Best Masha Covers (YouTube)

Hey guys. If you're a fan of Masha, you'll have seen all of her incredible covers of various songs on YouTube from Rihanna, Adele, Lana del Rey, Bruno Mars and many, many more artists! Here you can vote for your favourite cover!

Her orignial EP will be released some time this April as well! She's going to be something big soon.

The Top Ten

1 Set Fire to the Rain

Simply amazing! So emotional, passionate, and hauntingly beautiful. Head and shoulders above the original for sure! This girl has something special! - falks941

2 Try
3 Diamonds

Your voice is so unique and perfect. You're amazing!

4 Video Games
5 You Oughta Know
6 Someone Like You
7 Who Knew?
8 Mercedez Benz
9 Glad You Came
10 Only Exception

The Contenders

11 It Will Rain
12 Payphone
13 Where Have You Been? (ft. Claude Kelly)
14 Where Have You Been?
15 You & I
16 What's Up?
17 Stay
18 The A Team
19 Marry the Night
20 Skyscraper
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