Best MasterChef USA Contestants

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1 Christine Ha

Most talented contestant ever. Deserves to win the competition. Why isn't she 1st in this list?

You guys know they rigged the competition for her why would a blind person win and some how she won the crab challenge with a stupid cocktail. - Ilyas678

She showed that even if you difficulties, you can still keep your dreams. - shamrockan

Always has a smile on her face, she is so happy!

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2 Joshua Marks V 1 Comment
3 Whitney Miller
4 Derrick Peltz

One of the best Masterchef contestants of all time

He really deserved to win instead of Claudia.

Who put Stephen ahead of Derrick

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5 Monti Carlo
6 Becky Reams
7 Frank Mirando
8 Christian Collins

Quite honestly, I wouldn't put arrogant ass Christian in the top 10.

They actually said he was one of the nicest contestants off camera

9 Luca Manfe

Luca was the best in season 4 he should be number 1

Much better than 3-10 that's for damn sure

10 Tracy Kontos

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11 Olivia Crouppen
12 Shaun O'Neale
13 Elizabeth Cauvel
14 Felix Fang
15 Stacey Amagrande
16 Terry Mueller
17 Max Kramer

Why the hell is Max in the top 10? Not only was he not very good, but he was also an arrogant snob!

18 Claudia Sandoval V 1 Comment
19 Ben Starr

He was my most favorite of season 2. - ndog

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20 Ryan Umane

This arrogant prick should not be anywhere near this list!

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1. Christine Ha
2. Joshua Marks
3. Whitney Miller
1. Whitney Miller
2. Christian Collins
3. Joshua Marks



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