Best MasterChef USA Contestants

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21 Leslie Gilliams
22 Ryan Umane

This arrogant prick should not be anywhere near this list!

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23 Tanya Noble
24 Lee Knaz

Definitely one of the best chefs in masterchef history. He should have been in the finale with Whitney. - ndog

He is also the only cook who won a mystery box and elimination challenge in a single episode. - ndog

25 David Martinez

Eh, he's alright. Had both really good moments, and also really bad moments in the kitchen.

26 Courtney Lapresi

Courtney won because she had more passion and talent than anyone else in season 5.

Yes she should she can cook

I hated Courtney and her fake af personality! She shouldn't be on this list!

Oh god. Ahran was so right about what she said about favoritism.

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27 Jaimee Vitolo V 1 Comment
28 Krissi Biasiello

Oh hell no! Krissi was one of the worst contestants! Worst personality out of anyone who has been on the show!

She even admitted she was a bully in school

29 Brittany Craig

This gal left too soon cause she had potential. She's also gorgeous. - ndog

She did have potential, but she did deserve to go home for that dish.

30 Tali Clavijo

Oh come on! Who the hell put Tali on here?! Tali was one of the worst contestants on this show!

31 Stephen Lee
32 Eddie Jackson

He would then go on to win Food Network Star. - ndog

I wanted him to win

33 Ahran Cho
34 Willie Mike

Really?! This guy should be in to 5 because he never thought of himself and had so much integrity that he saved 3 other team members instead of himself from the pressure test!

35 Tommy Walton

If Olivia's in the top ten, tommy should be

36 Mike Kim
37 Bime Cruz

Such a shame that his one poor performance knocked him out of the competition so early. He had been one of the top contenders at first.

38 Eric Howard

Here's a drinking game: Take a shot every time he mentions he's a firefighter

39 Katrina Kozar

Loved her personality because she always thought her food wasn't good enough.

40 Natasha Crnjac
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