhero! He takes it from nobody. No matter how big, no matter how fast, no matter how strong, no matter how dangerous, no matter how sly, no matter how deadly, Wolverine will always stand to fight for the greater good, even if he doesn't think he is. His powers are so cool. He has rapid healing factor, retractable claws that can cut through anything and his low and dark voice is what makes his awesome! Seriously, this character is one of the reasons I like Marvel! - Daviddv0601

Wolverine is like heart of marvel comics...he is bad ass... A man living up to almost 200 years? Bearing the pain but can't get rid of it that's what make him special...just take a look on old man Logan comic he just gut the whole family of hulk they used to be rule on part of america and he one just destroyed them even he didn't leave Bruce banner he cut his body into half and take his baby...really he is a super badass

The most badass and most human superhero. James "Logan" Howlet is not only just a badass superhero but he's also a very human characters too. He suffers for living 200 years and seeing so many bad stuff happen to him that you feel so much for him. Trying to battle his inner animal. Wolverine is just one of a kind.

Hate to see wolverine at #3. He is supposed to be at #1 followed by iron man at #2. Rubbish list. Wolverine has been proved to be as agile and powerful as a athlete doing gold level stunts and at the same time, in his mind, he beats 3 supercomputers at chess. He is bad ass, strong, anti hero, epic regenerative skills, adamantium laced claws, street brawler, awesome physical strength... And the list goes on! Come on! Wolverine is the best marvel superhero! Vote for wolverine!

Who wouldn't want superhuman healing abilities or metal claws, no sorry if much rather take a suit that gets damaged after a little electric shock, wolverine beats spider man and iron man hands down

Wolverine is the most awesome x men character ever

Have you heard the news? Marvel is going to kill of Wolverine in the comics. :( But, knowing Marvel, they will bring him back in no time ;).

This is my theory. You know how Bucky (The Winter Soldier) was Captain America for a little bit? Then, Cap came back and gained his place as Captain America. I think when Wolverine "dies", Daken (his son) will take up the mantle as Wolverine. He will be a dark, more mysterious Wolverine. Marvel will find a way to revive/bring back Logan. Then, he will go and attack Daken and take his place as Wolverine.

My theories are amazing. ;).

Wolverine is a beast,
1. ) His claws can rip through anything
2. ) He is invincible
3. ) He has some bad ass villains (sabretooth, magneto)
4. ) He fights like a beast

Wolverine as well as logan is the best superhero of Marvel Universe. He is aggressive type but have a great heart. His stories are emotional. He is the best and I think he bet all the superheroes of Marvel.

Dude wolverine can't DIE! He's invincible and indestructible. come on he's WOLVERINE his claws are ADAMANTIUM THEY ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE! He's awesome in combat and has survived just about everything! And he's just badass! He's even fought the HULK! He's I can't BELIEVE SPIDER-MAN VOTED HIGHER THAN WOLVERINE! Wolverine is defiantly the best there is!

I just love Wolverine especially if being played by Hugh Jackman, the best actor for me!

The wolverine is powerful than any other hero.he can defeat spiderman and any superhero. I love wolverine

Wolverine is so much better than Iron man, just look at him and read some of his comics he's better in almost every way, he just not as smart or rich.

Wolverine should be number 1 he was born in the 1800's he is the best he's survived the most pain possible he's a head teacher, avenger and x-mean!

He is the best of all the heroes. He can't even die and he is the eldest of all Marvel heroes. Even the god must step from heaven to fight him.

Wolverine should be first but I know Spider-Man is awesome so I would not be up set to see wolverine in second

Wolverine is the best and especially Hugh Jackman has potrayed the Wolverine in possibly the best way. Nobody can beat him. I'd love to see Wolverine and Iron-Man in the same screen.

I don't know why people love that Robert Dawley guy, he was same in sherlock, he is same as Iron man, I couldn't even watch the 2nd iron man movie, it was boring. I'm not a marvel geek, and I get straight to the point, Wolverine is best, Spider-Man is cool, daredevil is cool, antman is cool, but every player in that avenger team sucks other than captain America maybe, but thor, hawkeye etc. Vote down my opinion as well as you like, but it's true.

Sorry, this guy just rules over all others. The movies are starting to suck though, I think they should hand them over to Marvel.

Wolverine is the definition of badass. A healing factor that is unbeatable (usually), an adamantium skeleton and claws, animalistic senses-most awesome powers ever. Then add on the inner struggle between man and animal the samurai honour complex, emotional trouble, smart one liners that are hilarious, incredible skill and intelligence and you get wolverine the best, most badass, awesome relateable hero there is!

First is Wolverine second Spiderman third Thor fourth Captain America - FrankP

How do you kill him? Hulk pretty much tore him apart in two. Still here he is, alive, regenerating. Plus he has got a badass swag.

Wolverine can go boss on anybody, super speed, super strength, regrowing knives, instant healing, and super hot!


He is the best superhero of all time. Thanks to hugh jackman