Best Masks In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

The Top Ten

1 Fierce Deity's Mask

Shame there isn't anymore background on this one. That should be Nintendo's next game! The Legend of Zelda: Fierce Deity

Transforms Link into a very strong adult Link



2 Zora Mask

I love the guitar

It's a cool mask I think out of the 3 masks that transforms link into a creature this one is best. And finally the dog likes you when you go to south clock town

Transforms Link into a Zora

He gets a fish guitar enough said

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3 Goron Mask

Transforms Link into a Goron

My favourite mask

Gotta go fast

4 Bunny Hood

Makes Link run faster

Gotta go FASTER...LINK!

5 Deku Mask

Transforms Link into a Deku

6 Stone Mask

PBG's Stone Mask Song says it all. - TheFrodo

Makes you invinsible for enemies

II HAVE THE STONE MASK SO YOU CAN SEE MEE. This is simply the ultimate mask in the game this is waay better than turning link into a fish


7 Giant's Mask

Transforms Link into a very big Link

YES! Too bad you can't use it anywhere but the Twinmold Boss Fight.

8 Great Fairy's Mask

Will attract fairies in the area to Link

9 Garo's Mask

Garo Ninjas appear in some places in Ikana Canyon

10 Blast Mask

Will cause Link to explode

The Contenders

11 Don Gero
12 Captain's Hat
13 Kamaro's Mask
14 Majora's Mask

You may not be able to collect Majoras mask, but there would be no story without it.

15 Couple's Mask

Makes you the leader of the dead in stone graveyard

So much effort and best love story ever you get this in the best Zelda sidequests in any Zelda game and you get several masks on the way.

Okay, fine. It's almost completely useless. But its backstory and the touching Anju and Kafei romance is just something that cannot be overlooked.

16 Romani's Mask

It seems useful to get in bar plus me like cow moo

17 Bremen Mask
18 Circus Leader's Mask
19 Mask of Scents

Makes you look like a pig and you get mushrooms from some underwear... Stupid

20 Gibdo Mask
21 All-Night Mask
22 Keaton Mask
23 Picori Blade

Love this mask do much

24 Mask of Truth
25 Postman's Hat
26 Kafei's Mask

I like this one because with it you get 2 bottles 1 heart peice and leads to getting the postmans hat and the couples mask ( HINT you need it to pass the game)

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