Best Matches From Wrestlemania 26


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1 Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker - Streak Vs Career

Undoubtedly, the best of the night. It was thdm most anticipated match of the night. Their bout a year prior was just a little better, nonetheless, a terrific way to sendoff for Shawn Michaels. - Hernandez1614

2 Rey Mysterio Vs CM Punk

If this opened Wrestlemania, maybe the night could've been better. These two always put on stellar matches. - Hernandez1614

3 John Cena Vs Batista - WWE Championship

It was better than their Summerslam bout in 2008. - Hernandez1614

4 Money In The Bank Ladder Match
5 Edge Vs Chris Jericho - World Heavyweight Championship

Great back and forth. I hoped Edge would've beat Jericho, thus bringing prestige back to the Royal Rumble win. - Hernandez1614

6 Randy Orton Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Ted DiBiase

Surprised at how good it was. It could have been boring, but was rather interesting. - Hernandez1614

7 Triple H Vs Sheamus

An OK match. Could've been better. - Hernandez1614

8 Mr McMahon Vs Bret Hart - No Holds Barred

What a shame. I was looking for a better match from these two. - Hernandez1614

9 Show Miz Vs Truth & Morrison - WWE Unified Tag Team Championships

Quick and not entertaining way to start Wrestlemania. - Hernandez1614

10 10 - Diva Tag Team Match
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1. Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker - Streak Vs Career
2. Rey Mysterio Vs CM Punk
3. John Cena Vs Batista - WWE Championship


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