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61 Aunt Lisa
62 Andromeda
63 Word to the Wise Word to the Wise
64 Seabeast

What this is like the best mastodon song in my opinion.

The song is amazing, can't beat the guitars in this song!

Impossible to get that melody out of my head
Captain Ahab must have felt the same killing moby

How is this song so low?
Guitar in this song is amazing! - gibber

65 Capillarian Crest

Yeah Capillarian Crest should not be this low. The crazy fast hybrid picking is awesome! Not to mention the drumming is excellent too! This songs makes you want to do some damage! Mastodon at their best and one of my favorite songs by them!

I cannot understand why this is so low. Greatest guitar work ever heard on a Mastodon song, hands down.

It's a shame... This song should be, at least, in the top 10! Amazing work on the drums for this song.

How can this be so low?

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66 Joseph Merrick

I believe most people overlook this songs because it' s far too different from Mastodon' s riff madness. However, I think that is why it stands out, it is an extremelly moody song, and my personnal favorite.

67 Trainwreck

Awesome build up to a head ripping song

68 Thickening
69 White Walker

The new song from the Game of Thrones Catch the Throne II mixtape. This song is so awesome it really builds up an athmosphere and pulls you in.

70 Workhorse
71 Trampled Under Hoof
72 Elephant Man
73 Burning Man
74 Creature Lives
75 Deathbound
76 Shadows That Move
77 Welcoming War
78 Thank You for This
79 Hail to Fire
80 Battle at Sea
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