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21 Everywhen
22 Group Four

Amazing composition from beginning to end.

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23 Any Love
24 Black Milk

The vocals give me chills, this song is amazing!

25 Mezzanine V 1 Comment
26 Ritual Spirit

It's new, and it's so majestic. I loved this track instantly. - PositronWildhawk

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27 Take It There

This is unlike them, but it doesn't detract from its brilliance. - PositronWildhawk

28 Blue Lines

Blue Lines is Massive Attack! This song really pushed the envelope for me and got me really into the band. When I first heard it, I didn't understand what I was hearing but was completely addicted and could not get enough. Blue Lines introduced me into the whole trip hop genre and is my favorite massive song

29 Spying Glass
30 Antistar
31 Saturday Come Slow
32 Bullet Boy
33 Three
34 I Against I
35 Girl I Love You
36 Invade Me
37 Babel
38 Flat of the Blade

Very powerful lyrically and a funky beat

39 Psyche

I really love this song...

40 Exchange
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