Best MasterChef USA Contestants

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41 Eric Howard

Here's a drinking game: Take a shot every time he mentions he's a firefighter

42 Katrina Kozar

Loved her personality because she always thought her food wasn't good enough.

43 Jennifer Behm
44 James Nelson
45 Jordan Roots
46 Christian Green
47 David Miller
48 Adrien Nieto
49 Jake Gandolfo
50 Sharone Hakman
51 Hetal Vasavada

I don't know. She seems like a real nice person, but she's a one trick pony. Pretty much all she has cooked in the competition is Indian food. (Also find it strange that none of the judges have called her out for doing so, despite having done it earlier with contestants like Frank and Luca)

I love how she didn't take the pass from the pressure test because she knew she didn't deserve to be safe.

52 Helene Leeds

Helene sucked. No talent. No passion. Has no business being on this list.

53 Mark Raffaelli

Why Mark? All we saw was him putting raw flour in mashed potatoes.

54 Kathy Prieto
55 Suzy Singh
56 Brianna Watson

All we saw of her was her failed attempt at an apple pie. Shouldn't be on here.

57 Dan Collado
58 Bill Travers

Oh come on! Who keeps putting the crap contestants on this list?

59 Andrea Galan

Sad that she got disqualified the way she did

60 Barbara Savage
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