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1 Crack the Skye

1. Crack the Skye
2. Blood Mountain
3. Leviathan
4. Emperor of Sand
5. The Hunter
6. Remission
7. Once More 'Round the Sun

All of Mastodon records are brilliant by the way. - BekoT.

All of Mastodon's releases are astonishing really but 'Crack the Skye' has to be their best effort to date!

Timeless masterpiece.

This album has best songs like quintessence and oblivion

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2 Leviathan

Better than Crack the Skye

This may be the most difficult top ten list to rate, but when I was introduced to Mastodon a number of years ago I received a number of albums all at once, and this is the one that hooked me.

All of these top three albums are tied for number one for me.

From beautiful artwork to the brilliantly thought out concept theme, this album is a journey. It's more like reading a collection of short stories about the sea (it's actually somewhat based on Moby Dick).

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3 Blood Mountain

I just love every song. Not their heaviest, far from the most mainstream, but a diverse tracklist full of well written and amazingly performed songs.

HEADBANGER.! this album is a badass

After much thought I'd have to say blood mountain is my favourite then crack then lev, hunter then round the sun then call of hex remission and call I have yet to listen to the live album

Personally this is my favourite mastodon album.

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4 Emperor of Sand

I made the mistake of looking at my recently late father's photo while listening to Animal Kingdoms chorus. Made me teary.

Great stuff in here. Some of it touching and some of it corny. Really easy to like. Interesting album, one of my favourites.

Barn burner from start to finish. Hinds lead guitar elevates the songs to some of the best metal tunes of the past decade. Can't get enough of this album.

1. Emperor of Sand
2. Remission
3. Leviathan
4. Blood Mountain
5. Crack the Skye
6. The Hunter
7. Once More Round the Sun

It needed a thousand listens for a full appreciation, but then again it wasn't easy for me to get into any of Mastodon material, now, I must say, I LOVE every damn moment of this masterpiece. For me it holds the top with leviathan and crack the skye, witch are all within my favourite albums of all time. Just be patient with it, let it ease into you and your subconcience, and you will be rewarded

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5 Once More 'Round the Sun

Not as good as crack the skye but worthy of top 3. too many good songs to be this low

Every Mastodon album has its own individual sound, and I personally think the 'Once More 'Round the Sun' sound was an awesome record because of that!

Man all of mastodons Albums are epic this ones a little different more Bran dailor less Brent hinds not sure if this is better or worse anyways this is a great album 4/5

This album is a little different the last 2 mastodon albums feature more of bran dailor on vocals he has a more radio friendly voice different but definitely epic!

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6 Remission

First four Mastodon albums should be top 4. They're really the only Mastodon albums worth listening to - cjWriter1997

My favourite is actually Leviathan but Remission definitely shouldn't be one of the lowest!

Really surprised that this is presently the lowest ranked studio album. If you're an old school thrasher or a real metalhead then this and Leviathan will probably be at the top for you. But hey, they're all great albums.

Awesome album best songs crusher destroyer, ole nessie, elephant man, mother puncher, and the burning man. - horrorfan89

7 The Hunter

Crack the Sky is their best but The Hunter needs more recognition. All Mastodon albums are great!

Can't choose so I'll vote for this in the hopes it gets the more casual listener into mastodon - BronzeWolf96

I like this album because it reminds me of when I travel to the Rockies. I always listen to it at least once every time I go there

This is their best no doubt about it!

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8 Call of the Mastodon
9 Live at the Aragon
10 Live at Brixton

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11 Cold Dark Place
12 Lifesblood
13 Jonah Hex Soundtrack
14 The Workhorse Chronicles
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1. Crack the Skye
2. Blood Mountain
3. The Hunter
1. Crack the Skye
2. Blood Mountain
3. Leviathan
1. Crack the Skye
2. Emperor of Sand
3. Blood Mountain

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