Best Massive Attack Songs

The Top Ten Best Massive Attack Songs

1 Teardrop

Maybe the greatest song of the group included in the House M.D. Soundtrack and it passes really well - MatrixGuy

Should have been used more than just the one scene in prison break, epic influential song

Sexy and great for carving moves in water

So good and very meaningful lyrics on this song

2 Risingson

One of my all time favorite songs! It's a dark, cinematic masterpiece that gives me chills every time I listen to it. Definitely my favorite MA song. Amazing!

The Best - Glauberson

3 Unfinished Sympathy

If you have emotions...if you feel deeply...if you like how the sun hits Sharon's face in the video during that part where she sings the ending...then of course you're gonna like this song. But if you're cerebral (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries) or whatever, then you're not about deeply felt emotions, or regret, but hey, we are who we are.

It should be number one. Clearly, it's their best song! There is no need to resist the obvious. Not this time, at least.

Words cannot describe how this song creates such a powerful sensation. Just listen to it! - PositronWildhawk

The best attack's song ever. I've been listening it for a couple years already. Great music and it absolutely should be the top 1. Teardrop is good but really overrated because of serial.

4 Paradise Circus

The sexiest beat I've ever heard

One of my favorite MA songs, brilliant!

Causes permanent goose bumbs.. Simply magical

Really different in comparison to their other songs. For me their best song and album together with Mazzanine.

5 Angel

Wonderful incredible unique the best track they ever made no one got anywhere near

This would be my personal second place pick behind Unfinished Sympathy - cjWriter1997

Snatch, the fire of caravan...

Stay movie... Amazing song! Hats off massive attack!

6 Atlas Air

Really different from their other tracks... Forged with intense emotions, Atlas Air makes you feel the anguish of a war prisoner

The ending

7 Splitting the Atom

Haunting, in a great way.

8 Daydreaming

My favorite Massive Attack song by far. It still has those traces of the hip hop roots that Massive Attack came from.

9 Safe from Harm

First song on Blue Lines and when I first heard it, totally blew me away. What a bassline. And love 3D's rap. MA have recorded some amazing tracks but for me, they'll never beat Safe From Harm.

THE BEST this evening! what a voice!

This is a good song in my opinion. - 80sGreatestOffice

One of their best!

10 Karmacoma

Should be among top ten at least!

Agreed! Such a chill flow.

Super chill flow!

Just Amazing!

The Contenders

11 Inertia Creeps

When I think about a song representing 90s sound I always turn my view to this one.
It should be the first one in the top ten list.

12 Dissolved Girl

This song is true trip hop at its greatest! You feel beat the guitar you feel the music! This is the way a person feel before the explode. In any sense possible

Should definitely be higher on this list! I have The Matrix to thank for introducing me to this song!


13 Special Cases

All Feminazis and Angry Wives should hear this Song for a change. Simple thought provoking lyrics.

14 Protection

What? This song must on top 5 at least!

Possibly my favourite MA song

Cool song, cool video.

Could be Number 5

15 Live with Me

One of the strongest vocal performances on any of their songs and the instrumentation creates a perfect sorrowful atmosphere. Their most moving track in my opinion.

16 Man Next Door

I reckon this one should be higher. It has got a great rhythm to it, and an interesting theme. Hymn of the Big Wheel should be on here somewhere.

17 Butterfly Caught

Beautiful song! @

18 Group Four

One of the most amazing songs to exist. The eeriness of the song carries all the way through and leaves me speechless

Amazing composition from beginning to end.

The forgotten masterpiece of Mezzanine.
If you don't believe me believe Massive Attack, whenever they play Group Four live
it's the last song of the night.

What? 24? not sure if serious

19 Mezzanine

Should be in top 3

20 Five Man Army

Tricky on this song is epic

21 What Your Soul Sings

This songs is highly underrated. It's one of their best tracks, full of slick beats with an emotional melody in the voice. It's very smooth and relaxing, but full sentiment.

Why is this song so overlooked? It's beautiful and uplifting. - PositronWildhawk

Uplifting songs so rare, beautiful...

22 Black Milk

The vocals give me chills, this song is amazing!

Underrated massive attack song

23 Everywhen
24 Any Love
25 Saturday Come Slow
26 Ritual Spirit

It's new, and it's so majestic. I loved this track instantly. - PositronWildhawk

Awesome song!

27 Blue Lines

Blue Lines is Massive Attack! This song really pushed the envelope for me and got me really into the band. When I first heard it, I didn't understand what I was hearing but was completely addicted and could not get enough. Blue Lines introduced me into the whole trip hop genre and is my favorite massive song

28 Sly
29 Spying Glass
30 Antistar
31 Take It There

This is the song that caught me! The interplay of the two vocalists is genius methinks.

This is unlike them, but it doesn't detract from its brilliance. - PositronWildhawk

32 Invade Me
33 Psyche

I really love this song...

34 Exchange
35 Bullet Boy
36 Eurochild
37 Three
38 I Against I

Mos Def at the top of his game.

39 Girl I Love You
40 Babel
41 Flat of the Blade

Very powerful lyrically and a funky beat

42 Voodoo in My Blood
43 Aftersun

For me the best

44 The Spoils
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