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1 Christine Ha

Most talented contestant ever. Deserves to win the competition. Why isn't she 1st in this list?

I think Cate Meade should have been in the finale. She is way more talented than any of the other contestants. Her only problem was that she wasn't as tough as the others. Eboni Henry was also very good because of her confidence and toughness. Her only problem was her attitude. She was very arrogant--unlike Cate, who had the best attitude about everything, as well as Jason Wang. Dino Luciano was very skilled because of his risks.

She showed that even if you difficulties, you can still keep your dreams. - shamrockan

She is a global inspiration to EVERYBODY! She is like the legend in Masterchef!

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2 Whitney Miller
3 Joshua Marks

I was so sad when he passed :(


4 Luca Manfe

Luca was probably the most gentlemanly out of any guest on masterchef so far, shining examples are when he gives ingredients to people who needed them, simply because he wanted to go against people that where trying their best.

Luca was the best in season 4 he should be number 1

I love Luca because if his gentlemanly attitudes.. He has the talent and the quality of a true masterchef!

He was sweet,funny and the most important very creative,in a good way,and most papular and delicate person who believes in his morals,plays fair and well deserved to be masterchef

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5 Derrick Peltz

One of the best Masterchef contestants of all time

He really deserved to win instead of Claudia.

Who put Stephen ahead of Derrick

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6 Dino Angelo Luciano

He had the amazing technique, he had the wonderful creativity and he had a winning personality. Nailed pretty much every challenge and is easily one of he most deserving winners in Masterchef history.

I love you Dino! Best winner ever!

Dino is extremely good and won MasterChef season 8

Who's putting crap contestants like Derrick or the goody two shoes pastry princess in front of St.Dino, like seriously?

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7 Christian Collins

Quite honestly, I wouldn't put arrogant ass Christian in the top 10.

They actually said he was one of the nicest contestants off camera

8 Monti Carlo

Very creative, despite what others said about her memorising recipes, her crab scotch egg was exceptional and her soup and soda bread was very clever. I think she was an intelligent and humble cook as well as an exceptionally charming and nice person.

Almost everyone is biased against her. But she managed to outsmart her competitors.

9 Tracy Kontos
10 Frank Mirando

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11 Olivia Crouppen
12 Becky Reams
13 Elizabeth Cauvel

Glad she is higher than Courtney on this list.

14 Shaun O'Neale
15 Jessie Lysiak

She is sooo nice and the best

I think Jessie is good enough to be in top 10. She may lose out to Natasha in terms of consistency, but her leadership skills and her ability to handle pressure is without doubt.

"Everybody thinks you're in the show because you look good, but you're in the show because you cook good." - Gordon to Jessie

16 Max Kramer

Why the hell is Max in the top 10? Not only was he not very good, but he was also an arrogant snob!

17 Claudia Sandoval

Why is Nick ahead of Claudia?

18 Stacey Amagrande
19 Terry Mueller

Why did they send Terry home? He kicked ass!

Awesome cook. Damn shame he was eliminated so early!

20 Felix Fang
21 Leslie Gilliams
22 Jason Wang

Preferred Dino to him but he's honestly my second favorite contestant of all time, it's both a blessing and a curse that these two wonderfully positive human beings had to be in the same season. - FukboiAyano

Seriously? His excitement and love of food and his ever so bright personality has won my heart. I hope he wins the competition

Absolutely one of my favorite contestants from Season 8! Him, Cate, Dino, and Eoboni are my top 4 favorites

He’s Amazing!

23 Ryan Umane

This arrogant prick should not be anywhere near this list!

He was also pretty funny

24 Ben Starr

He was my most favorite of season 2. - ndog

Star struck

25 Courtney Lapresi

Courtney won because she had more passion and talent than anyone else in season 5.

Courtney dominated her season.

Yes she should she can cook

Oh god. Ahran was so right about what she said about favoritism.

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26 Stephen Lee

Seriously why is Derrick the douche Top 4 when Stephen's nowhere near top 20? - FukboiAyano

Stephen is consistent. He beat every challenges and even brought them to a whole new leve with his skill. Even judges were surprised when seeing him in a pressure test. Being one of the oldest contestants he show viewers how to never stop chasing your dreams with his fiery spirit in the kitchen. Even until today I still believe that him not being in the final is part of the show’s politic to favor the other two contentants. Don’t forget he has the most wins for that season.

27 Ahran Cho

My favorite contestant. Also, how did she not even make Top 5 while Cutter, who is Jeff before Jeff was on the show, made Top 4? She can cook and show respect, while Cutter has neither.

Good thing she had to call out the judges on playing favorites. I honestly couldn’t stand Courtney winning

28 Tanya Noble
29 Tali Clavijo

Oh come on! Who the hell put Tali on here?! Tali was one of the worst contestants on this show!

I wonder if people keep on voting for Tali and he makes it to number 1, biggest troll in The Top Tens history.

30 Natasha Crnjac
31 Willie Mike

Big Willie immediately became my favorite after the auditions. Good cook with awesome personality. He's funny, his passion is without question, he may not be the best leader but he has the integrity to go down with the ship.

Really?! This guy should be in to 5 because he never thought of himself and had so much integrity that he saved 3 other team members instead of himself from the pressure test!

32 Lee Knaz

Definitely one of the best chefs in masterchef history. He should have been in the finale with Whitney. - ndog

He is also the only cook who won a mystery box and elimination challenge in a single episode. - ndog

33 David Martinez

Eh, he's alright. Had both really good moments, and also really bad moments in the kitchen.

34 James Nelson
35 Jaimee Vitolo

She looks a lot like Marcie from Peanuts

36 Tommy Walton

If Olivia's in the top ten, tommy should be

37 Bime Cruz

Such a shame that his one poor performance knocked him out of the competition so early. He had been one of the top contenders at first.

38 Krissi Biasiello

Oh hell no! Krissi was one of the worst contestants! Worst personality out of anyone who has been on the show!

She even admitted she was a bully in school

39 Brittany Craig

She did have potential, but she did deserve to go home for that dish.

This gal left too soon cause she had potential. She's also gorgeous. - ndog

40 Eddie Jackson

He would then go on to win Food Network Star. - ndog

I wanted him to win

41 Nick Nappi
42 Sharone Hakman
43 Mike Kim
44 Eric Howard

Here's a drinking game: Take a shot every time he mentions he's a firefighter

45 Katrina Kozar

I disagree. Her personality was horrible and she was constantly crying. They only kept her around for ratings.

Loved her personality because she always thought her food wasn't good enough.

46 Jennifer Behm
47 Jordan Roots
48 Christian Green
49 David Miller
50 Adrien Nieto
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